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VOOPOO: From Gene Chip, Gene Fun Chip to Gene Fit Chip!

Discussion in 'Voopoo' started by VOOPOO_Thea, Nov 28, 2018.

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  1. VOOPOO_Thea

    VOOPOO_Thea Brand Manager ECF Veteran

    Dec 1, 2016
    Hey, friends. Have you heard of Gene Chip used in VOOPOO vape devices? How much do you know about Gene Chip? If you have no idea about it, let’s figure it out now.

    Talking about Gene Chip, there is a company that should be mentioned. GENE VAPE SOLUTIONS is a professional manufacturer with technical solutions and service. They offer all kinds of consumer electronics products including Gene Chip of e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes with Gene Chip will generally avoid malfunctions. It is so proud to say that the product defect rate is just six in ten thousand with complaints rate of zero, meaning that there is only six in poor quality in ten thousand Gene chips! How amazing!

    To continuously provide user-friendly vape products, VOOPOO has set up a long strategic cooperation with GENE VAPE, rolling out a custom board of "FAN" to provide vapers with excellent vaping experience and more personal options.
    With upgraded Gene. Fan. Chip,
    1. Multiple modes for different tastes could be achieved. Vapers can freely adjust the cooling value and temperature to customize the taste. You may also upgrade the firmware and customize multiple modes once connected to the software. There are altogether five modes for you: Power, Super, TI, SS and NI modes.
    2. 32-digit GENE.FAN Chip to ensure instant firing, stable and safe vaping.
    3. All brains are protected by a V0 class fireproofing bridge to block dust, liquid and fire.
    4. 0.1% Accurate: Precisely control the output wattage and temperature;
    5. Supporting USB Charging: customize settings;
    6. The world’s fastest firing speed of 10 milliseconds.
    The first application of Gene. Fan. Chip in VOOPOO Drag brought VOOPOO a new stage and earned adoptions from vape lovers. Then VOOPOO continues applying it in Too Kit, Mojo Kit, Mojo R Kit, Caliber Kit and Vmate Kit. If you have one of the above vape kits, you could check it out.

    Here comes the Gene. Fit Chip. You can see that Gene. Fit Chip is used in Drag 2, Drag Mini and Rex Kit. The Gene. Fit. Chip is the end result of 15 months of R&D with 181 tanks tested. The process involved data mining of 11 million bits of information from other vape chips. Indeed it is designed to get more life out of vape coils by avoiding burnouts. Moreover, the Gene.Fit chip is guarded by internal protections from surges, dust, and liquid.

    Our vision has always been to create the device that is of high performance, long endurance and best protection for vapors. FIT is a mode that can protect tanks to the most with its intelligent matches of FIT 1/2/3.
    Features of FIT

    1. Protect sub-ohm tanks from burnout (*Under normal and right operating conditions);
    2. Long battery life under a safe condition (*Under normal and right operations)
    3. Intelligent matches with tanks
    *UFORCE tanks recommended for FIT mode. It does not apply to RDA, RTA or RDTA.

    From Gene Chip, Gene Fun Chip to Gene Fit Chip, VOOPOO has spared every effort to creat user-friendly vape products to satisfy vapers with high technology.

    Just keep your eyes wide open for VOOPOO's new vape products. We won't disappoint you!
  2. bigbob2322

    bigbob2322 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 27, 2014
    Schiller PK IL USA
    Voopoo hasn't disappointed me yet!

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