Vaping and wound healing after surgery


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  • Jul 17, 2009
      I'm scheduled to undergo a breast reduction next week. My surgeon said that the nicotine in vaping could cause problems with healing. A year ago, I had a vagal nerve stimulator implanted and both the neck and the chest incisions healed up nicely even though I was vaping at the time.

      I came across this article: Vaping Slows Wound Healing Just as much as Smoking

      I'm wondering what are other peoples' thoughts and experiences with this?


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      Mar 26, 2009
        I am currently healing from this surgery.
        vaping 6 mg..
        and also smoked a few regular cigs as well.
        I have had many surgeries over the years and doctors never asked back then whether I smoked or not. And back then I was a pack a day.
        Perhaps my youth was what was on my side but I never had any complications.
        These days its batcrap crazy and most Docs demand you are smoke free months prior to breast surgery.
        The most confusing thing is that they are so willing to give you the patch and have you wear one even post surgery.

        Its too soon to tell if there is any negative effect (post surgery 5 days now) but I can tell you that i have been vaping on and off for years now and never completely put down the Marlboros.
        I am VERY uptight about healing properly (addiction is insideous!)

        Anyway- I am tripling my vitamin C intake and Beet supplements because blood flow is everything.

        Good luck to you

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