Vapourcore - core pro 10 & 20s disposable vapes With 'Feelm' technology

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Dec 29, 2020
    First of all I want to thank Michiel Carmel for the courtesy of sending me these products of which I am fortunate enough to be reviewing today. I would also like to thank a fellow reviewer/promoter Urbn Vape for suggesting I should have a chat.

    What I received was 4 different flavours 2x 10mg & 2x 20 mg, Grape ice, Strawberry burst, Mango ice & Mint cream. I shall only be using one as the importance is the delivery & functionality is key.

    Let me be completely clear, if you do not already know, most people realise i am NOT the most forthcoming once the idea of disposables for the sheer reason they are not most easy recyclable, if you can at all, so many off these big brands now are so attractable to children, i have stripped few down and to be completely honest it's ridiculous how 'some' are made and crappy quality control that's goes in them.
    ( just because i am a ..... does not mean you should start stripping disposable e-cigarette down)
    Luckily there also a recycling program in place for disposable whether its products you purchase from them which you have loyalty points back after so many, or just want to help by recycling other products which you can find in the information and WEEE recycle option on page.

    So one things you should remember "Vapourcore" is not down the line of the hobbyist vaping as you browse through the website it is crystal clear there is singular purpose goal to help individuals "Quit Smoking" , whether this is through Nicotine Replacement therapy or heated tobacco sticks or kits or closed pod system etc, you could even say the site site has clinical feel to it.

    There is no focus on flavour liquids or the newest tech just plain & simply these set kits devices designed to help quit without deviation from that path and in stages too.
    Let's be honest all well & good having the biggest brightest flashiest expensive mod on the market but if you all you do have to look at cigarettes and you relapse you've wasn't even more money.

    Let's get down to devices themselves.
    Utilising FEELM Technology - *feelm in a nutshell - created thinnest ceramic coil technology*
    For those who do not know ceramic coil are potentially cleaner than standard coil types for not having such an oxidation risk.
    the Core Pro houses an 300mAh battery,
    contains 1.6ml of 10mg or 20mg nic-salt e-liquid
    At length it measures at roughly 115mm
    Width 20mm
    And its thin.. very thin approx 5mm at widest point with the logo

    After some of the videos I've seen across the internet about disposable companies manufacturing processes you can probably see why I was a little bit apprehensive.
    However The packaging of these products are packaged very carefully with film coated sliding trays, a little instruction manual on the inside under your main tray, a sealed up device within a plastic tray, in my view probably made in a very sterile environment.

    ok so the first product I opened was the mint cream 10mg for pure reason i was intrigued since it has been a long time since I've used dedicated mint flavour … unfortunately this happened to be a dead on arrival situation, I'm under no Miss-illusion it happens sometimes in productions. I understand after spend 10 years in a factory to put bluntly "S*** can happen".

    So the second product i opened was strawberry burst 20mg
    outcomes of this little charcoal coloured stick with a kind of a silver logo on the front, in my view it is a very serious looking device, its sleek, discreet not quite smart looking, unless you were vaping it you wouldn't know you had this flavour which to me kind of taste like a clean tasting, slightly cooled strawberry milkshake which is not to sweet either, practically the ideal balance in my opinion.

    Comfortable mouthpiece
    Easy to slip into pocket
    Recycle scheme in place
    Wouldn't be attractive to kids
    Concentrated at smokers
    Great nicotine delivery

    Only a 1.6ml but would bigger capacity ruin how this works?
    Will everyone pay attention to the recycling scheme? I'm not so sure I would hope so. in fact i shall encourage people to do so

    General thought :
    The nicotine delivery feels on point. I can feel I want to put the device in my pocket and get it back out when I require it rather than something tasting so great you find yourself chain vaping. So from a smokers perspective I think this is a pretty ideal device.
    For what these devices actually are I believe the price point on these a pretty fair £4.95 a piece I think and 3 for £12

    Hope you have enjoyed my review & i shall be posting a link at 'Mutual Share Monday' on Facebook soon if interested on these products and finding out more.

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