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Who Sells Bridgeless Atomisers in the EU?

Discussion in 'Atomizers and Cartridges' started by Steam Pilgrim, Nov 11, 2015.

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  1. Steam Pilgrim

    Steam Pilgrim Full Member

    Nov 10, 2015
    Who sells (Cisco) bridgeless atomisers in the Netherlands or, failing that, the EU?
  2. Chrissie

    Chrissie Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

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  3. Steam Pilgrim

    Steam Pilgrim Full Member

    Nov 10, 2015

    The only supplier of Cisco atomisers which I found in the EU was iVapour elixir in the UK. Unfortunately their stock is drying out and shipping costs to the Netherlands are absurd.

    I did come across a number of Bauway suppliers. SmokelessVlissingen in the Netherlands and Smoke Rainbow in Slovenia. The model you pointed out is a Bauway, too. Thank you.

    But while all of those are at a pretty fair price both for the atomiser and shipping and the Dutch site would have been cheapest, I got fixated on getting a Cisco and in the end I got a better deal buying them halfway around the world from the makers at in the USA, than if I bought them from iVapour elixir across the channel.

    The Smoke Rainbow site is interesting in general: they're specialised in samples. Liquids not aromas. Too bad.

    Functional URLs are removed from my posts. Probably too junior as a member. For reference:
    iVapour elixir: www
    SmokelessVlissingen: www
    Smoke Rainbow: www
  4. Chrissie

    Chrissie Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    @Steam Pilgrim , I could have sworn that when I checked iVapour elixir, the Cisco Bridgeless were showing as out of stock Glad you found a better deal :)

    Smoke Rainbow are highly rated in the UK for their samples. By "aromas" do you mean concentrates for making your own e-liquids?
  5. Steam Pilgrim

    Steam Pilgrim Full Member

    Nov 10, 2015
    @Chrissie: Indeed. They can be picked up here and there, but a sample shop with nothing but aromas/concentrates (for DIY) would have been wonderful.
  6. Steam Pilgrim

    Steam Pilgrim Full Member

    Nov 10, 2015
    Googledoesn't provide an out-of-the-box option to focus searches on the EU, but it is possible to game Google. bluequell on the Google forums assembled a search string to that effect:

    It's possible to confine search results to a single country by adding the cr= parameter to the search URL and adding a Country Collection Value as discussed in this topic:
    So searching from will return only UK results.

    Theoretically it's possible to specify more than one country by separating the Country Collection Values with the "|" (pipe) character, so specifying all 28 EU member countries should achieve what you're asking. I've tried this and it appears to work. The URL is fairly long, but you could set it as a bookmark and use it whenever you need an EU-only search. Bear in mind that results will only be returned in the language of your search terms, so searching using English search terms will only produce results from English language webpages. This won't affect any ads which might be included on the search results pages.

    I don't know whether Google will ever institute an EU search but, in the meantime, I hope this helps.

    The full URL for the EU-only search is:|countryBE|countryBG|countryHR|countryCY|countryCZ|countryDK|countryEE|countryFI|countryFR|countryDE|countryGR|countryHU|countryIE|countryIT|countryLV|countryLT|countryLU|countryMT|countryNL|countryPL|countryPT|countryRO|countrySK|countrySI|countryES|countrySE|countryUK&gws_rd=cr&ei=uEZFVq-QKMOrPtHEsegC The URL will open Google search with the country restrictions for all 28 member states of the EU setup in the search string. As bluequell said, bookmark it and open it whenever you need it, then Google as usual and you'll get EU only results.
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