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Wonder Flavors (WF) Single Flavor Tests by SessionDrummer

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  • Jan 22, 2011
      Thanks out to the OP @Boogenshizzle for starting this thread. 25 flavors just arrived, so haven't decided on percentages yet. Will be doing in batches for testing.

      Place holding .....


      **S'mores Cupcake (SC) (WF) 3% (5-7-19)** -- After smelling this in the bottle, I KNEW I was not going to be able to let this steep. Too much of a S'mores junkie. I have tried almost every one-shot-ish S'mores flavor out there, and many/most just never came close to what you could mix on your own. This one however, was pretty damned good. Surprisingly clear for a S'mores with chocolate, and did NOT gunk the coils. It tasted good enough to compel me to mix up a 120ml on the spot. Very evenly mixed, with the chocolate and a cake-ish element on the top, with graham lower in the mix, with a nice somewhat sweet mouthfeel element of marshmallow. The cake element might be what pushed it over the top for me. No steep, fresh mixed, was excellent. Choco was not bitter, or dry, nor overpowering. It was a mid dark choco that had some malty notes similar to FLV Marshmallow. The cake element MIGHT be WF's white cake, but haven't tried that yet. Regardless is sat right in the middle of the mix and worked perfectly. The graham is lower in the mix but still present, and might be overshadowed by the cake, but it's hard to tell. After going through numerous tanks, was surprised how clean the coils stayed, and although it has some sweetness, it was by no means too sweet. Without a doubt the BEST single flavor S'mores I have tried, bar none. I will continue to work on the 120ml bottle of this little gem as I test the other flavors, but as tested, freshly mixed, I cannot go lower than **10/10**.

      **Black Cherry Jellybean (SC) (WF) 3% (5-07-19)** -- I can see why many people like this one, as the Black Cherry is quite good. A little sweet, maybe a smidge of tart, but not much. No medicine, perfume or otherwise offputting notes, but, it was rather subdued. I don't know how you make a jelly bean taste, but in this case, it was candied. Throughout the tester, I kept wishing the candy was lower, and the black cherry was higher in the mix. Overall, even as a lighter flavor, can leave it at **7.5/10**.

      **Blueberry Jam (WF) 3.0% (01-20-19)** -- After hearing some good reviews of this one, decided to try it. Well, right out of the gate, this one WAS good. As far as blueberries go, I love quite a few, but only if they didn't have too much "musk" to them (earthy kind of undertones). This one barely had any, so that was a big PLUS right there. Now, at 3% it was quite full and rich (for a fruit), and it appeared to be a mix of blueberry, maybe bilberry, with possibly a smidge of blackberry, as it was a "darker" flavor. Nicely sweet, and to me, the mix of the three berries, DID present some jammy elements. I think @Silhouette mentioned this in her notes, but there is something ELSE in here that's giving it body. When smelling it in the bottle, I felt like it was a blueberry muffin, vaping it did NOT present any muffin, but there's something in there, maybe a bakery element, far lower in the mix, that keeps it interesting, but just below the surface. I could actually see ADV'ing on this, simply solo, even at 3% with nothing added. With that high praise, I feel good leaving this at **9.7/10**, with only minor take-offs for not being a "pure" blueberry.

      **Boysenberry Raspberry (WF) 3.5% (8-21-19)** -- You've gotta love it when you put off doing SF tests, start baaaaack up again, and the first one out of the gate (2nd series) is a winner. OK, BoysenRasp, what gives ? I've had a hard time with many (despite INW Rasp being my most used, but MF Wild Rasp being my favorite) where most are either non-existant, perfumey/soapy, or just really strong/artificial. This one was NONE of the above. VERY nicely done blend of boysn and rasp, with an almost perfect amount of sour punch to get your interest, just barely enough sweet to keep you interested, and just a great darker-ish berry pairing. Neither steals the show, but both are present. Sometimes you get that FIRST thought when testing, and mine on this flavor was, "Wow, really good, AND, they didn't make it too sweet". Nothing off-putting, overly artificial, just a really good pairing (I'm repeating). Good enough for a 2nd tank for me, and you COULD run this one solo, as I feel it's that good. Leaned towards the darker side which I prefer, and despite repeated tanks/vapes, could never which one was leading the other. I hate to compare it, but it is similar to FA Forrest Fruit. NOT the same, but that puts you in the ballpark. **9.9/10**.

      **Butterscotch Cream Pie (WF) 3.5% (8-24-19)** -- This one required a 2nd tankful to try and figure it out. Overall, it does what it says, with clear Butterscotch over and undertones, some creaminess, and some crust. The BS reminded me more of CAP v2. but still good in this mix. The tripple pairing was even, with sweeteness right in the midde. As is the case with many cream/pie/crust flavors it could use some boosting to top it off, but as it stands, not too bad. Would surely be a nice base for a BCP with minor tweaking to turn it up. At the end of the 2nd tester tank, felt good @ **7.5/10**.

