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Veco the flavor but too small in a 22mm format...I need a fix!!!

Discussion in 'Vaporesso' started by Mike Gee, May 12, 2017.

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  1. Mike Gee

    Mike Gee Full Member

    Apr 25, 2017
    I have only been vaping for about a month and a half. I dove full into it to hilp me kick my 33 year cigarette habit. I do allot of research and testing because of my background. Before I bought my first mod I did my research and bought a Tarot Nano. This thing is great! I love the size as I can just drop it in my pocket that used to carry my pack of smokes. I like it so much had to buy 2 more Nanos. Since then I have gotten the Nebula Kit and the Attitude kit because I need more than a 2ml tank!!! The Attitude comes with the Estoc tank that is 4ml...and leaks...and does not perform or taste as good as the Veco. The Estoc is OK but just not on par with the Veco.
    The Veco does come in a Mega or Plus tank but it is a 24.5mm wide tank. The 24.5 does not look god on the Tarot Nano and will not fit at all on the Attitude. Vaporesso??? Why??? I need more capacity for my 2500mAh Nano Mod!

    Now for more questions for the Vaporesso reps that are on these forums.

    For the Veco One they say in the manual and I will quote:
    "VECO ONE Kit by Vaporesso is sleek in design and smooth in airflow.
    It adopts the ECO Universal Coil (EUC) so that you only need to replace the coil head ( EUC ) inside without changing the metal sleeve
    (EUC Sleeve) that is truly ECO friendly and makes vaping more affordable. Top airflow and top fill makes it easy to use. There is an
    accessory kit for a larger glass tube and adapter available.that you could turn the tank into bigger capacity as needed. It is easy to carry
    around, while its 1500mAh built in battery is efficient and powerful.
    VECO ONE, The One for you!" says you have an accessory kit "available"...(larger glass tube and adapter) why does Vangaurd and Vaporesso tell me there is no such thing and we do not sell any parts alone. So...this is what I need to make my 2ml 22mm wide Veco tank higher sell it to me!!!
    So if that "accessory kit" for the Veco One is a "unicorn" (made up fairy tale thing) then how about the Nebula kit sold in some regions that has the 2ml/4ml Veco Plus tank...with the larger glass tube and the chimney extender...are those parts make believe parts too? Are those parts available? I know the glass is a different size 22mm vs 24.5mm but the chimney on the Veco and the Veco Plus tank are the same aren't they? And the Estoc 4ml glass is the same circumference as the Veco with those parts can I make my own. Why can I not get any answers from Vaporesso except for I'm sorry it's not available or we don't sell parts?

    I only vape on Vaporesso gear!!! The Omni board rocks. The EUC ceramic coils just bleed flavor and so easy to change out! The size, form, and function of the Nano and Attitde. The design and power of the Nebula...So much I like about Vaporesso!
    I want to stay with all I have and more Vaporesso products but the lack of knowledge of Shenzhen Smoore Technology LTD/Vaporesso representatives is enough to make me want to ditch all my Vaporesso stuff. Someone help me stay with Vaporesso!!!
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