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VooPoo Drag M100S Kit Review By Frenkyou


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  • Apr 26, 2019

    Hi, today let's take a look at the DRAG M100S Kit kindly sent to me for this review by VooPoo. In this Test I will examine each of the characteristics that distinguish this item. I hope that at the end of this reading you can understand this product, and therefore decide whether to invest in it or not. As always, my opinions are free and based on my personal experience.
    • Enjoy the reading.

    ► VooPooa DRAG M100S Kit; Before starting, let's see together some special features indicated by the manufacturer:

    • 1. Maximum power of 100W
    • 2. UFORCE-L leak-proof tank with top airflow
    • 3. PnP Dual in One technology
    • 4. Intuitive dynamic switch
    • 5. Single 18650/21700 battery (not included)
    • 6. GENE. TT 2.0 chip
    • 7. Soft as touching flowing water
    • 8. Compatible with PnP coils


    ► VooPooa DRAG M100S Kit; Packaging:
    The packaging recalls the color of the kit it contains. On the front part there is a window with a view of the product, and there are also the following writings; VOOPOO, DRAG M100S, Gene TT Chip Inside. On the back you can view; the contents, Shenzhen Woody Vapes Technology Co., Ltd. (VooPoo) address, scratch & check, trademarks & logos, warnings, barcode and "sample" label to specify the destination of this item to promoters and reviewers. On the remaining sides of the package you can view in the form of icons; the main features and the various QR-Codes. This pack of VooPoo features a new type of opening. In fact, to be able to remove the internal drawer and access the entire contents of this kit, you need to tear off the pre-cut tab on the bottom of the box.



    ► VooPooa DRAG M100S Kit; Packing List:
    • 1 DRAG M100S
    • 1 UFORCE-L tank
    • 1 Spare convex glass
    • 1 Coils PnP 0.2Ω Max 55W
    • 1 Coils PnP 0.15Ω Max 70W
    • 1 Type C charging cable
    • 1 Bag of spare o'rings
    • 1 warning card
    • 1 User Manual


    ► VooPooa DRAG M100S Kit; Specifications:
    • Material: Zinc Alloy + Stainless Steel
    • Dimensions: 90x36x30mm
    • Battery: 18650/21700
    • Maximum output voltage: 8V
    • Power range: 5-100W
    • Charging voltage: 5V/2A
    • Resistance range: 0.05-3.0Ω
    • Tank capacity: 5.5ml
    • Compatible with PnP Coils platform


    ► VooPooa DRAG M100S Kit; Matte Finish Series:
    • Silver & Black
    • Red & Black
    • Cyan & Blue
    • Pearl White


    ► VooPooa DRAG M100S Kit; Wood Finish Series:
    • Black & Darkwood
    • Antique Brass & Rosewood


    ► VooPooa DRAG M100S Kit; First Impressions:
    The new DRAG M100S is really very beautiful with its handcrafted design, also considering that it can accommodate a large 21700 battery; the mod is also quite small in size. The working device undergoes 800℃ hot forging process and 8 different nanoscale polishing processes
    to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. The edges are beautifully rounded for an excellent feeling. For the construction, decorations in solid wood were used (depending on the version), or precious plays of light and shadow on the polished metal surfaces on which fingerprints seem not to take hold. The upper vents of the UFORCE-L TANK ensure that the pressure inside the tank is well balanced by coordinating the airflow directions and improving the fluidity of the puffs. Condensate can be held in the depths of the lower deck and with no escape space. Furthermore, the "Dual in One" PnP coils offer a good improvement in atomization efficiency with rich flavor and large vapor clouds. UFORCE-L is currently quite possibly the best sub-ohm tank available on the market today and DRAG M100S seems to be truly the single battery version of the amazing DRAG 4 dual battery.


    ► VooPooa DRAG M100S Kit; 18650/21700 batteries:
    On the bottom of the Mod you can read the wording "Designed By VooPoo", furthermore the flap has the opening system that I prefer to insert a cell. In fact, just press the right angle of the semicircle forward and the opening is immediate. You can use a 18650 cell with the reducer, or a large 21700 without the reducer. The closure of the flap is precise, safe and stable.


    The steel top plate, houses a spring loaded pin in the center, on the perimeter of the plate there are the words "Drag" and "Spark Your Life". DRAG M100S is able to accommodate rather large tanks (up to 30mm) without external protrusions.


