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Vapor Gurus! New shop in Waterville!

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Oct 10, 2013
Waterville ME
    There's a new shop in Waterville at 93 College Ave, just three buildings past the train station, almost directly across from Spruce Street.

    It's called Vapor Gurus Vapor Gurus | E-cigarette starter kits | e-juice - https://www.facebook.com/VaporGurus

    Admittedly the website mostly has cheaper ego knock offs and Ce4's but he has a lot more and a wider variety in the store! He had Hyper tanks for $11, Smok Magneto's for $50, Vamo's (I didn't ask him the price) and ePowers for $50. He had all the stuff he sells on the website and for cheaper prices. His e-juice in store is $6 for 10ml or $15 for 30ml bottles.

    So the Owner was wicked nice and really seemed to know his stuff (not that he talked much, I was so excited to be in a vape shop, I couldn't shut my trap :oops: ) Once both stores are open it will be well worth the trip to Waterville to check them both out!


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    May 17, 2013
    Dover, Delaware, United States
      I just came from there, and the guy behind the counter seemed to know his stuff! They had a try before you buy tbe setup and I tied several flavors before settling on "Angel Dust". The selection of mods was nice, and there was an army of protanks, ce-5s, and RBAs to choose from. I would definitely go back if I did not live 6 states away.
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