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WISMEC RX2 21700. "We grow, but is the horse a horse?"

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by Vape Path, Jan 24, 2018.

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  1. Vape Path

    Vape Path Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 24, 2017
    Russia, Moscow
    The upgraded version of RX series came to me, friends. WISMEX RX2 21700 is the guest of my today review.
    The work of 2 types of batteries, design, compact sizes, as its elder brother has – here is its` business card.


    WISMEC RX2 21700 came to me in a light box with black embossing. On the face you can find the company`s logo, kit image and its name. On the back we see a set info, contact details, the name of kit, company`s logo, barcode, scratch code, color info, warnings and certificates.

    The set will be ideal, if manufacturer put RBA base into box, but two 21700 batteries compensates it, I think.

    WISMEC RX2 21700 Kit set:
    1 * WISMEC RX2 21700 box mod;
    1 * WISMEC GNOM atomizer;
    1 * Replacement coil head WM02 Dual (0,15 Оhm);
    1 * Replacement coil head WM01 Triple (0,4 Оhm, pre-build);
    1 * USB cable;
    1 * Extra glass tube;
    2 * Adapter to 18650;
    1 * 810 delrin drip tip;
    2 * Warning card;
    1 * Coils info card;
    1 * Atomizer user manual;
    1 * Box mod user manual​
    WISMEC RX2 21700 box mod lays in hand with comfort and is pretty weighty. There is a concrete backlash on the top between batteries cover and the body of device and when you push «Fire». This moment annoys… Coating of parts is qualitative, but there is a moment about top platform. There is no levitation of atomizers, and so, it can be scratched by them in future.

    WISMEC RX2 21700 parameters:
    Sizes: 81,5 mm * 45 mm * 36 mm;
    Color: Black, purple, green, white​

    On the face side of box mod there is a big 1,3 inch display, micro USB port, little navigation swing and big «Fire» button. As for the last one, there is a backlash between it and the body, which will grab dirt and dust. This is a critical moment, `cause later because of this it will has misfires. My opinion is, that it would be better, if WISMEC Co, have made it flush to box mod body.

    Display is big with noticeable pixilation, but without spottiness of elements. The menu looks like honeycombs.


    On the sides there are some decorative cuts, which`re made not through as in GEN3 box mod. But if you light inside, you`ll see really little bands, which lead to entrails. Because of this device`ll grab dirt as its top platform too. It`s a minus, guys!

    On the top you can find a spring-loaded 510 connector, which allows set atomizers up to 25 mm. Also, there is the barely noticeable name of device. If you want to set atomizers with 26, 27, etc. diameter – you`ll have an overhang under the «Fire» button.

    At the bottom there is a little latch, which fixes the battery cover. It`s tough for to push and works good like a gun collar.
    Compare RX2 21700 with 20700 version, the cover works better, and there is no need to strike them down, when open it.

    The package includes special adapters for 18650 batteries, which is very convenient.

    For to turn the box mod on/off you need to push «Fire» button for 5 times.
    Then we`re transferred to a main screen, where can find such indices as wattage, temperature, mode name, current, voltage, puff counter/time and battery indicator.

    For to lock/unlock buttons you need to push control swing for some seconds and then see the system message about successful operation.

    Stealth mode: push the «Fire» button and lef side of the swing for some seconds.

    To rotate the display – please, push the control swing for some seconds while the device is turned off. But I really don`t know for whom it was made – this is really inconvenient.

    For to switch between modes you need to push «Fire» for 3 times and see that the mode name will begin blink. Then with the help of control swing we can choose the concrete mode and activate it by «Fire» button.

    The «fine» tuning of TC and TCR modes is simple too. If you want to change «M» coefficient or the wire type you need firstly to enter the changing modes branch, then push the right side of control swing and find the needed one. Then with the push of left side of the swing we choose between SS, Ni, Ti or M1, M2, M2.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    For to change «М» coefficient value you need to turn the device off and then hold on the control swing sides simultaneously. You`ll see the menu, where you`ll set your own figures for TCR coefficients.


    For to change the temperature from °С to °F and via versa – continue to press the right side of control swing and after maximum value it will be.

