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Vapour Eyes Defective or wrong product

Discussion in 'Reviews of Suppliers - Negative' started by Vesh, Jun 13, 2017.

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  1. Vesh

    Vesh Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 17, 2017
    Supplier Negative Review

    Name of retailer:
    Vapour Eyes​

    Date of your initial complaint to the supplier
    May 8, 2017​

    Method used when initiating complaint with retailer

    Ticket number (if you were issued one)

    General nature of complaint
    Defective or damaged product​

    Briefly describe your problem or issue
    This experience is absolutely mind blowing. In 2 years i have spent 2K at this retailer, and returned one item before now (complete DOA joyetech cuboid mini that would not turn on), and i happened to make a big order, and got 2 faulty mods. They will not budge, I have tried zip pay for a resolution, and they have said the seller claims there is no fault, so they can't do anything about it.
    I have never experienced such contempt for my patronage in my life, and I am still quite shocked over it a month after.

    I have tried to contact wismec and smok directly but neither have replied.

    First item is a brand new x cube ultra in black.. This has an issue with the LED. I paid 70 AUD for this. The LED lamp is faulty and can not display red colour. If you turn on the colour editor, any sort of colour you choose with red in it, can not be displayed. If you remove blue and green and just leave red, it will not display ANY led. This 100% proves the LED is faulty. Also, in cycle mode, you see blue/green then blank gaps.. This is where it is trying to display red based colours and can't.
    I informed the merchant 2nd day after receipt.

    Second item is a wismec RX300 Carbon Black, 95 AUD. Brand new and sealed. I opened it and there was glue leaking from the 510 connection, as well as the 510 area being sticky with glue. This is dangerous, and there is no way i will vape on this product, as i have no intention to inhale glue vapours. I reported this within 20 minutes of receiving the item from the post. Also, the 510 looks loose to me - therefore besides the glue issue itself, i have never dared to screw a tank onto it, in case i would then be blamed for the 510 ring detaching. I have simply never vaped on the device.

    I have extensive videos and pics I am willing to share for proof, and I have documented every stage of this complaint. The last i heard, just today, was that the store will still not refund NOR replace the items. They said they are simply not faulty, even though they haven't looked at a single pic or video of the faults!

    This is not a vendetta against them of any kind.. I tried to shake hands with them multiple times and come to an amicable conclusion, to be rejected every time. I have tried every angle possible and they just will not budge..

    Basically, what has happened is, that for some reason they do not like me anymore, one of the owners has a personal issue with me, and decided to just take it out and break ACC law. Please understand, i am not "making this up". This really IS a breach of law, as at minimum, they have to provide a repair or replacement. All the money I spent there and I have been treated like this.. All it took was to, by sheer bad luck, receive 2 faulty products from them simultaneously, and they turned on me big time. Threw me to the wolves.

    Now that i have gotten nowhere after a month, I will be going to small claims and contacting ACC tomorrow, as i have no other options left. I have not used either of the items in a month, and have NEVER used the wismec.

    I promise that every word in this testimony is 100% as it happened and true, and I sincerely advise you being very careful in spending big money at, as if you have a fault and they just decide to be difficult, they will drag you through the mud and hope the customer will just give in. I will not.​
  2. Vesh

    Vesh Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 17, 2017
    very important update..
    I actually have an email from wismec confirming the device can be returned, and that it is the obligation of the seller to take it back.

    I am trying to still contact smok.

    Now this is very very important and why I am updating this post.. I want you guys to understand exactly what kind of thief I am dealing with here...

    I managed to get the funds back through paypal, after a months long dispute. This has now been going on THREE months.

    The funds have come on my CC, and the seller has the items in their hand. The seller *literally* received the items back from me last week.

    BUT, the seller is appealing the paypal claim.. I have NO IDEA what lies they are saying to paypal to have it reopened.. but it says everything about the seller.. that they are just so full of hate, that even though the faulty products are literally in their hands, they are still disputing the refund. WOW.

    I really didn't think they would go this far.. I am perplexed, but because of this, i am removing my CC from paypal so they can't reverse jack. I have had it with criminals. I really, really have.
    What a horrible company to put a disabled person through this much torture.. If you guys knew how many emails i tried to reason with them, how much of my time this has taken...

    but now, they are appealing for their money back even though they have the items. This is proof they are thieves. 100% proof.

    This seller loved me until I had something that was faulty.. amazing. If this post even warns one person about this seller, it was worth it. I promise you that everything i have stated is 100% factual as it happened. I am a lot of things, but i would never steal someone's money or affect their livelihood if they were innocent.

    This is exactly why i tried every possible angle to reason with the seller, before i ever posted this topic.. If anyone has any advice, please PM me as i'd love to hear it. I am thinking this might have to go as far as small claims tribunal if paypal approves the seller's appeal. I wonder what will happen to the products then? Seller will just keep them?