      **Chocolate Cookie Pie Crust (WF) 3.5% (8-24-19)** -- What IS this one ?? When mixing up series 2, I thought I almost got a nutty tobacco off of this one when smelling it. Hmmmm. I was expecting an Oreo cookie like flavor, but this was not. It wasn't bad per se, but I got an overwhelming nutty-ness to it, with possible, subtle choco undertones. The choco was low, and if present, barely perceivable. I could see this one simply as a bakery mixer, but not much more. Almost a nutty, bakery, creamy, sweetish blend(er). No cookies and cream here. Per the name, would have to leave it @ **4.5/10**.

      **Cinnamon Pastry (WF) 3.5% (8-24-19)** -- I think WF chose this namely wisely, as upon first vaping, I felt something was missing. This is NOT a cinnamon ROLL, but pastry. The cinnamon was on point, but something felt off with the pastry-ish finish. It was hard for me to really get into this one as I favor a more buttery, roll-ey finish. This was even, sweet, but almost had a slight sour-ness to the finish. The cinna ? The pastry ? Not sure. Maybe a combo of both. Overall it was even, but the lacking roll, and buttery-ness left me wanting, and that left the somewhat off-ish / sour-ish finish remaining on deck after every vape. Not one of my favorites, so leaving it @ **4/10**.

      **Coconut Custard (SC) (WF) 3.5% (8-24-19)** -- I love custards, and I love coconut, so what could go wrong, right ? Well first off, this had a deliciously light custard note which leaned more towards FA Custard, than CAP VC, which was great. The coconut was right up there with it, BUT, there was a strange astringent aftertaste note that I couldn't shake. It wasn't off-putting, BUT your mileage is going to vary, you're going to love it, or hate it. I think it was coming from the coconut, and it was almost like an overly dry coconut flakey-ness note. I can't decide if I like it or not. Leaning towards not. It had NONE of the (IMO) greasiness of TPA's Coconut Extra, which was a huge plus. With the coconut aftertaste note being the only thing that left me guessing, could leave this at a **7/10** easily.

      **Cream Filling (WF) 3.5% (8-24-19)** -- Wow, not only did this one smell great on mixing, but just as good vaping it. Not overly complex, and somewhat sweet, was a nice vanilla cream mix. Continued vaping proved exactly more of the same. Although it is not an SC, it was somewhat light at my 3.5% testing rate. Not bad, not bad at all. Hard to explain fully, but not a white vanilla cream, def. a yellow vanilla cream, but no real custard notes, maybe a hint of pudding notes, but only a hint. This one makes me want to double it @ 7% and see what happens. At the 3.5% test rate, even being laid back, it did what it did well. **8.5/10**.

      **Cream Puff (WF) 3% (5-07-19)** -- Who doesn't love pastry puffs ?? I'm a huge fan, couldn't wait to try this. Out of the gate, this one tasted great. Not much puff (if any), but the filling however, WAS on point. Although most food recipes use heavy cream, egg yolks, and vanilla, it's not a custard per se, and this flavor captured the filling nicely. Somewhat sweet, lighter, and vanilla elements, but NOT a custard. No off putting notes, but just couldn't find the puff part of it. Fairly rich, but not heavy or buttery, and it is a lighter flavor. If you're in need for a lighter, non-custard, vanilla-y creamy flavor, this WILL work for you. As far as scoring it, because I did not really get any of the bakery puff, have to subtract a few, but for the filling, it would have been a 9/10. Leaving this squarely at a **7/10**.

      **Creme Brulee Cookies (WF) 3.5% (8-25-19)** -- After vaping this one, I got the same afternote / astringent note that I got from the Coconut Custard, so I'm thinking now, it is from WF's custard, not the Coconut. But, with that said, I wasn't getting much burnt / caramelized sugar from this, but more of a custard. Not a terrible custard, and it reminded me a bit of INW Custard, BUT, it had that same damn off-putting aftertaste as mentioned above. Wasn't getting much cookie despite looking for it. This seemed more of an egg-ish type custard, with an astringent aftertaste. For me the aftertaste kind of blew it for me, BUT, your mileage will vary depending on your tastes, especially in regards to custards. For MY tastes, I couldn't get paste the aftertaste, so will leave it @ **4/10**.

      **Fluffy White Cake (SC) (WF) 3% (5-07-19)** -- 2nd one outta the gate, and having never vaped a "white cake", had NO clue what would reveal itself. First absolute impression was, "Wow, this is great, almost exactly like FW Yellow Cake / JF Yellow Cake, but without the yellow". 10 ml later, about the same overwhelming impression. At 3%, is was nicely sweet, but not overbearing, and it actually perfectly conveyed a lighter, white, somewhat vanilla cake. It was nicely full at this percentage, with nothing off putting, Was it vanilla-y ? Somewhat, but wouldn't call it a Vanilla Cake, but had some elements of that. Not any "batter", but just an honest lighter white cake. Hard to expand on the obvious, but they actually did a good job here. It is a lighter flavor (still plenty rich and full at 3%), but could be overpowered by heavier handed flavors. If you like the yellow cakes, then this one should def. be added to your arsenal. In closing, didn't get the heavier / butterier notes, and/or cream notes, but for a lighter "fluffy" cake, you don't need them. Fairly perfect, and a solid **9.5/10**.

