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Sep 19, 2022
    Packaging: 10ml aroma
    Manufacturer: Croatia
    Setup: Single DL RTA, 27W, 70VG-30PG, 10% mixing ratio
    The manufacturer promises an apricot-filled donut flavor after 3-7 days of ripening. My mouth is already drooling, I hope I won't be disappointed. I used to sniff a lot of Capella's apricots, which turned out to be quite good. Well, here is also a small doughnut, which can round out a delicious dessert taste. It smells like apricot, you can't smell the donut, but you can guess that it will taste sweet. I thought well, it has a good amount of sweetness in it, which didn't cause me a problem. It's not the gejl, almost sticky sugary taste that makes the aroma unbearable. The apricot is part of the peach, as if it were apricot jam. Apricot dominates on the inside, which fades away on the outside, and then the donut appears in the form of powdered sugar. As I steam the jam in the room while walking in and out, you can smell the real powdered sugar doughnut. It's not a very strong aroma, but you can feel what you're vaping from the tank from afar. KTS put it there with a shovel, that's for sure. Overall, we get a sweet dessert flavor that excites our taste buds with a very tasty fruit and a powdered sugar doughnut. which makes not only us, but also those around us feverish.


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