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Why buy ecigs in Australia if you can't get nic with it???

Discussion in 'Australia - New Zealand Forum' started by light487, Aug 4, 2011.

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  1. light487

    light487 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 18, 2009
    Sydney, Australia
    I had this question posed to me the other day on one of my video reviews and at first glance it is clear to see why you wouldn't bother, as it is not possible to buy nicotine juice from stores in Australia. I mean, if you have to buy your nic-juice from overseas anyway, why not just save on postage and hassle by ordering the hardware to go with it at the same time.

    For me, it's not as much about supporting local business as it is about the support I can get from a local supplier that I can't get from an overseas supplier. Sure, a warranty (or guarantee) is a warranty and will be honoured by a reputable supplier regardless of where you are.. however there is all the hassle involved in getting that warranty claim processed that is compounded by mailing times and timezones.

    If I should ever have a support related requirement for any of the devices I have bought in Australia, I know that I can usually get a same-day response from the supplier and that even if they require me to first return the product before they will issue a replacement (or in the case that it is just being sent for repair), it is only going to take a couple of days each way.. rather than at least a week each way.

    For example, I had some concerns about a mod I got in January this year from a UK based supplier and he was very happy to help out. He offered to not only fix the device but add better (and more expensive) parts to it as well as throwing in an extra thing he'd be working on to cover the postage and time and hassle.. but still.. it's going to be around 3 weeks from start to finish without the device I use on a daily basis. I have backup devices sure.. but they are nowhere near as good as this one.

    Compare this with an issue I had with some DOA atties I had bought from an Australian supplier; I had the replacement atties within 1 business day from the day I reported the problem.

    Yes, they will both honour the agreement... but it is much (MUCH) less hassle if you bought the product locally and generally you don't have "service" issues with ejuice, though it is not unheard of.

    Anyway.. why do you buy locally?
  2. chrismp

    chrismp Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 28, 2010
    I'm with you mate...when I started out I ordered from China which seemed like the best option at the time. First problem was expense of shipping, or length of shipping time...I ordered a bunch of juice to try out to make it worth while but ended up not liking 90% of the dekang flavours, so was a bit of waste.

    With my first 510 kit the batteries were both faulty so had to send them back...took over a month to get replacements. Had to go back to analogs.

    Second problem was from china also, my ego charger was faulty (or both the batteries, I wasn't sure at the time) so had to send batteries + charger back...problem was I forgot to put the order number on the package so had to go through a lot of hassle to prove it was mine (even though my name was on the package)

    Although most the time you won't have any problems, faulty hardware does happen a fair bit with ecigs....and I would never order from overseas again unless I had plenty of gear to last me in case I got bad stuff.

    When I was a beginner I had lots of issues and the bigger overseas places won't help you out much in that regard. The local places are completely different and IME they really put the effort in to help you out.

    Here's a post I made the other day of some good experiences I've had with local suppliers -

    It's a shame nic juice isn't legal here...local suppliers would get way more business and we'd get things for cheaper + faster + no hassle about customs and shipping wait times. I can totally understand why people choose to get their gear from overseas and if everything works fine and you know what you're doing it's a good option.
  3. MusicBox

    MusicBox Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 21, 2010
    I like to buy local whenever I can. Unfortunately that isn't very often.
    My main purchases are:
    Nic juice
    601 atomisers
    510 HV atomisers (almost any brand other than Joye)
    Leo atomisers
    Flavours (at least 110ml at a time)

    Difficult to find most of these locally.
    The problem is that local suppliers are not prepared to stock slow moving items, which is understandable, but the problem for me is that every time I buy local I try out a few items just because I'm paying a flat rate for shipping anyway. Great for them but my junk heap gets bigger every time I order. Whereas if I order from China I can stock up on everything I need in one hit.
    (I'm currently sitting on 8 601 atties, which is about $500 a local supplier could have had a part in)
    As far as the flavours are concerned, the price of a local 10ml bottle just doesn't match that of a 100+ml bottle from the US or China.
    Regarding shipping delays or warranty problems, I have had as many problems from both.
    Still, as I said, I do try to buy local whenever I can because I live in hope that the industry here will grow large enough to fulfill my needs.
  4. light487

    light487 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 18, 2009
    Sydney, Australia do Leo's but yer... 601s are fairly rare all over.. I understand where you're coming from and for some, it's just not a reasonable option to buy locally. :D
  5. Elphaba13

    Elphaba13 Moved On ECF Veteran

    Mar 30, 2011
    I buy locally for hardware because:

    Postage is cheaper
    Delivery is quicker
    I like to support local business
    For many of my hardware requirements, my vendor is a person who runs her business on the side, but has her main job in my department, so I can just give her a call, tell her what I want, and she brings it in for me the next day and there is no wait and no postage at all!

    ETA: Some items I can't get here I'll buy when I do my juice order, so it's no extra postage. I don't DIY, so all juice comes from a supplier overseas.
  6. mechanicallighter

    mechanicallighter Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 23, 2011
    I'm with Elphaba13.

    Get most of my hardware in OZ whenever possible. They cost the same, the delivery is cheaper (hence you save a substantial amount of cash), and you support our economy (which isn't doing too badly atm either).

    With my juices, I try to buy from OZ vendors too but I buy bulk unflavored nic from GreenhouseOne. Just received my huge shipment this week. 12 x 30 ml bottles. Gonna last me a lifetime.

    - Mech
  7. Adam the Aussie

    Adam the Aussie Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 26, 2011
    I've looked at a few local sites but can't find any that stock 808 gear, it seems they mainly stock 510 stuff. I'll keep an eye out for local suppliers, but if they don't stock it I can't order it.
  8. Hackcessor

    Hackcessor Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Jun 7, 2011
    Maybe you need to actually get in touch with a local vendor and ask them the question.

    Personally I order daily from China and if I knew there was a market for 808 gear, then I would consider stocking it.

    Until I get that email or that phone call saying...hey I use this, it would be great if you could stock it and save me on postage, time and screwing around by having to get if from China/US/UK then its just not going to happen.

    You got me thinking that there might actually be one vaper in Australia using this gear now....surely there are a few more, I might even look into it.

    It doesn't take much to drop a vendor a line and ask the question and sometimes it keep us on the right track as to what to stock and the reasons for stocking it.
  9. symphynity

    symphynity Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 9, 2011
    I get my hardware locally , as I can call the guy on the phone , and discuss my needs , and get his input. I also source a lot of my zero nic juices from several of the Australian businesses , they have all provided good ,quick service and what I consider a fair price ( I am now involved with a vendor , and I know what is being charged for large commercial orders from China . )

    Nic of course I get from China ,but HC delivers within 4 days to my door here in Sydney.
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