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  • Jul 13, 2009
    Somewhere between here and there
      It’s hard to believe but here I am with my very first review after a long time for vaporesso. I’m here today to do my best to give you a fair and honest review of the vaporesso Luxe X that was sent to me for this review. The Luxe X contains a 1500mah internal battery and provides a maximum output of 40 watts using the Axon chipset. The battery is charged using a USB-C charging port providing 5V/1.5A charging rate. The kit comes with two pods with built in coils that are not replaceable. Like some other Vaporesso pods, they use the SSS leak resistant technology and use the COREX heating technology with Morph Mesh structure to provide fast heating and very accurate flavor production. The body of the Luxe X is clear and has three layers of coating to help make it scratch and damage resistant. Sounds pretty good right? We’ll see about that later. For now I’ll show you what’s included and some promotional images then I’ll do my best to cover the features and give my opinion on whether I think this would be a good device for others.






      Dimension: 98* 21.5* 21.6mm

      Battery Capacity: Built-in 1500mAh battery

      Output Power: 40W

      Charging Current: DC 5V/1.5A, Type-C

      Display: 3* LED light

      E-juice Capacity: 5ml

      Filling: Bottom filling

      Coil Resistance: Luxe 0.4Ω Mesh Pod (32W, DTL), Luxe 0.8Ω Mesh Pod (16W, MTL)

      Color: Black, Silver, Grey, Blue, Green, Purple, Red



      1. Built-in 1500mAh battery with 40W output

      3. 0.4Ω/0.8Ω Mesh Pod with non-replaceable coil

      4. Offers both MTL and DTL vaping experience

      5. Supported by flavor boosting technology

      6. SSS leak-resistant technology to reduce leakage

      7. COREX heating tech for accurate flavor

      8. Adopts AXON chip and smart control

      9. Auto lock the device after 8S pressing

      10. Secured mode to avoid accidentally misfire

      11. Crystal clear body with 3 layers of coating













      The packaging for the Luxe X is simple but nice. The front of the outer sleeve has the Vaporesso and Luxe X names on the front along with a partial color picture of the device. I’m sure it’s not by choice but the nicotine warning on the front really takes away from the device presentation on the front. Vaporesso made a little extra effort on the back side of the sleeve compared to many other samples I’ve seen. They not only list the package contents, company information, another large nicotine warning, but also took the time to put the specifications on the back. On the side of the outer sleeve are four features listed which are Corex flavor boosting, SSS leak resistant technology, futuristic design, and smart control via the Axon chip.




      Once the outer sleeve is removed, the Luxe X with the .4 ohm pod pre-installed is visible sitting in a plastic tray with the user manual in a pouch on the right side. Underneath the manual there you will find the .8 ohm spare pod and USB-C charging cable. I received the blue version for my review. I thought it was a nice touch that Vaporesso included a clear plastic strap under the Luxe X to make it easier to get it out of the plastic insert. Also, the mod is wrapped in a clear plastic wrap to keep it in perfect condition for shipping. That’s Vaporesso going to extra lengths which to me shows that not only are their devices well designed but they have also given extra thought to the packaging. That’s the Vaporesso I remember going above and beyond.



      As I mentioned earlier, there are two pods included in the Luxe X kit. The .4 ohm pod comes pre-installed in the mod but has a label covering the contacts so that it isn’t accidentally fired prior to filling the pod. The sticker on the pod also tells you that you simply rotate the pod in order to change the airflow. The .4 ohm pod is designed to be used for DTL and RDL vaping. This is accomplished by rotating the pod in the pod opening of the Luxe X. Also included is a .8 ohm pod that is targeted for RDL or MTL vaping. The .4 ohm pod is rated at 32 watts while the .8 ohm pod is rated for 16 watts. It doesn’t say in the specifications as to what the output voltage is but instead gives a maximum rating of 40 watts. The way that the wattage doubles on the .4 versus the .8 pod it makes me think that the Axon chip is manipulating the voltage to maintain a set current in order to deliver the wattage. After all, Wattage= Voltage x Amperage. I didn’t mean to get off on a tangent there but the wattage output being exactly double from one pod to the next got me thinking.


      Not only is the resistance of the two pods different but I noticed a couple other differences between the pods. The mouthpiece is a little thinner on the MTL .8 ohm pod than it is on the .4 ohm pod. Also I noticed that there were different airflow holes on the bottom of the two pods. The .4 ohm pod has one larger oval airflow hole on the left side in the picture for DTL and two smaller holes on the right side for RDL. The .8 ohm pod has a single hole on the left in the picture and nothing besides the fill port plug on the right.




