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Voopoo Too and Drag 2 Issues and Likes

Discussion in 'Voopoo' started by ranjen617, Nov 28, 2018.

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  1. ranjen617

    ranjen617 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I'll start with the Too. Nice looking, love the idea about the usage of one or two batteries, fits your hand just right. Ok, here goes. ...While it fired fast the first day, it started shocking me the next day. Yep, shocking me. Cannot see to return it for $50 in postage. Only way they will do a refund and send another, no local transaction. I'm out of a working unit unless I can try again or find someone that knows about these. Tank is awesome on my other mods, no issues.
    Drag 2 - Awesome mod, fires fast, decent battery life running at 70w, nice feel in hand and weight is perfect, sized just right. Looks beautiful in the Aurora color (pink, aqua). Tank is decent but. ..
    Here's the cons. After one month if that of ownership the battery door paint is coming off on the top right (where my finger will rest sometimes). I have yet to put it in my pocket, purse etc. Only sits on a table or in my hand while using it. So, the paint issue was not resolved in the Drag 2. Battery door is wiggly but liveable. Tank-while a great tank it does come with an issue. It does like to flood more so than others, actually only tank of mine that floods right now. I've tried to increase and decrease the wattage and airflow but it so happens. My remedy is to take a clean qtip and clear out the chimney and the mouthpiece until it happens again. It will spit.
    Overall the tanks on each have good flavor. Tank that came on the Too no issue at all in my other mods, great airflow and flavor. The Drag 2 just floods maybe 3 times a day if in a 2 mod rotation. The Drag 2 tank is a beauty where the Too is just a simple Uforce tank in black. But it's a champ for what it is.
    Too I can't really review it much since it shocks me but the first day was great. Ramp up time, comfortable to hold and great flavor, until it became a paperweight.
    Drag 2 is an awesome unit with the exception of paint issues and wiggly battery door. This could be an all day or week mod if the paint wouldn't peel or chip. It has power and just a good mod. It does fall behind in ranking with the Naboo though.

    My true last all day mods that I used a few years back (this is my second time at this, allergies) was two Hana mods, so yeah I'm a little picky. Naboo first and Drag 2 next.
    Hope this helps anyone looking at the mods. :2c::cool:;)

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