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Oct 25, 2010
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    Ok, this is not going to be pretty...I got a friend of mine into vaping in October, At that time I told them to go with Volcano because of their warranty... 1 year on batteries specifically. knowing that if she had a problem, volcano would send her a new battery and then she could send the bad one back. Well her batteries have diminished greatly, she gets about 10-15 minutes out of them now. She contacted Volcano and found out that they have changed their policy and require you to send back the batteries for testing before they send new ones. well that would leave her without anything to use. They changed their procedure midstream. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. If they are going to change policy it should be for anything bought after the change... I am done with them as their customer service has become a joke. Be forwarned if you are thinking on buying anything from them
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