    If you want to change puffs counter to puffs time or to current, you need to enter the mode change menu and then, pushing the left side of control swing reach the bottom honeycomb and by the right side of swing find the needed index. The analogical work must be done, if you want to lock/unlocj resistance in the right honeycomb.
  2. Vape Path

    Vape Path Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 24, 2017
    Russia, Moscow

    For to set preheat and the wattage – you need to push the «Fire» button and the right side of the swing and after that you`ll see a special menu, where can change them.


    Of course, the system has some messages about mistakes and shows them on the screen. You can find their row in user manual, and I want to show you the most famous one ;)


    WISMEC RX2 21700 specifications:
    Wattage: 1-230 W;
    Charging current: 2A;
    Maximum voltage: 50A;
    Voltage: 0.5-9V
    Connector: Of 510 type, spring-loaded;
    Battery: Two high-rated 18650 (with adapter) or 21700;
    Modes: VW, TC (Ni,Ti,SS), TCR (M1,M2,M3);
    Resistance: 0.05-1.5 Оhm (TC);
    0.1-3.5 Оhm (VW);
    Temperature range: 100-315℃/200-600℉(TC modes)​

    Complete WISMEC GNOM atomizer has already been used in a chain with other device. It`s not really new, but I suggest you its detailed review, because its beauty, design and parameters.
    I have no any critical comments about its quality and assembly: it`s of a high quality from pin to drip tip. In my case it has 2 ml capacity, but there is other version with 4 ml on board. They`re different to each other for a special insert in top cap, which reduce capacity level.


    WISMEC GNOM parameters:
    Height with pin and drip tip: 44 mm;
    Diameter: 24 mm;
    Capacity: 2 ml/4 ml;
    Color: Black​

    WISMEC GNOM consists of 5 parts: of base, replacement coil heads, glass tube, top cap with filling hole and drip tip.

    The base is made for replacement coil heads, which fix with the help ot thread inside. There are 2 bottom airflow holes, which controls with a special ring. Also, you can find the control stopper.
    If you break the pre-built glass tube – there is another one in the box, so, don`t worry.


    WISMEC GNOM works with WM01, WM02, WM03 and WM RBA coil heads. They are different to each other in the way of number of coils and wattage. WM02 and WM3 are in set, and RBA and WM01 can be bought separately. As for flavor, these coils produces it well, I can point «4-» balls to them. And vapor is huge and will suite almost all cloud lovers.

    The next part is slider top cap, which is monolithic to a shaft built inside and a filling hole. It`s really convenient for to use and as the landmark for you – top cap moves from the point, where you`ll see JayBo sign to opposite side.


    And the last part is 810 drip tip of Ultem. It fixes with the help of some notches, which are based on perimeter of its bottom and with hidden o-ring. There are no backlashes, and if you`ll be bored with it – change it to another one Delrin from the box.


    WISMEC GNOM specifications:
    Base: For replacement coil heads and RBA base;
    Airflow: Bottom;
    Filling: Top;
    Drip tip: 810 (Ultem or Delrin);
    Thread: Of 510 type, with swimming pin​

    •Can be used with 18650 or 21700;
    •Bottom airflow;
    •Top filling;

    •8000mAh autonomy;
    •Big display;

    •Too many cavities in box mod design;
    •Battery case cover backlash;
    •Covering of the top area of box mod;
    •Pixelation of display;
    •Not convenient menu navigation

    WISMEC RX2 21700 Kit has left an ambiguous impression as its elder brother – RX2 20700. From the one side if attracts with its sizes, autonomy, possibility of use with 2 battery types and with RBA base.
    From the other side some cons make me upset and don`t allow to close eyes on them. I don`t think, that box mod is total failure, and that atomizer is no good, but that company need to think more carefully about details, while producing new products – this is a fact, and WISMEC need to do better and produce devices different in design.
    The absolute advantage is the price! You can buy a kit version for 56$ and box mod separately can be bought only for 33$. Well, this means, that WISMEC RX2 21700 Kit can achieve the status of the people's. I can name it «On the go», when you really don`t really care about scratches and cleanliness. Kit deserves its honest «4» balls.​

    You can buy WUSMEC RX2 21700 kit here.
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