Wotofo nexPOD Vape Kit Review By Frenkyou

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  • Apr 26, 2019

    Hi, today let's take a look at the Wotofo NexPOD Kit. I will examine each of the characteristics that distinguish this item in this Test. I hope that by the end of this reading you may have understood this product, and therefore decide whether to invest in it or not. As always, my opinions are free and based on my personal experience.
    • Enjoy the reading.

    ► Wotofo NexPOD; Before starting let's see together some special features indicated by the manufacturer:

    • Powered by nexCHIP, 0.001 second response speed
    • Equipped with nexMESH technology, it provides excellent and stable flavor
    • POD capacity: 8ml
    • Puff count: 3500 puff / POD
    • Battery capacity: 650mAh
    • Charging port: Type-C
    • Adjustable air flow


    ► Wotofo NexPOD; Gift Box:
    When the courier rang the bell and handed me the package, I thought it was a take away pizza! Then I looked closer and realized it was a great vape kit and it was from Wotofo which is one of my favorite companies. Of course this great pack is intended for reviewers as it contains no less than two mod devices and 18 different flavors which is the full range of flavors. The standard kit that you will normally find on sale (probably) contains:
    • nexPOD rechargeable mod
    • replaceable cartridge (pre-installed)
    • User Manual
    • warranty certificate



    The contents of this huge Gift Box I believe will also be sent to the stores that regularly supply themselves from Wotofo, in fact there are many silicone hygienic caps that will be used to make vapers try these 18 wonderful flavors.



    ► Wotofo NexPOD; Specifications:
    • Dimensions: 83.3mm * 42.4mm * 23mm
    • Battery: 650 mAh
    • Charging: USB Type-C
    • Volume: 8ml
    • Resistance: 1.1Ω
    • 3500 shots
    • 18 flavors


    ► Wotofo NexPOD; Available Flavors and Colors of the Mod:
    There will probably be 4 colors of choice for the Mod and as many as 18 different flavors of choice.

    • Colors of the Mod
    - Black
    - Grey
    - Red
    - Light blue

    • Available flavors
    - Mango Yogurt Ice
    - Strawberry Yogurt
    - Mango Gummy
    - ThreeMelons
    - Monster Ice
    - Tropical Ice
    - Purple Razz Ice
    - Pina Colada
    - Strawberry Cone
    - Grape Apple
    - Strawberry Mango
    - Forest Berries
    - Watermelon Lychee
    - Strawberry Lush
    - Mango Pear
    - Sakura Milk
    - Caramel Tobacco
    - Mint


    ► Wotofo NexPOD; Mod:
    Wotofo NexPOD was launched on the market after the success of its disposable product lines such as Wotofo Skuare 6000, Wotofo Cokebar 5000, Wotofo Ultra, Wotofo Mini Plus, Wotofo Waffer. NexPOD combines the benefits of pre-filled POD systems and disposable e-cigarettes.


    The smooth anodized aluminum finish of nexPOD not only gives the device a classy appearance, but also offers a high level of wear and scratch resistance. The weight is extremely low as are the dimensions that are pocketable. On the body of the mod there are white lettering and a slight rough horizontal texture on one side


    Wotofo nexPOD Vape Kit 11.jpg

    The Wotofo NexPOD kit is easy to use thanks to the design of the Mod which magnetically connects the pod, simply insert the pod and suck. Thanks to the metal base and independent contact electrodes of the POD, conduction between the POD and the device is more stable. The adjustable airflow in the lower body allows you to choose the vaping style you prefer.

    Wotofo nexPOD Vape Kit 12.jpg

    The nexPOD case features a built-in battery with a capacity of 650mAh. Charging takes place via the USB Type-C connector located at the bottom. It takes about 30 minutes to recharge the Mod.

    Wotofo nexPOD Vape Kit 13.jpg

    ► Wotofo NexPOD; Pod:
    The PODs of this device contain 8ml of premium e-liquid, it is enough to deliver up to 4 times more puffs than most similar devices of the same price level on the market. Wotofo has found the solution to spend less and vape more!

    Wotofo nexPOD Vape Kit 14.JPG

    The cartridges for the device are available in 18 varieties of pre-filled e-liquids and are marked with the flavor contained in them. Obviously it is not possible to reload. The liquid is fixed with nicotine salt with an intensity of 5%.

    Wotofo nexPOD Vape Kit 15.jpg

    The spout is comfortable for the lips and can be rotated at will because the cartridge when inserted in the mod can be rotated 360 °.

    Wotofo nexPOD Vape Kit 16.jpg

    The 1.1Ω nexMESH used in nexPOD is long lasting and provides excellent and stable flavor until the last drop of e-liquid.

    Wotofo nexPOD Vape Kit 17.JPG

    With the nexCHIP inside, the nexPOD has a fire response of just 0.001 seconds. nexCHIP guarantees a quick response while maintaining all the necessary security features.

    Wotofo nexPOD Vape Kit 18.JPG

    ► Wotofo NexPOD; Vaping test and final conclusions:
    Since nexPOD kit arrived and it's been about 10 days, he has become my faithful companion for my evening outings. I appreciate it for its small size and the large e-liquid capacity (8.5ml) of its cartridges. I normally use a small power bank for charging when I'm away from home and without having to wait too long. The led light on the bottom of the device turns off when charging is complete and flashes when the battery is low on energy. The pleasure of using nexPOD is amplified by 18 different flavors which are all highly concentrated and all are really good. I normally use the AFC fully wide open to maximize the flavor of some creamy flavors and other frozen fruity flavors, the big thick clouds of vapor complete my satisfaction. There is a particular flavor and it is Caramel Tobacco, it tastes like a delicious blend of creamy vanilla with dark caramel, a delicate honey note and a slightly woody tobacco flavor, with this flavor I like to adjust the AFC system to 50 % and it's a real pleasure! The vape I get with the NexPOD is clean with no splashes, and it is truly flawless and hassle-free. The nic level in the liquid is perfect for those who want to quit smoking and therefore forget about burnt cigarettes. Would I recommend Wotofo NexPOD kit? Definitely yes, I recommend it because it is absolutely the best combination to save money between a refillable mod and disposable cartridges. Plus the flavors of Wotofo are the best I've ever tried!

    I would like to thank Wotofoo for sending me this Maxi Kit. I hope this review was helpful for anyone wishing to purchase NexPOD ;.

    Thanks for reading.

    Wotofo nexPOD Vape Kit 19.jpg
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