    Yes i have ranted a bit here and my posts are long, so for that I apologise. I just can not believe a seller who i had bought so much from, who just moments before this happened was giving me great support, and then the moment i did my $400+ order from them with like 8 mods (my single largest mod order in history), and had problems with 2 of them, that they viciously turned on me. WOW.. I don't think I will ever understand it no matter how hard I try. Sometimes it's impossible to understand people's motives and you just have to stop trying to make sense of it.
  3. Vesh

    Vesh Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 17, 2017
    I also need to let you guys know, that this seller has caused me great distress in the vaping community. They have been discussing this with other stores and lying about me.. How do I know this? A couple of days after I started the paypal dispute, 5 vape shops around the country cancelled my accounts. Shops I had spent plenty of money with, NEVER had even the tiniest argument with, and my account wouldn't let me log in. All simultaneously. one vape shop that didn't listen, told me about this and that they were talking about me amongst all the vape shops.. Therefore this seller, for two mods, has tried to destroy my entire reputation with australian vaping community.

    Not one of them who DID remove my account, has answered with a reason of why they did this. This is how serious this situation has become.

    Another example.. when i made the paypal dispute, paypal contacts the seller before you escalate it to a claim, to try encourage communication. The seller did not answer me once.. I gave them more than a week to do so before escalating. Then when I escalated it, they waited till the very last possible moment before they responded to paypal themselves..they let it drag on for the full time. Then after i sent the items, they dragged it to maximum again after items were received.. Now they are doing this appeal.. even after I told them i would never speak to them again, say a bad word about them, have anything to do with them whatsoever, if they took those two items back and refunded me.. This would have been over months back...

    I would have never ever written this review - I simply wouldn't have had anything to do with them ever again.

    So why is this seller so obsessed with me? why couldn't they just let this go? I don't understand it. I told them multiple times how unwell I am, and now being unemployed i can't afford to lose that money for faulty goods. How can someone have SUCH low empathy? Especially to someone like me who had shopped at their store for 2 years? I even got them plenty of sales from friends, as i sent them all straight there for their initial starter kits and they all stayed customers. The human mind never ceases to amaze me. I'll next update this only when paypal's decision has been made either way.
  4. Vesh

    Vesh Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 17, 2017
    Ok, this has come to a close. They lost the paypal appeal and this is over finally. I had a heart attack today as i logged into my paypal and it said "unfortunately after careful consideration we can not decide the dispute in your favour at this time". Obviously not a heart attack but I did get goose pimples all over my body and felt terrible momentarily! Like a panic attack basically.

    Anyway I called them immediately and asked how on earth the seller could have won the appeal, when paypal didn't inform me at all of the seller's comments or reasoning TO appeal to begin with (where as the seller had all the dispute comments *I* had made to paypal i.e my reasoning for opening a dispute to begin with), and that paypal hadn't asked me whatsoever for MY side of the story since the appeal.. I informed them i had emails from the manufacturer proving the item was faulty, etc, and had they bothered to tell me they were going to decide in the seller's favour, they should have given me a chance to counter and give my side of it!

    She quickly stopped me and told me not to panic and could not understand why that text was there, but the only thing she could think of is that it's in the dispute comments and is sent to the SELLER, as in, their appeal failed, and that she assured me i had won.

    She then went on to tell me that they lost the appeal and she can clearly see that on the dispute, and she even said "this phone call is recorded ok?", to help me relax. She was in the Phillipines it sounded like, and was incredibly polite and knowledgeable of paypal's rules. She then went to explain that the seller was asked to send a sworn affidavit for his appeal and never did, and therefore the dispute was automatically closed in my favour when the affidavit deadline date passed (yesterday I think it was). Then i realised.. the seller would have had to perjure themselves to do that, and obviously decided against it, thank God.

    I need to emphasise this to you all and this IS my last post in this topic.. But you have to really think what this seller did to me for 2K of fault free purchases and to return only 2 mods out of all of that. Remember, i reported the faults on the very same day.

    1) Seller said glue on wismec did not constitute a return
    2) I asked seller to therefore ask wismec for me to double check this
    3) He replied "I will not do that for you".
    4) I then informed him next day of the smok x cube ultra led issue, as that was the first time i used it
    5) I explained to him that just the day prior, he had threatened to shut my account and asked me to NEVER shop there again as long as I live, and i did not want a credit, but a refund for an electronics good as per Australian ACC law. For a faulty good i do NOT have to take a replacement
    6) He ignored me other than telling me "I will not do any of those things" to ANY sort of help I asked for.
    i.e contacting wismec, smok, watching the videos of the faults, etc.
    7) I still had another order already in the system with them before all this. It was for an ijoy solo PRO V2. I had asked him to hold the silver one for me which he had done, as at THAT stage he still "liked" me and we were "friends".
    He took it off his website so no one else could buy it, but refused to send me the silver just because of the grudge, that he didn't want me to have it! can you believe this .....iness?
    8) He destroyed my name amongst some key aussie vape stores who i had never had a single issue with and caused real trouble for me
    9) I disputed the case with paypal, and WON. I thought it was over
    10) but no, he had to drive the hate in even more, and appeal the dispute
    11) Justice was done, and he lost.

    I just want you all to understand what kind of vicious, hateful, nasty person we are talking about here... Someone who i had done almost all my local vape shopping at.. someone who had zero issue with me until i had two items to return. All this torture and defamation against me..

    I am still deciding whether to take him to court for the defamation and sharing my details with other stores, which is illegal. I am asking a friend who is a lawyer about it and will see what they advise.

    But in any case, this topic is closed, JUSTICE prevailed, and i would ask you all to think twice before using this store. Just remember, before i had this issue, i raved about them to all my friends, bought something from them every 2 weeks, and thought they were the best store in Australia. Only the moment i had a real issue, did all that change.
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