Wotofo NexPOD Pod-Based Disposables Review

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Jul 1, 2020
Wotofo NexPOD Pod-Based Disposables Review: How Disposables Ought To Be!


What’s up, ECF?! I am back again with another review of one of Wotofo’s newest products: the nexPOD System! These were kindly sent to me for review by Wotofo (thank you, Cara!).

So, what is it then? Well, it’s kind of a disposables-based system, but not really, and we will see why that is: the reasons that set the nexPOD system apart from classic disposables.

As before, my review will be from my own experience of using these devices in everyday life as a regular vaper.

Quick specs:

  • 42 x 23 x 83 mm in dimensions, with the pod installed in the nexPod device. Very small and compact, fits the palm of one’s hand, easily.
  • 650 mAh battery that is rechargeable via its USB-C port.
  • Adjustable airflow via a slider.
  • nexCHIP in the device for protection.
  • Having a 1.1 ohms nexMesh coil
  • 8mL e-liquid volume and claims to have an up to 3500 puff-life.
  • Water-resistant pod slot.
  • 18 flavours available in varying nicotine strengths.
I have received the nexPod System for review as a set, which can be bought from Wotofo’s website as the nexPod all-inclusive box. Inside, there are 2 nexPod devices, 18 pods containing all the currently available flavours (1 flavour per pod), and 20 pieces of spare mouthpiece covers (each prefilled pod already has one on it).


As a set, it is quite impressive! Sure, it would make a great gift for the vaper in your life, and as a set, it works quite well with the possibility of having 2 sets going at the same time, and just basically switching out the pods to try different flavours. All the pods are tucked in neatly, in rows, and inside a foam tray. You can literally just pop the box open and choose your preferred flavour at a glance!

The nexPod device may look plain but it is finished smoothly and with class. Made from aluminium, its curved edges are quite ergonomic, and its weight is hardly noticeable. A Wotofo product will inevitably bear the trademark branding style of Wotofo. But I have to say that how they proceeded with this on the nexPod device was relatively subtle: just the product name and brand in white block letters, and a mesh pattern on one side, giving the device a bit of varied texture. I really like it!



The USB-C port and airflow control slider can be found at the base of the device. Working with the provided pods, the device can provide anything from a tight MTL to a loose MTL (almost a tight RDL). Personally, I found myself having just around a 1.5 mm hole exposed to achieve the exact draw I wanted.


The device works on auto-draw with no buttons for operation- simply pop the pod in (via magnets), inhale and exhale to take a puff! The auto-draw is sensitive and responsive with no discernible lag. An LED indicator light at the bottom lights up when the device is in operation and also when it is charging.

It really is as simple as it can get- vaping convenience at its finest!

Not only that, what impressed me the most about its performance is the power going into the coils. It is definitely not the same as in your typical disposable. The device kicks a generous amount of power to give a strong, punchy vape! And because of that too, it does chuck a decent amount of clouds for a (semi) disposable, with a 1.1 ohms mesh coil to boot!


Now, with this system using prefilled pods, I’m sure you’re curious to know about how each flavour tastes! So, let’s do a short run-down below.

Watermelon Lychee: fresh watermelon mostly with a hint of lychee.

Strawberry Lush: sweet strawberries with just a touch of watermelon.

Strawberry Mango: I love the Asian Mango Wotofo used here, and that’s the predominant flavour with a touch of strawberry.

Strawberry Cone: sweet strawberry ice cream with not a lot of cooling. Just the way I like my ice cream vapes! I also get the cone there on the exhale which is quite impressive, if I’m honest.

Grape Apple: green grapes with apples that’s combined well.

Mango Pear: that same delightful Asian Mango with pear on the exhale. Beautiful!

Sakura Milk: a nice surprise! It is delightfully creamy with some floral fruit notes. A really nice flavour, this one.

Forest Berries: raspberries and blueberries with cooling.

Mint: this tastes like chewing gum mint, very refreshing.

Caramel Tobacco: burnt caramel with definitely tobacco mixed in. I don’t usually like tobacco flavours but this one is stunningly good!

Purple Razz Ice: red grapes with raspberries. Another good one!

Strawberry Yogurt: it’s the kind of yoghurt with the strawberries chopped-up in it. Nice one!

Mango Yogurt Ice: creamy mango and definitely with ice.

Mango Gummy: sweet candied mango that’s also very nice to vape.

Monster Ice: surprisingly good, especially coming from me as I typically don’t like energy drinks! It tastes more of fruit, followed by a not-so-strong energy drink taste. Wildcard favourite!

Three Melons: definitely watermelon and cantaloupe, not quite sure what the third melon is but this flavour is another winner!

Tropical Ice: an awesome mix of tropical fruit with a cooling kick that’s not so strong.

Pina Colada: well-blended mix of pineapple and creamy coconut.

All flavours, bar the caramel tobacco, have varying degrees of cooling in them. But the cooling doesn’t overwhelm and really complements the flavour notes quite well. These are really good flavours that were a joy to vape!


As for puff life, I haven’t exhausted any of the pods during my testing, because I was so excited to be switching flavours out (LOL) on the fly. Given the e-liquid volume, coil resistance, and way I vape though, I think Wotofo’s 3500 puff claim should be quite close to actuals.

Overall, I honestly cannot find any real cons about it. It is simple, convenient, and really a product and system geared to help the vaper simplify, well, vaping! For someone new to vaping but doesn’t want the fuss of refilling pods/atomisers or changing coils, and demands great flavour and performance from their vaping kit, I wholeheartedly recommend the Wotofo nexPod!

The prefilled pods are spot-on with flavour, and the quick flavour change with pod swapping makes the vaping experience quite engaging. Also, as compared to traditional disposables, there is arguably less waste generated by this system as it is just the pod that needs recycling when all e-liquid is exhausted.

What would make this system even more interesting is if Wotofo will introduce a refillable pod, or even a pod with replaceable coils. It would be really cool to see that!

My sincerest thanks again to Wotofo for allowing me to review the Wotofo nexPod System!


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