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VAPTIO Turbo RDTA-L. "Apprentice, coal in the furnace!"

Discussion in 'Tank Reviews' started by Vape Path, Feb 7, 2018.

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  1. Vape Path

    Vape Path Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 24, 2017
    Russia, Moscow
    The second atomizer-transformer came to Vape Path redaction, guys! I hoped, that not only Joyetech and some other manufacturers could reach such a decision and make atomizer, which can`t be only of one version. My prayers`ve been heard, and now I would like to present you my test of VAPTIO Turbo RDTA-L.


    The atomizer came to me in the middle-sized composite box, where we can find the picture of the device, its name, the manufacturer`s name, scratch code, barcode, color, set info, warning and certificates and the info messages.

    As I have already told you - VAPTIO Turbo RDTA-L is a transformer, so, the set is pretty good.

    VAPTIO Turbo RDTA-L set:
    1 * VAPTIO Turbo RDTA-L (RDTA) atomizer;
    1 * Spare base for RDA;
    1 * Spare glass tube;
    4 * Clapton coils;
    4 * Spare screws;
    6 * О-rings;
    1 * Spare drip tip;
    1 * User manual;
    1 * Certificate of conformity​

    VAPTIO Turbo RDTA-L came to me in a black color with red o-rings and top cap insert.
    It can work as RDTA or RDA, and this is really good, `cause, you can choose its type depending on your mood ;) Atomizer looks really big as RDTA and has a 5 ml capacity glass tube. Of course, RDA version is smaller, but not much.
    As for quality and assembly, they are of a high quality, but with some specifications, and I will tell you about them below.

    VAPTIO Turbo RDTA-L parameters:
    RDTA height: 60 mm;
    RDA height: 49 mm;
    Diameter: 24 mm;
    RDTA capacity: 5 ml;
    RDA bath depth: about 7 mm;
    Colors: Black, Red gold, Silver​

    Let`s start from RDTA version.
    In a such reincarnation VAPTIO Turbo RDTA-L consists of 8 parts: of base, glass tube, deck, filling ring, skirt, top cap, anti-leaking shield and drip tip.

    «What does the shield mean?» - you will ask.
    Well, this is a special metal insert, which puts into groove in top cap and prevents splashing, which can hurt your throat (especially, when you vape on high wattage).
    It has 4 holes around the body, which make the puff a little tighter, but if you are fond of «California» - you can take it off.
    The shiled, being put into top cap jingles, and this really annoys me, so, I think, that won`t be on its place for a long time ;) Of course, when you`re on the walk, street`ll beat such an ugly jingle, but if you want to listen for silence at home, well, you`ll lose))

    Drip tip is of 810 type and conic form. It works good and doesn`t really gets hot if you vaping isn`t aggressive. The fixing element, which helps it to be fixed to top cap – is o-ring.

    RDTA deck is different to RDA version by a longer pin, which raises the base and creates space for installation of the tube, which fixes to the ground with the help of o-rings.

    The deck has large Velocity racks, which allows to set a pretty big builds. The fixing screws are of hexagonal type, and I can say, that they sucks..Wotofo, are you here???
    On the sides there are some cuts for cotton rolls, and there is a thread, which girdles the perimeter and fixes a filling ring with a wide filling hole on the side.

    Also, the filling ring performs the role of the docking part, which, on the one hand, presses the glass tube, and on the other - sits the skirt with the remaining parts forming the atomizer


    The skirt is made of a thin metal and gets hot during the active vape process. On the face side there is a company logo and the name of the device. On the sides – we can find long, but narrow airflow control holes.

    The next part is top cap. On the top you can the pattern of strip type, which with some cuts make notches for easy service. I`m disappointed, that there is no possibility of one-coil use, it would has been great! The critical moment is, that o-rings are narrow, and because of this there is backlash between parts.


    RDA type structure is a little different, but does not require painstaking detailed consideration. All you need to build it – put the glass tube away, unscrew the deck and change the base, fixing it by screw the filling ring. Simple work, guys!
    As for the depth, it is about 7 mm and this is not bad, but remember to control the juice level to avoit leaks and juice flooding.
    By the way, you can fill RDA version in 2 ways: as usual or through the filling hole, situated on the ring.

    VAPTIO Turbo RDTA-L specifications:
    Base: Velocity deck for two-coil use;
    Airflow: Side;
    Filling: Side or top;
    Thread: of 510 type;
    Drip tip: of 810 type

    Quality and assembly;
    Side airflow;
    Large Velocity deck;
    2 types of RDA filling;
    Flavor and vapor;
    No leaks

    Gets hot;
    No possibility of one-coil use;
    Inadequate landing of the top cap (can be solved with wider o-rings);
    Jingle «shield»;

    For the attempt of VAPTIO to create an atomizer-transformer - certainly a plus! It's long overdue, but the guys have something in the production trenches with only Subohm atomizers.
    Turbo RDTA-L justifies its name, both in terms of design, and the heating of the body during the soaring. It's not red-hot, but it will create discomfort - that's for sure, especially if you install some kind of fat (the size of the deck allows!).
    I liked the presence, albeit rattling, but still the protector from splashing liquid into the mouth, the ability to work in RDTA or RDA mode, but here's the taste, size and heating - the factors are not the most encouraging. In fact, it's strange that both versions of this tank haven`t saturated flavor as their non-rebuildable brothers (the same Frogman at times more interesting), but somehow this happened.
    I want VAPTIO to concentrate on producing rebuildable atomizers and in the future release such devices without critical drawbacks, but with excellent taste and not giant dimensions. There is a reserve, and it must be developed correctly!
    The price for VAPTIO Turbo RDTA-L atomizer is about 35$, and this figure is acceptable for quality and equipment, however, I do not think that this "turbine" will have many chances to outdo other representatives of the class.​

    You can buy VAPTIO Turbo RDTA-L here.
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