      The reason for the airflow holes on either side is so that depending on how you insert the pod then you will get different amounts of airflow. Not only because of the pod but also because there are different sized airflow slots cut into the body of the Luxe X.

      The Luxe X has a battery capacity of 1500mah from the built in battery and has a charging rate of 5V/1.5A. This high of a battery capacity in such a small device is pretty impressive to me. As far as branding goes, the body has the Vaporesso name on one side and the Luxe X with a very large X on the back side over top of a nice futuristic design. The front of the mod is where you find the fire button. There is not a screen on this one but below the fire button the lower portion of the Luxe X is clear and allows you to view the electronics which are contained inside. The only real functions to explain are how to power on/off the device and how to fire it. Press the fire button 5X to turn the Luxe X on/off. From there you simply press the fire button to activate the output. The Luxe X does not have an auto draw function. What it does have is a row of indicator lights on the front to tell you the battery level. There are three indicator lights and here is what they mean when illuminated.

      • Three lights illuminated = 60%-100% battery level
      • Two lights illuminated = 30%-60% battery level
      • One light illuminated = <30% battery level
      The Luxe X also has some built in safety protections like the Safety Mode. This is a cutoff timer. If you press the fire button longer than 8 seconds then the lights will flash three times and shut the device off. In order to continue using it then you will have to do the five presses of the fire button to turn it back on.

      The other protections built into the Luxe X via the Axon chipset are as follows.

      Low resistance: The lights flash five times and output stops

      Short circuit protection: The lights flash five times and output stops

      No Load: Current power level light flashes three times and output stops

      High Resistance: Current power level light flashes three times and output stops

      Low Voltage: All lights flash three times and output stops

      Overcharge Protection: Device stops charging automatically when battery level is full






      It has been a real pleasure testing the Vaporesso Luxe X. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. I knew that the shape reminded me of the Luxe PM40 but knew it would be different and it is. The PM40 used the GTX coils where the Luxe X has non replaceable coils built into the pods. With the design of the airflow control on it I can definitely see why they went this direction.

      The see-through body that allows the user to see the electronic components inside is a very nice feature in my opinion. Yes the Luxe X is a very simplistic device but it does not lack at all in performance. To me sometimes a simple device is the best one when it is properly designed and built to perform very well like the Luxe X is. I had been a long time reviewer for Vaporesso until the recent lapse in contact and throughout my time writing reviews for them I have always thought that their devices are well designed and built to a high level of quality. The Luxe X follows that pattern perfectly. It not only looks very nice but performs very well.

      The .8 ohm pod delivered very good flavor for me using a one shot mix of Dinner Lady Lemon Tart. All of the flavors I have come to expect when using this liquid came through very well in the Luxe X. As far as the airflow draw was concerned, I liked it rotated to the looser of the two settings. The tighter setting was not a tight MTL draw so I went ahead with the looser setting to be able to do a modified loose MTL.

      The .4 ohm pod was the obvious favorite of mine out of the two. I tested it first using the same liquid as was used in the .8 pod. I was truly blown away by the flavor produced and the amount of vapor coming from this small device. I found both airflow settings very pleasing. The tighter of the two was a very nice RDL which is often my favorite method of vaping. However, rotating the pod to do a true DTL was very good also and the difference in airflow was noticeable but the flavor seemed just as good if not a little better to me.

      So, would I recommend the Luxe X pod kit for you? Definitely! It’s really a great device in my opinion. It’s small enough to fit in just about any pocket but vapes like you’re using a mod with a tank on it. There is no sacrifice in flavor or vapor in my opinion. Let me put it this way. I review a lot of pod devices and tanks and it’s not very often that I buy spare coils or pods for devices I review simply because it would be too expensive and wasteful to try to stock coils and pods for every device I’ve tried. However, last night I went ahead and ordered two packages of .4 ohm pods for the Luxe X. That’s how much I like it. I only have one single complaint about the Luxe X. It is that I was sent the UK version which only allows 2ml of liquid in the pods instead of the standard 5ml.

      I’d like to thank Vaporesso and Danny for sending the Luxe X kit for this review and look forward to continuing to cooperate with Vaporesso. A great big thanks to the readers. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read my reviews. Below is a link to the Vaporesso website so you can explore all of the fantastic devices they have to offer.

      LUXE X Pod Kit » VAPORESSO



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    • Jul 13, 2009
      Somewhere between here and there
        Good,good review, another one that has my attention. I like small devices, one thing I noticed, there is no wattage adjustments.
        Thanks. No, there’s no wattage adjustment. Plug and play. I really like it for RDL and DL. The vapor isn’t too warm.
        Nice review once again, hitt. :) No shortage of pods for sure.
        Thanks! There have been a lot of pods lately.
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