      **Hazelnut and Cream (WF) 3.5% (8-25-19)** -- Although I've never been a HUGE fan of Hazelnut, I learned by watching many use FW Hazelnut. This one was pretty damned great, in a word, out of the gate. Not sure exactly how to describe a Hazel, but it had all the right top and bottom notes, and perfectly creamed and sweetened. Nothing off putting, I could see this one being used VERY frequently. Honestly, pretty damned good as a solo. Could this replace FW's Hazel ?? Hmmmmm, not sure yet, but this one IS one of the standouts in series 2 testing. Continued vaping, is leading to more ............... continued vaping of this one. **10/10**.

      **Lemon Squares (WF) 3.5% (8-25-19)** -- Once you've tested a load of flavors from a manufacturer you run across a common flavor they re-use. This one had it (again), for the base or squares part of the mix. Not terrible, I've tasted it before, kind of a sweetish bakery element. Not a pastry, just a generic bakery-ish flavor. The lemon was present, but not very. We all know lemons fade, and also what it's like to have too MUCH lemon, which this def. does not. It comes across as a faintly lemonish bakery, but that's about it. I wasn't expecting FE or MF lemon, but more than what was present, and the deal breaker for me was the generic bakery element, which to me did not portray "squares". Leaving this @ **3/10**.

      **Marshmallow Candy (WF) 3.5% (8-25-19)** -- This one actually DID taste a lot like small candy marshmallows like the kind in some cereals. It was mostly vanilla, and a little drier than you would expect from a MM, and somewhat sweet. It was seemingly relaxed (weaker) at this percentage, unsure if higher mix rates would help to strengthen/thicken it or not. Some mouthfeel, but this is not like a full on MM like FA MM, but it doesn't claim to be. I could def. see using this to boost/make a MM cereal type recipe. The bonus is it's not flavored other than vanilla so you could bend it depending on your need. Unsure if this would tame sharper flavors or not. As it is named, this one although weaker, is accurate. **9/10**.

      **Marshmallow Gooey (WF) 3.5% (8-25-19)** -- Back to back comparison with the "candy" version revealed this to be a more traditional MM. Fuller, with more mouthfeel than the previous, although not up to where FA MM is at. Smooth, sweet, and mallow with perhaps a hint of something, wintergreen maybe ? Not sure. As far as WF's namings I would have just called this MM, with the previous being mini's. Sits pretty good, heading towards FA MM, just not quite there yet. **8/10**.

      **Oats and Cream Cookie (SC) (WF) 3.5% (8-27-19)** -- Choo Choo, the Oat Train is leaving the station !!! Alright, I know, what the hell.... This is a GREAT flavor @ 3.5%. It may be one of the CLOSEST Oat flavors I have tried, and I've had some bad ones. It's not 100%, but man is it up there, close, and a great vape, even as a solo. I have NO clue how in the hell you would try to sim oats, but WF has it pretty close. To cut to the chase, it is oaty, and creamy. Done. It is a very full creamy mix @ this % with enough sweeteness to not be overbearing. To be honest, having such BAD luck with any/all oats up until this one, beyond the obvious like Brown Sugar, I'm not sure what you would pair to boost this, but as it stands you might not have to. It has a very few subtle overtones when smelling it vs. vaping, but it translates very well. Nothing off-putting, just a very somewhat sweet, creamy oaty mix. I find it hard to really explain oatmeal in general, so we'll cut it short, and give this one **9.5/10**.

      **Peach Gummy Candy (SC) (WF) 3.5% (8-26-19)** -- Peach and I have a love affair, so if anyone's going to hit the Peach, it's me. My current go to is TPA Juicy Peach for reference. Out of the gate, this one screamed WINNER. At 3.5% it was really damned good, full, and tasty. When I read "gummy candy" I cringed as I've had some sub-par GC's prior to this test. The peach was very juicy and fresh tasting, and (dare I say) fuller than Juicy Peach. Now although I didn't get a "gummy" per se, I did get a somewhat jammy-ness, maybe even a hint of Pear in there. At first I thought similar to JF's Honey Peach, but that was heavy on the honeydew, where as this had none, but if you've tried that, and remember the pairing, this is similar, but maybe two peaches, and some pear tossed in. No spices, just the way I like it, it's not a pie filling, but sure could be used as one. CAP's yellow peach comes to mind, but this is superior IMO. If you want a super gummy, this may not be for you, but if you want a good jammy peach with a hint o pear, you WILL want to get this one. Continued vaping on this one tells me you COULD solo this one. Maybe push it a % up for a super solo maybe. Now I would have called it Jammy Peach, so I gotta knock off a point for not much gummy, but it's just too damned good to mark it down. 10/10 as a Jammy Peach, **9/10** as a Gummy Peach.

