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Jun 17, 2020
    When you first start vaping, it’s easy to get carried away. You might feel as though you’re now free to vape everywhere you couldn’t smoke before. That's what the Vape Manufacturer wouldn't tell you.


    That doesn’t mean you should.

    Many of the etiquette rules that applied to smoke also apply to vape. Here’s a simple guide to what you should or shouldn’t do when you vape.

    1. Do ask for permission when in the company of others.
    Just because you’re in an open area, it doesn’t mean that everyone is keen on inhaling your vapor. You might think it is a lot more pleasant than cigarette smoke but some non-smokers might disagree.

    2. Don’t vape indiscriminately when walking through crowds or public areas.
    If you need to, just stop by at a corner and vape. Engulfing people in your vapor as you walk past them is just inconsiderate.

    3. Do take note of non-smoking signs.
    Wherever a sign is displayed prominently, assume that it also applies to your vaping. Like it or not, many people do not make a distinction between smoking cigarettes and vaping.

    4. Don’t vape in air-conditioned interiors of public places.
    Unless it is a designated smoking area, resist the urge to vape in restaurants, shopping malls, or other locations you wouldn’t normally light a cigarette.

    5. Do be mindful of where your smoke goes even when you’re outside.
    Some people might be more affected by your vape smoke than others – these include pregnant women, small children, and babies, the elderly, or the sick. If you’re seated next to a family with young children for instance, perhaps refrain from vaping near them or, if possible, just move to a table further away. Sure, it’s a little inconvenient but it’s the kinder thing to do.

    6. Don’t decide to team up with a few friends to fill up public space with your vape smoke.
    Though creating your own little area of vape-created haze might seem cool to you, it won’t be so cool for people who have to deal with the vapor after. Want to do that indoors? Hang out with a few mates at someone’s house instead of perhaps wait for a vape convention or event.

    7. Do ask permission before using someone’s e-cigarette.
    It’s not the same as asking for a lighter or a spare cigarette, or even asking for a puff of someone else’s rollie. There’s a different level of intimacy here so don’t get upset if a stranger isn’t willing to share an e-cigarette. Respect strangers’ boundaries.

    8. Don’t attempt to stealth vape and think you can get away with it.
    You might think it’s cool to sneak a puff in a cinema hall but there’s a high likelihood you’ll get caught and the people who see what you’re doing will have a bad impression of vapers in general.

    Make the effort to be considerate of non-vapers. Don’t be that vaper who gives the rest a bad name, ending up in tough restrictions on vaping. A little common sense, and some consideration, go a long way.

    What are some other ways to be a polite vaper? Tell us in the comments!
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