Worry about the states, not so much the corporations

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Apr 27, 2014
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    People seem to sometimes forget that there are many state governments that have a large stake in analog cigarette sales. When the analog sales decline, so too do revenues, and this seems to upset the elected and appointed officials who then have less revenue to "work" with. Wasn't the whole purpose of taxing analogs to coerce people to quit? Well, quit we have, but apparently it's not enough, and never will be.

    Vaping for Tax Freedom | National Review Online

    Big pharma and big tobacco, while not happy about the vape, aren't the true danger here; it's the people who wield actual power, and who have the most to lose the most quickly. Venal, predatory, and corrupt they are.


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    Jan 26, 2013
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      Don't worry, we're not forgetting Big Govt. I, for one, lump all the Big letters into one giant Orwellian cabal intent on preserving the tobacco gravy train at all cost, with callous disregard to evidence, public health, and collateral damage amounting to more than a billion people forced to suffer and die at their hands: BG, BT, BP, Big Tobacco Control (aka TC Industry, or TCI).


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        Big Pharma.
        Big Government.
        Big Tobacco.
        The ANTZ.

        It's an unholy alliance destined to screw us over big time...
        Unless we speak up, loudly, and REFUSE to be screwed over big time.

        That takes hundreds of thousands of cumulative voices.
        So one needs to ask themselves it they have made themselves one of those voices.
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