      **Peach Pie and Cream (WF) 3% (5-07-19)** -- Whew, what happened to this one ?? !!! Smelled ok out of the bottle, but after a short steep and vaping it, it turned into a somewhat sweet, maybe creamy-ish, with little to no crust hodge podge. Funny thing was, repeated vaping, proved hard to find a peach. Had an off putting note, but hard to nail down. I think this one smelled better in the bottle than it vaped. **1.5/10**.

      **Pistachio Cream (SC) (WF) 3.5% (8-28-19)** -- OK my old nemesis, let's see what you've got. Having eaten pounds of P's, but never having had great luck vaping it/them, was afraid to go back down this road again. I'm one of the few that for some reason Pistachio never translates well. In the bottle I was def. getting some kind of nutty (duh), and almost an AP offset ?? Vaping it, immediately hit me with a, "This tastes like Old Bay Seasoning" ?? !! OK, not exactly full ON Old Bay, but I kept getting that during the vape. Def. creamy, slightly sweet, plenty of nutty, but the AP/ Old Bay persisted. You're going to have to vape this and report back, as this could just be an odd one for me. Nicely balanced, and although some Pistachio was IN the cards, it wasn't ALL of the cards in this deck. Not a terrible vape, but I've had more on point Pistachios before (even if I didn't care for them). A little heavy on the AP and/or Old Bay (yes, that's what I get from it) for my tastes. Hard to guage this one, as it could be personal tastes, but will leave it at a **6/10** with a question mark beside it. You try, and report back.

      **Pixie Stick Candy (SC) (WF) 3% (5-07-19)** -- This one smelled about as perfect as it could out of the bottle, and testing it, proved more of the same. A perfect pixie is about what you get with this one. Candy, sweet, tart, sour all in there, and nicely blended. Not overly sweet, just right in the middle. There are plenty of non-descript fruits in there which are hard to nail down, BUT, I did continue to get a grape pushing through, so at least that was identifiable. The grape was light enough, and the other non-descript enough that you could easily push and pull this one to your liking with different flavors. As a pixie stick, this was pretty spot on. If you want a pixie, this will do it for you, and you could easily push it into whatever flavor profile you want, easily. **9/10**.

      **Puff Cereal Cocoa (WF) 3.5% (8-28-19)** -- Cuckoo for Coco Puffs ?? I'm not sure if this is what they were going for or not, but this one, ain't bad. Chocos are one of the harder flavors to get right in a vape, and Cocoa's are as well. For me the main note in this one was Cocoa, and a very good one at that. Nice and somewhat thick even at this %. It didn't taste like JUST cocoa, because there was some nice body to it. I didn't get any real "cereal" per se, but Cocoa Puffs were not a "grainy" cereal, so not having that suprisingly doesn't take away from it. No real graininess, but more of a nice, full medium dark cocoa that was very nicely sweetened. Nowhere too sweet, just sweet enough. Not sure how you would boost the "puff" part offhand, but maybe boosting it a bit might help. Will dose 2 tankfuls on this one to check for coil gunking, but the flavor is pretty damned clear, so THAT is quite interesting. There are a few elements in here swirling around that give it a fullness and body that I cannot identify, and the cocoa did not have any close taste-a-likes I could think of. Not bitter, dry, or artificial at all. How to grade this one, with the somewhat lacking "puffs". Pretty darned good cocoa so it's hard to push it down too far. For a great cocoa that's clear, with some nice body this one does it nicely. **8/10**.

      **Puff Cereal Frosted (WF) 3.5% (8-30=19)** -- Having tested the Puff Cereal Cocoa first and not getting loads of Puff, I can def. get it in this flavor. Smelling it, it is quite close, vaping it, is about 80% translated, so it smells a slight bit more than vaping it. Regardless, somewhat grainy, and not overloaded with AP has hints of maybe rice and corn, but both subtle. Somewhat sweet, and nicely full. It's actually a nice base for a Puff. I can see why it was overshadowed by the Cocoa in the previous test. Wouldn't call it a solo as it's not interesting enough, but it does what it says. **8.5/10**.

      **Sour Blue Raspberry (WF) 3.5% (9-01-19)** -- The first of the FINAL three for series two is on deck. This one HIT me as SOON as I tried it, and I loved it. You could def. solo this one, it was that good, but you might kick it up .5-1.0 percent. Seems there are more than a few Sour Blue Razz's out there, and this one is near the top. Not overly sour, but it's in there, sweetness was good but not overboard, and the blue rasp was front and center, as you would expect. Not overly complex, but as a sweet/sour blue rasp it didn't need to be. All three elements played in nice harmony, and I found it a nice break from my typical custard/bakeries. No need to blather on, as this WILL be re-ordered in a biggie. **9.5/10**.

      **Sour Gummy Candy (SC) (WF) 3.5% (9-02-19)** -- Testing this directly after the Sour Blue Raspberry I couldn't help but wonder if some of this was in it. I believe it is the base the the aforementioned. This however did not have any raspberry or any clear fruit accents per the name. It was a nice sweet/sour/tart mix that was very even keeled. I have trouble picking up "gummy" notes in general and didn't get many from this, but even with that, this could def. be used as a sweet/sour/tart base mixer for sure. Not harsh, despite the sour smelling stronger (in the bottle) than when vaping it. If I had to pick the most forward element it would be the sour/tart. Overall this will be used quite often in anything requiring a Sweet Sour Tart-ness. **8/10**.

