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Vapor Advocates of Canada

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Vaping Master
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Jul 30, 2015
ON. Canada
The Official Vapor Advocates of Canada.

Who is Vapor Advocates of Canada?
We're all vapers, from your every day vaper to shop owners to people just getting into vaping and even those that don't vape but think it is important to defend the rights of those who just want a healthier alternative to smoking. It doesn't matter if you're a cloud chaser,flavor chaser, enjoy mouth to lung or are just simply using vaping as a way to quit smoking and don't care for the hobby aspect of it, If you're Canadian and want to help ensure vaping products are here for a long time or even just want to stay up to date with the politics
surrounding vaping here in Canada I urge you to join the group and help fight against unjust laws!

What does The Official Vapor Advocates of Canada do?
It's definitely not all rally's or protests, we are the face of vaping, every one of us, we're all individuals collectively doing what we can in an effort to save vaping from unjust laws and over-regulation. We all do this of our own free will, nobody is profiting from this however we are all paid in the satisfaction of knowing that we are defending a just cause. Each year 37,000 Canadians die as a direct result of tobacco,
over 2,000,000 more Canadians have a lower quality of life because of it. We fight in every way possible, whether it's something as simple as commenting on bogus articles in the media, or educating our politicians and smokers, anything and I mean anything we can do to support the cause as a collective of individuals.

Why create a National Group now?
Back in November the Liberal Government introduced bill S-5 into parliament "An Act to amend the Tobacco Act and the Non-smokers’ Health Act" and to make consequential amendments to other Acts." This bill would regulate vapor products on a federal level and has the potential to devastate the market as we know it.

Join us today, keep up to date with the politics surrounding vaping in Canada and help to defend our right to a healthier alternative to Tobacco!
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