    ► VooPooa DRAG M100S Kit; Top finishes and decorations:
    VooPoo sent me two different colors for this test; one belongs to the "Matte Finish Series" line in Silver & Black color, its appearance varies according to the light point, it is very bright but can become dark thanks to the "black" shades that are expertly disseminated on its body, moreover the geometric facets amplify the angular three-dimensional effect, while maintaining an extremely smooth surface finish. On such a shiny metal body I would have expected large fingerprints, but after use there is no trace of fingerprints. This was a beautiful surprise! The other specimen that VooPoo sent me belongs to the "Wood Finish Series" line and is in a fantastic retro "Antique Brass & Padauk" coloration, the Padauk wood has a special finish that appears almost soft to the touch creating a pleasant sensation, really amazing. Padauk wood goes perfectly with antique brass which generates incredible brushed bronze reflections, this version is a true work of art to my taste. The decorative lettering is kept to a minimum and is limited to "DRAG M110" "Gene TT" on one side and "VooPoo" on the other side.


    The back (handle) has a vertical relief plate which is arranged on the central axis. On the front side, at the top is the small, round-shaped Fire key which is concave towards the center. Below the key we find the display that allows you to select the following background colors; green, pink, purple and yellow. The usb type-c port is equipped with the classic 5V/2A, I remember that the 5V/3A fast charging protocol was present on DRAG 4 instead. The new layout in the TC mode accurately identifies the four commonly used heating wire materials; Ni200, Tl, SS316 and SS43. So you can adjust the temperature in the recommended range for each material. The entire display layout has been updated and shows the following information; wattage setting, mode, battery charge indicator with percentage, voltage output, coil resistance, puff counter, last puff duration. Acting on the SWITCH mode you can decide how to operate the third button (Dynamic Switch). By default the third button (Dynamic Switch) locks/unlocks the power, but can be toggled to turn the device on or off or to lock/unlock the selected power.


    * Through the combination of the keys you can enter the Mod parameters as follows;
    • Press the Fire button 5 times to turn on/off the device
    • Press the + and - buttons at the same time to access the menu. Use the + and - buttons to cycle through the various options and press the Fire button to confirm
    • The modes in the menu available are; Smart, RBA, ECO and TC.
    • Smart mode allows the chipset to identify the resistive value of the coil and to set the right power value and prevents too high power selections.
    • RBA mode is essentially a standard variable wattage mode for those using RTA or RDA alternative tanks with various builds. The adjustment can be made between 5 and 100W using a 21700 cell or between 5 and 80W using a 18650 cell.
    • In addition to the already mentioned temperature and variable power settings, there is the ECO mode which allows you to save energy by turning off the screen when the battery voltage drops below 20%.
    • In addition, the chipset allows you to reset the number of puffs and view the installed firmware version


    ► VooPooa DRAG M100S Kit; U-Force-L Tank:
    This tank can be easily disassembled for cleaning operations and the package is particularly rich in spare silicone gaskets and o-rings.
    The construction material used is Stainless Steel + Pyrex. The weight of this robust tank is 90g. U-Force-L Tank is the first VooPoo Sub-ohm Tank equipped with "Top AFC", it is a particular construction type which, compared to the classic "Bottom AFC" arrangement, is able to eliminate any loss of e-liquid.


    VooPoo (cleverly) made the 810 housing featured in the top cap "standard", this solution allows you to use any 810 Drip Tip equipped with one or two silicone rings. The original Drip Tip has two silicone rings that offer an excellent grip, the extraction hole at the base is 7mm wide then the chimney gradually widens upwards to end with a 10mm diameter at the top. The top cap has a finely knurled perimeter for better finger grip. In fact, with the classic bayonet system, 1/2 a turn is enough to extract the cap and proceed with filling the tank. There are two filling slots with elastic holes to allow the insertion of even quite wide tips that are present on the various e-liquid dispensers. In the side-by-side image you can see the large silicone gasket removed from its housing, you can see the shape of the gasket and the protuberance that is inserted into the single blind hole around the filling slots. You can also see the "bayonet" system for opening the top cap.


    You can rotate the AFC ring on the top of the atomizer clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the airflow as you like. The three large vents are connected like a funnel to channel and compress the air from top to bottom. In the lower part of the central structure, the three air intakes wrap around the coil at 360°, feeding it in a large and uniform way. In addition, the hollow structure in the central part absorbs the noise generated by the airflow to allow you to enjoy your vape silently and without annoying whistling. Above the oring for the pyrex glass seal, there are 3 large windows for the passage of the e-liquid towards the coil, these windows are carefully flared on the edges. In the side-by-side image I tried to show you the 3-headed dog logo (maybe 3-headed wolf) that VooPoo laser engraved in the center of the supporting structure.