      **White Chocolate Milky Cream (WF) 3.5% (9-019)** -- LAST one on deck. Having not tried very many WC's but hearing rumors of chalky-ness literally had no clue what was in store with this one. Upon FRESH mixing, thought, "Ahhahhh I know what they put in their Smores Cupcakes ....". After this steeped however, that appeared NOT to be the case. None the less, this was a very nice, semi-rich, semi-sweet WC. Not sure it it was DIK free or not, but assuming it was, might have led to the not quite as rich as some would like aspect. No chalky-ness, bitterness or anything off-putting. At times I would get an almost slight sour note on the exhale, perhaps the sweetener maybe ?? Not sure, but it came and went. Would this fill your WC mixing needs ?? Sure. You could easily fatten it up a bit to richen it up if needed. For accuracy it sits cleanly at a 9.25/10, but for overall SF vaping, leaving it at **8.75/10**.

      Second Batch (Mixing 7-20-20) ....................

      **Aged Bourbon Cream (WF) 3.5% (7-24-20)** -- 1st one, in the 2nd batch. Having tried a few Bourbon Creams, I do know that vaping liquors typically isn't my preferred vape, but maybe they ARE yours. Out of the gate, the Bourbon element was very good and forward, with a creamy backend. It was harder to pick out the cream as the bourbon was front, and center stage, but you got the most of it, on the finish. Lower on the sweetness scale, and it presented at close to 60% bourbon 40% cream. Wonder Flavors lists this as a SC (Super Concentrate), but in no way felt too high at 3.5%. Nothing off-putting, or out of place, and was nicely strong at this rate. Your tastes may vary depending on your vaping liquor thresholds, but I would have liked 20% more cream, to balance it out for my tastes, BUT, that's my take on it. It is what it claims, and does it pretty well. All in, leaving this one at **7/10**.

      **Apple Gummy Candy (SC) (WF) 3.5% (7-24-20)** -- An apple a day, ............... Not being a huge apple vaper, I'm always curious as to the next apple flavor, just to see if it can really WIN me over. This one presented as an almost perfect halving between a green apple, and a gummy candy, literally 50/50. Now, I found myself wanting MORE of the Apple, and continued vaping didn't really increase it to my tastes. Because the apple was roughly even with the gummy candy profile, it was harder to pick out exactly what type, i.e. Green, Red, medley, etc., but with the slight tarty punch I was getting, I'll go with a Green Apple. The gummy candy portion was actually quite good, and was convincing. Sweetness was about mid level, and there were distinct tarty notes in there that helped round it out, after the gummy candy mid section. Continuing through the tank I became convinced if you really wanted to showcase this as an Apple, you will have to bolster it with another apple or two. At 3.5%, is appeared somewhat laid back, but not dis-jointed. No real take-offs, but for the lower than expected apple notes. Good vape, but needs some help to make it pop. Continued vaping revealed a little more bright notes on the finish, which added to the sour aspect of it. Taking off for the reduced apple only at **6.5/10**.

      **Bread (Banana Nut) (SC) (WF) 3.5% (7-24-20)** -- This one turned out to be somewhat hard to quantify. Smelling it in the tank, smelled pretty on target, but vaping it lessened the overall effect. The banana while good, was much more present when smelling, than vaping. The nut and bread were fairly jumbled in the vape, with some discernible bakery element(s) but did not overly present as bread, or nut. It actually pulled pretty good as a creamy banana with some bakery. Didn't pick up any spices, or off-notes, and was very present at this testing weight. This one just seemed to loose somewhat in translation when vaping. Not terrible, not stellar, but overall good. If it vaped like it smelled, it would have been a 9.75/10, but as vaped, will leave at **6.25/10**.

      **Bread (Butter Toast) (SC) (WF) 3.5% (7-26-20)** -- This one SCARED me on the mix, as I believe it looked purple in the bottle !!!! Check my bottle shot 6th from the left. With that said, my current fav for toasted bread (with jam) is hands down [Solub Arome's Breakfast, and this one DID have some very similar toasted elements to it, albeit much lower in the mix. Assuming dik free here, it didn't have the rich buttery goodness that only diks can deliver, but there were some elements of butter here. Sweetness was a smidge above expected, so it would be more of a toasted sweet bread with butter. At this percentage it wasn't overly heavy, and I wonder how easily it would be overrun by a jam flavor. If not for the small tester, I would have tossed in a jam to see how it fare. For me the overall takeaway was a semi sweet toasted bread with a hint of butter. Nothing off putting, and the toasted notes were low enough as to not overrun the mix. **7.1/10**.

