VSticking VK530 Firmware Upgrade Software

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Jan 12, 2013
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    Does anyone still have the Firmware installation program for the VSticking VK530? The one from VSticking or any other Windows software that works? I downloaded the Firmware from VSticking a while back, but they didn't have the software for it. Seems that VSticking came out of nowhere, made this one mod and has since disappeared. Their website no longer exists. I'm just now getting around to trying the Firmware upgrade, but can't find the software to do it. YiHi's website has no mention of the SX530 Chip and a search for it there yields nothing. I haven't tried asking YiHi yet, but maybe someone here can save me the trouble.

    I can give you my email address in PM, but if it's too big to sent as a single file email attachment, there are programs that can Split them into appropriate sized pieces and Join them back together. This would mean multiple emails.

    HJSplit is the one I used to use and it's Free...

    If it's needed and you have a Splitter/Joiner that you like better, please tell me which one it is and where you found it.

    Thanks in advance
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