    By unscrewing the base you can insert the coils by pressing them from the bottom up. The base design mimics a heat sink to speed up the cooling of the tank. The base joins the central structure via a sliding thread. Between the base and the central structure there is a silicone o-ring for a perfect seal. The base is quite deep to contain any condensation without giving it an escape route. In the center are the gold plated contact pins for better electrical conductivity to be transferred to the coil. On the bottom of the base are; the inscription "VOOPOO", the inscription "Designed By VOOPOO", the CE mark, the disposal logo. The Thread contains a gold-plated and slightly protruding fixed pin.


    ► VooPoo DRAG M100S Kit; PnP Coils:
    As we all know, the PnP coil platform is particularly broad, and also includes an RBA base. So you can use various PnP coils according to your needs, moreover you will not have difficulty finding PnP coils on the market as they are very popular and highly appreciated by enthusiasts. For this new tank, VooPoo has included a 0.2Ω PnP-TW20 Coil with 40-55W range and 1 0.15Ω Pnp-TW15 Coil with 55-70W range. These are two of the new TW series PNP coils that can be recognized by the presence of a purple o-ring, while the previous VM series PnP coils have a red o-ring. According to VooPoo the new TW series PnP coils use the new dual-in-one technology for pure taste, thick clouds and 25% longer life.


    ► VooPoo DRAG M100S Kit; Vape test and final conclusions:
    For this Test I used TNT Good Posion aroma diluted 10% with VG/PG 70:30 and boost 3mg/ml.

    • Coil PnP-TW20 0.20Ω 40-55W:
    With this coil the Mod in SMART mode automatically set 50W of power, however being the coil new I started with 40W and then gradually increased with the power. With 40W of power the coil fires up quickly, however the flavor is bland even with the airflow half-closed, so I jumped straight up to 50W and the flavor improved noticeably with good release of thick vapor clouds. I also tested the physical limit of the coil which is 55W, obtaining excellent performance, however with a view to saving energy, I preferred to position myself permanently at 50W and then start testing the air control. With the three airflow slots fully open there is almost no resistance on the inhale, however the flavor is not as diluted as one would expect, by closing the afc to 50% the restriction on the airflow is pretty ineffective, so I found my sweet spot by setting the airflow open about 1/3.

    • Coil Pnp-TW15 0.15Ω 55-70W:
    With this coil the Mod in SMART mode automatically set 65W of power, however being the coil new I started with 55W and then gradually increased with the power. With 55W of power the coil activates quickly, the flavor is good, the vapor is slightly too humid, switching to 60W the flavor increases and the nebulization improves making the vapor hotter and more consistent. I went up to 70W and with the airflow wide open the flavor is at peak output with embarrassing dense cloud production. So I started to adjust the airflow by opening it to 50%, again I noticed little restriction of the flow, however this coil is capable of absorbing a lot of air and one can turn a blind eye to this AFC system which is not in capable of restricting the air passage in a linear way. My favorite coil is this one because it offers a more concentrated flavor with a truly wild power delivery. However both of these new TW series PnP resistors with dual-in-one technology performed well and deliver what they promise.

    Regarding the Mod DRAG M100S there is little to say it is beautiful and impressed me with the very high level of finishes and decorations. Its performance is explosive with lightning-fast activation and a truly substantial power boost, the various modes and adjustments that the Mod offers are able to satisfy anyone. The QS multifunction switch, depending on your preferences can block the power and allows you to vape without running the risk of inadvertently raising or lowering the power. Plus you can adjust the QS key to completely lock the Mod, or to turn the Mod on or off! This QS key which was introduced for the first time on DRAG 4 is really very comfortable, and it is what I finally expected on a real Drag. Thanks VooPoo. Furthermore, the ECO function respects the parameters and starts working exactly when the cell charge level reaches 20%. Built-in Boost allows step-up even at low battery levels. Last but not least, the device integrates all the necessary safety functions. I really want to give VooPoo a round of applause for making this super eye-catching kit! I think all flavor-loving vapers should own one.

    • Thank you for reading.

    • Thank you VooPoo for sending me DRAG M100S Kit for review.


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