      **Bread (Sweet) (SC) (WF) 3.5% (8-02-20)** -- After having already tried Wonder Flavors Bread (Butter Toast), I wondered if the same bread would be present here, and it looks like it is. Now, that actually a good thing, as the "bread" can now be better analyzed. Def. a sweet bread, which may limit it's use to some degree. It presented as a brown bread to me, with actually almost a bit of the crust in it, which floated in and out of perception during the vape. No butter, no toast, so true to it's name. It was very good at this weight, with nothing pushing it off track. Not a whole wheat, but def. a somewhat dark, brown bread, without any yeast that could be perceived. All in, the sweetness at mid level may be it's only limiting factor, and it was a good sweet, darker bread flavor. **9.1/10**.

      **Buttermilk (SC) (WF) 3.5% (7-31-20)** -- What an interesting one this one was. Smelling it in the bottle, I was immediately picking up the BA, and it smelled identical to TPA's Sweet Cream. Now for some of you, that may be the end of the review, but let's carry on anyway. Vaping this, shockingly the BA almost died off, and was almost not present at all. Shocking, right ? The difference between smelling, and vaping this one was quite interesting. There were still some slight BA notes, with a mid level sweetness, and above average mouthfeel. The overall effect was creamy/dairy but was somewhat relaxed, and not as forward as expected when smelling it. I don't know if this could become my go to dairy, but I can see a lot of uses for it. Continued vaping didn't reveal any overt milky-ness, like TPA Dairy/Milk or OOO Cream (Milky Undertones), but again, the overall takeaway was that of a more relaxed dairy. Because of the somewhat recessed dairy, feels good at **6.75/10**.

      **Citrus Drink (Five Fruits) (SC) (WF) 3.5% (7-26-20)** -- I don't know why, but I went into this one thinking, "Ok, punch right ?". Well, it did say citrus drink lol. As far as citrus goes, it has it in SPADES. They claim 5 fruits, and I could make out lemon, lime, and maybe grapefruit, and some orange. It's actually well crafted where none really stood out, but the citrus punch that it packed could not be ignored. A little less than mid sweetness, and as was the case with other WF citrus flavors, this one did leave a slight lingering citrus oil (peel) on the finish, which helped finish it off. If you want a nice citrus blend with no real standouts, this one WILL work for you. Mid sweet, with just enough tart it was well thought out, and executed. No real takeoffs, nothing off putting, a really good medley **9.5/10**.

      **Citrus Gummy Slices (SC) (WF) 3.5% (7-25-20)** -- Citrus and Gummy, who'd-a-thunk it. Well, they nailed it for what it's worth. Citrus didn't present as an overly complex mix, with a simple lemon/lime with a splash of orange mix that you could ALMOST taste the citrus oil on the exhale, but just barely. The gummy slid into the rear of the vape, and was somewhat overshadowed by the citrus notes, but still present. 3.5% proved to leave this one just strong enough without being overbearing, and with a mid level sweetness, it played nicely. Nothing complex here, but it is, what it claims to be. **7.5/10**.

      **Corn Powder(SC) (WF) 1.75% (8-02-20)** -- OK, this is the SECOND flavor from the 2nd batch that I decided to half to 1.75% from the original 3.5%. At the higher 3.5%, I wasn't getting any corn or powder, so re-testing halved. At this lower rate, sadly I was still not getting any corn or powder. It really didn't change much for me after halving, perhaps lower intensity. At the minimum you would expect a powder to be drier, but it wasn't really. I tried, and tried to extract some corn from this, but it didn't show up for the party. No AP, no fritos, but still no corn. This was very hard to quantify, much like the egg yolk, as it evaded detection, and description. Lightly sweet, almost like a bland pudding, but even that is unsure. If you want a mystery vape, this one can do it for you. As for a corn powder, sadly, it's just not here. **3/10**.

      **Crumble Topping (SC) (WF) 3.5% (7-25-20)** -- Liquid Crack Alert !!!!! That was the Lede for this flavor, hehe. OK, I think it's safe to say this one IS in my wheelhouse. I knew I was going to love this one upon mixing it, but you never know. This seemed to effortlessly portray EXACTLY what it was named. No commonplace bakery with some butter thrown in, in this one, but an actual crumble type flavor, that tastes like, CRUMBLE !!!! Repeated vaping, just didn't allow me to pick out any individual aspects despite trying very hard to do so. Suffice it to say, I can see a LOT of uses for this one, most probably in the bakery arena, but others as well. VERY true to name, with a mid sweet, almost buttery finish, but the butter element is NOT the main star here. No discernible AP or Biscuits per se, but a very smartly crafted (I know, repeating) crumble, that if you smell in the tank you would swear it was real. Tasted really good, and full at this testing weight, with nothing pulling it off profile. Let's agree to agree, that I WILL be finishing the tank AND bottle on this one. I've seen some very eloquent solutions crafted to CREATE a crumble out of handfuls of flavors, but now, you can do it, with JUST ONE. If you like crumbles, I would suggest getting this one. I can't go lower than **10/10**.

