Vapland - Cream Time


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Sep 19, 2022
    Setup: DL Atomizer tank, 60W
    I brought you another longfill aroma from France. Vanilla pudding and chocolate biscuits are the offerings this time, which can be a little special in the form of steam. As you can see, I tweaked the setup a bit, hoping that the flavors in this delicious dessert might be better. The smell is not very strong, it has a soft smell of vanilla cookies. The flavors are not too complicated, you can easily distinguish the vanilla as the main flavor, next to it the biscuit, which is just there and does not cause a headache, so to speak. It's melted chocolate because you can't really feel it. But let's get back to vanilla, which we should feel in the form of pudding. Unfortunately, it's not the certain delicious vanilla I was expecting. On the one hand, it's a bit overcooked, and it doesn't give back the real flavor either. There are few aromas in which vanilla brings the soft and fragrant taste that is similar to the original taste. The biscuit, which should be chocolate but is not, is unfortunately quite faintly present, but this may also be due to the suppression of the vanilla. The taste is moderately sweet, which unfortunately feels like a sweetener. If the flavor line had to be narrowed down: vanilla, aftertaste, sweetener. The idea would have been good, as vanilla pudding is loved by many, and chocolate biscuits would have been just icing on the cake. Obviously, this test is subjective on my part, the aroma is not bad, but it didn't give me the taste I expected.


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