Which DIY kit should I buy?

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Oct 31, 2010
    The two kits I know of are the ones at OneStopDIYShop and DIYFlavorShack. Check them out and compare.

    And unless you are a VG vaper using a vaping method compatible with high VG, I recommend getting the nicotine in PG and if you have to choose for your plain liquid, I would pick PG then buy a separate smaller container of VG because that will let you make juices that are high PG with low VG.

    And read the guide here
    DIY e-liquid

    I know OneStop only sells flavorings safe for vaping but the lists in and linked to by that guide often marks which flavorings are not safe for vaping or are hard to work with (not water soluble). The guide also has flinks to places where you can find more flavors.
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    Aug 18, 2011
      I looked at several kits, and realized I could get all the stuff I needed less expensively ordering separately, although I can also get plastic labware free from my husband's work (don't tell anyone). Some of the stuff in the kits didn't seem necessary, like a funnel or a graduated cylinder (can't remember exactly what was in all of them).

      I got some Loranne flavors from a local cake shop to start with, so I didn't have to pay shipping for those. VG I got from a drug store. PG and nic I ordered from online. I was going to get some little bottles, but then I realized that by the time I get my nic I'll have a couple of empty 5 ml drip bottles that will be empty. I might still order some from US plastics if I find I need more.

      I guess a kit would be okay if you don't really want to think about or don't really know exactly what you need and what brands to buy.
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