      **Egg Yolk (SC) (WF) 1.75% (7-31-20)** -- Started out this test at 3.5% and it seemed as if it might be hitting the ceiling, and lowered it to half at **1.75%**. I didn't get an egg yolk at either percentage, but it felt better, and more relaxed at the lower rate. Despite halving it, it still didn't speak egg yolk to me. It is a hard to define flavor, but it was almost like a vanilla pudding, minus all of the vanilla and some of the pudding. Makes no sense, right ? It was mid level sweet, and almost nondescript, and at 1.75% wasn't off-putting, and didn't have any strange notes. Surely you could add this to almost any custard, many bakeries, as a base booster, but not much in the way of an egg booster lol. Not bad by any means, but no real direction jumped out at me during the testing. Don't think I've ever seen an egg yolk flavor, so don't want to beat up on the one I did see and try, but for a pudding/custard booster this would work pretty good. Leaving it at a nondescript **6/10**.

      **Grape (Juice) (SC) (WF) 3.5% (8-02-20)** -- Was it real, was it candied, sodad ?? Well, the juries back, and it's aboug 75% natural, with maybe 25% candied. Obviously leaning more towards a darker grape, this one had aspects of both a natural, and a candied. My current go to grape base uses the same approach so my mileage may vary more than yours, depending if you want a true natural grape or not. With that said, I think WF pulled it off nicely with this one, as although not overly complex, it did present as somewhat complex, for a grape. Mid to dark grape, with a slightly above mid level sweetness, with just a smidge of high end punch. Not quite the skin of the grape, but a lil' punch on the top end, none the less. Very full at this weight, and honestly, I will be finishing the tester. Nothing crazy, floral, or perfumey, and actually hard to find any take-offs. For a nice darker grape juice that has aspects of both fresh juice and a hint of candied, this one will probably work for you. Handily a **9.5/10**.

      **Kumquat (SC) (WF) 3.5% (7-26-20)** -- I knew this one was going to be an interesting one to try, as I have never vaped, a Kumquat before. Citrusy, somewhat sour, and tangy, and that felt about right for this Asian fruit. The citrus is hard to explain as it's orange-ish, but then again not LOL. Sweetness was almost below mid level, and paired very well with the tart/sour notes. The end of the vape had a very distinctive citrus peel finish, which seemed to add to the authenticity of this one. Continued vaping didn't improve my chances of better explaining it, but perhaps also blood orange-ish as well. All in, a very good vape, and at this strength, felt good. I don't often mix up many orange/citrus flavors, but this one had me second guessing that. **8.5/10**.

      **Philadelphia Buttercake (SC) (WF) 3.5% (7-24-20)** -- Ahhh the irony, I live close to Phila, and travel there often for work, and have NEVER had a Philly Buttercake. Maybe I should, because this flavor did start to pull back into my wheelhouse. A rich, buttery bakery is about the deal with this one. The butter which was fairly present, didn't taste like CAP's GB, but was still quite good. The richness could be had throughout the vape. The cake aspect (more of a bakery) evenly rounded out the remainder of the vape. It wasn't overly complex to my tastes, but still good none the less. Sweetness was lower than expected, especially for a cake flavor. You could start to feel the richness as soon as you started to draw, and it just continued all the way to the end. I didn't get any overwhelming notes from the cake/bakery, maybe a smidge of vanilla, but it was fairly nondescript. Overall, this one worked really well as a butter centric bakery. **8.25/10**.

      **Pineapple (Baked)(SC) (WF) 3.5% (7-25-20)** -- At first vape, this one rather SHOCKED me. Was I getting something like FA Honey in here ?? !!!! Continued vaping allowed that "honey" note that I kept getting to subside for the most part, but at first it was a little jarring. I've yet to find any Pineapple that will knock my current champion of it's perch, and this one probably won't as well. This one portrayed an almost darker pineapple, and I know what they were going for here, not caramelized, but "baked". It had far more mid, and darker tones than say a bright, punchy pineapple, and did present as somewhat syrupy, which is in keeping with a BP. It wasn't completely devoid of any high, punchy notes, there was just very few OF them. Sweetness was mid level, and it felt nice and full at this weight. Now although my initial, "OMG, is there FA Honey in here" subsided, I never really lost it totally in this while testing, so YOUR mileage may vary. I'd be curious to hear if anyone else picks/ed up that note. Not enough to destroy the flavor, but for myself, I couldn't shake it. Only markdown would be for my perceived off note(s) similar to an almost honey. You should decide for yourselves. The overall vape was a pretty good BP. **7/10**.

      **Portuguesse Egg Tart(SC) (WF) 3.5% (7-24-20)** -- I'll let you guys in on something. When you test as much as I do, sometimes, you're like, bleh, more testing ?? Another Tart ?? Hehe, you get the idea. I actually looked up the recipe(s) for PET, and found MANY variations, with the main two containing either Lemon, or Cinnamon. This one from Wonder Flavors is the Lemon variant, and it was actually quite REFRESHING. Gone were my fears of "Another tart". My first impressions were "Wow, this is punchy, and I think I am getting some egg/custard in there". Is it in the ballpark with FA's Custard ?? Kind of. The lemon def. punched through the entire flavor, with a slightly eggy custard rounding out the middle, with maybe some bakery on the low end. Sweetness was again, lower than expected leaving this easy to vape. It sounds simple, right, lemon, egg/custard/bakery, but beyond the sum of it's parts, it tasted fairly unique and that is becoming harder to come by for me. Continued vaping revealed nothing funky, but just a really clean, and unique "Lemon Tart"-ish flavor. Well worth the investment, just for the unique overall profile. **9.15/10**.

