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I got my shipment from MV today. I am sorry for straying from this great supplier for so long. I've used many other PVs and have always been disappointed. I finally came back to the first e-cig I used and am so happy that I did.

I got a pack of the extra long 902 cartomizers. All I can say is "Wow!" It took almost two ml of liquid to fill it. Imagine, using one cartomizer for a whole day (and part of the next) with no topping off. The vapor production is impressive, the draw is perfect, the temperature is just right, and the flavor is A+. I put a flat tip mouthpiece from an old 902 cartridge on it and I have a 5 1/2 inch e-cig. Nice!! I always hated the sticker covered cartos from other suppliers, they looked and felt cheap. These have stickers, but they are very nice. You really have to look close to see that they are not painted like the batteries. Now I need to get some new 902 batteries. I have old ones that are shiny black and aren't holding a charge for long. I am hoping the new 902 batts with the crystal tip are available soon - my next payday would be great!

I am fond of my Blucigs, especially since they switched to cartomizers. They are almost the width of a cigarette,which I really like, but are only king sized in length. That is very tiny for someone who smokes 120s analogs. And with a battery that short, I have to recharge constantly. So I bought a couple Sidsho batteries. They are matte black and very classy looking. There is no logo. I haven't decided whether that is good or bad aesthetically. I think the MV with wings logo, like on the old atties, would look nice. Like the 902, the cartos match the batt perfectly. It doesn't look like a batt with a cart. It looks like one solid piece.

They are only a few mm longer than a Blu battery, so I wouldn't think it would make much of a difference, but using a Sidesho battery doubles the vapor production of a Blu cartomizer. A Sidesho batt with a Sidesho cartomizer is even better. I can't imagine anyone wanting more vapor than that. The flavor of the tobacco carts is nice. (It says MAR on the box. Is MV Marlboro juice the same?) A Sidesho batt with a cart is a bit longer than a 100mm analog. If MV had an XL Sidesho battery I would be thrilled. I would finally have my long, skinny e-cig. And if there was a whistle tip mouthpiece available for the Sidesho carts that would be cool. My husband holds e-cigs in his teeth while driving and chews through the carto stickers.

Performance-wise, the Sidsho and the 902 are both excellent, and either would be a good choice. With the 902 I have the option of a whistle tip and I get the length that I like. With the Sidesho I get the skinny width that I prefer, but it is a tad too short. It comes down to what is more important, width or length. (Please don't take that out of context) I will just have to use both until I make up my mind or talk Tony into selling XL Sidesho batteries. Regardless, I am going to stay with Modern Vapor products from now on.



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Jan 5, 2010
Great review. You should consider posting this in newbies or hardware.

If your husband is on the 902, grab him a drip tip. It will be very solid in the teeth being atty tips can fall off easily.

I agree that the new tobacco MV uses in their pre-filled is nice. It is the USA MIX under the PG Juice section.

Good thing you wrote (Please don't take that out of context) because that was immediately funny.
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