Which style do you usually vape with VAPORESSO LUXE XR, MTL or DTL?


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Sep 7, 2016

    Adik Ted

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    Feb 25, 2009
      I'm using the 0.8 coil MTL. I was previously using an aspire favostix at 10 watts with 50:50 6 mg juice. I had to take a long draw on that to get a decent throat hit. With the XR I don't have to take as long a draw, but I find the vape a bit warm and the throat hit (sometimes) a bit disappointing. I've tried both air flows. I'm wondering if I should use the 1.2 coil? I wasn't impressed with the flavour on the favostix but I can't say the XR is much better in that respect. I've tried several different juices all the way up to 50 mg nic salt and nothing really impresses.
      That said, it's a beautiful piece of kit and so easy to use but, so far, I'm disappointed with the experience. I was also a bit perturbed to read a review where the reviewer stated he was getting around 10 ml of juice per coil (he seemed impressed with this ???). I go through almost 10 ml of juice a day. Surely, I don't need a new coil every day? I was getting a couple of weeks out of the aspire coils.

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