      **Raspberry Jelly Bean (SC) (WF) 3.5% (7-27-20)** -- Being a fan of WF's Black Cherry Jelly Bean, I had high hopes for this one. Right out of the gate, I had a distinct medley taste, that felt like a Raspberry with something else, much like a Luden's cough drop BUT, without the cough medicine. I couldn't really place the "other" flavor here, and am starting to suspect it MAY be the "jelly bean" element. It wasn't off-putting, but this flavor, you will LOVE it, or HATE it. It's not really either a natural raspberry, OR, a candied, but something else. At 3.5%, I was suspecting it could be mixed lower, and if time permits, I MAY re-mix lower, like WF's Corn Powder. I was quite strong at this weight, but not overbearing. A click above mid level sweet which was expected because of the "Jelly Bean" aspect. As I work through this tank, I'm not sure if I'm a fan or a not fan of this one. Will be interested to hear what other reviewers think. I think comparing this with the Black Cherry Jelly Bean, safe to say I'm more of a fan of the Black Cherry. Please try this for yourself, and decide, as the Raspberry is QUITE unique, and it may be what you need. All in, feeling this, for my tastes at a **6/10**. If I re-mix this lower, I will update this review.

      **Southern Sweet Tea (SC) (WF) 3.5% (8-02-20)**
      -- Having had one of the BEST Sweet Tea flavors before, I knew what COULD be done. This one had a lot of the same elements of the aforementioned, but never really capitalized on them. There were tea notes in here, but not as pronounced as I have had elsewhere, and although good, the sweetener did have an almost honey aspect to it, that I got from the Baked Pineapple. Not overpowering, but I did continue to think "notes of honey" while vaping this. Average tasting would be fair here, with nothing off-putting except for my reception of the "honey notes". Your tastes will vary, so you may not pick up on this. Nothing terrible, but not outstanding, so feels good at **6/10**.

      **Stevia (WF) 2.0% (8-02-20)** -- OK, for my LAST trick (or flavor in this huge second run), I will now vape 2% Sweetener (Stevia), so you guys don't have to !!! Stevia, stevia, how have I hated thee in the past ? Let me count the ways. Well, not entirely. For you non-Stevia's Stevia wasn't so great a while back, and always had a telltale after taste, that BORKED it, and always revealed itself. Enter Stevia Reb A, supposedly the sweetest part of the plant, AND, with no borky aftertastes. I only briefly dabbled with the Reb A, and do not know what concentration, nor Reb A may be in this concentrate from WF. All in, even at 2%, this is being tested SOLO, and it was good. I was not overpowered by it at this level, and great news, there was NO aftertaste (think Aspartame, Saccharin). NONE. Only for YOU guys, do I vape sweetener, solo, at 2%. As time wears on, I will do some testing, starting with fruits, and if success, move up to more complex mixes. As it stands, vaping a sweetener is boring, BUT, this was very good, sweet, but not overpowering, and had NO aftertaste. Not sure if a coil gunk check after 1 3ml tank will suffice for a gunker test. As a sweetener (never tested one before), I'm going to go high at **9.5/10**.

      **Sugar Cookie (SC) (WF) 3.5% (7-31-20)** -- Coming down to the final few in this large second series with the Sugar Cookie. I actually vaped this one on/off for a few days while busy, and had some time to get to know it better. Realizing these are dik free flavs, I wasn't expecting a super rich, buttery cookie, but it surprised me a bit, by being fairly full none the less. Not overly buttery, but a full and semi-rich cookie that leaned a little lighter than say CAP's v.1 and v.2 sugar cookie. With no overt undertones of vanilla, almond or choco chips, this one will be quite useful, and able to be push/pulled as you need. Sweetness was about mid level, and at this weight, didn't feel over flavored at all, and quite usable. No AP elements, but an even keeled bakery back end that suited it. If you're looking for a super rich butter cookie, this ain't it, but if you want a really good, neutral sugar cookie, that leans lighter, this one could work out good for you. Feels really good at **7.5/10**.

      **Tropical Gummy Candy (SC) (WF) 3.5% (7-27-20)** -- Wow, Wonder Flavors really did some crafty mixing in this one. "Tropical" was about the perfect way to describe this, and they tempered it so well, that it was VERY hard to pick out the individual components. There was def. a pineapple in there, and I think I could almost detect some coconut, but there was/were something else in there, that was almost tweaking the pineapple, and it continued to defy my detection skills. Maybe a mango, yes, I think that might be it. Very well crafted, and was perfect at this weight. Mid level sweetness did it justice, and it really did convey an almost perfect "Tropical", but did so shrouded in secrecy. It really was a nice, full spectrum vape from low to mid notes, with some high end punch. I wouldn't call this a "punch", and not "cirtusy", but a really great tropical medley. **9.5/10**.
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