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WCV Meet Up 12th Nov. 2011

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Oct 3, 2009
    "Chicago, mistress of the lakes,
    Controller of our inland trade,
    The freest city of our states,
    What wondrous strides thy fame has made!"
    - Charles Fredrick White "To Chicago"

    Yes, it's about that time again. Our WCV Club representatives have made it back home to this great city safely and in one piece; still nursing their hangovers from VaperCon. Now, it's time to party again! On 12th November 2011, we will be having our WCV Club monthly meet up at the Real Time Sports Bar and Grill in Elk Grove Village! The meet up starts at 2 pm and ends...whenever!

    As always, we will have our juice sampling table with over 400 different juices from vendors across the US and Canada! We will have our monthly raffle. So you have and opportunity to win some juice, kits or MODS! All noobs to vaping and vets are invited! You're all family! As always you'll have the opportunity to meet Chicago Rod, and the "mom" of our club, the ever sweet Lisa (Mastiffmom) and her husband Tom! Sgt. Taz will be there to show off his mod that he made out of a toy Millenium Falcon Lego set (the funny thing is, he might have!) And meet Kozz! Lover of Wines and he creating the MOST sleakest and elegant box mod to come out on the market! This thing is going to be sweet! Curious as to what it looks like? You'll have to come to the meet up and see the protype for yourself! Meet Marcos and Horatio! And our sweet and loveable Canadian, "Tiny" Tina! Just a ton of folks and the promise of a good time! With good food (the stuffed burgers are the best in the Chicagland area!), good drink and good company!

    Meet our local vendors! Chris from Cigtechs! Anthony from JuicyVapor! Tim and Helen from HotVapes! James and Rich from Kalamazoo Vapor Shop! Nick, Luigi and the girls from GoodEJuice! Most come to the Meetup with their wares so you can stock up before the holidays and not worry about shipping. If there's anything special that you want from their stores; let them know ahead of time and they'll bring it with them to the meetup!

    Meet the WCV Club Crew! Scott (Mr.Ecigs) from Nu-vapor will be there! One of the whipping boys, Dan (Dooz) will be there! And the one of the founders of the WCV Club; the maker of the Mantis (which got GREAT reviews at VaperCon) Ed!! The Green!!! He will be there. Danny (Crossbar) will NOT be there....he'll be in Florida at that time. Sorry to disappoint.

    So!! Before you sit down to that big Turkey dinner and watching a lot of football during the holidays, spend some time with us! At the Windy City Vaper's Club November Meet up!!!

    Addendum: Make sure you clear your calendars for the WCV Club Holiday Party!!! It will be held the Real Time Sports Bar and Grill in Elk Grove Village on 10th December, 2011. People are coming from far and wide to Party it up during the holidays with us! From local folks, to people driving from a little ways outside the Chicagoland Area, to people flying in just for this EPIC holiday party! Big Raffle! FREE FOOD!!! If you want booze, that's out of your own pocket (we're not rich!) There's a hotel literally right outside the doors of the venue and we are currently working on a group rate to save you as much money as we can during this holiday season for you. Stay tuned for further announcements on the HOLIDAY PARTY OF THE YEAR!!!!!
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