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Wotofo Profile RDTA Review

Discussion in 'Tank Reviews' started by SP013, Sep 23, 2020.

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  1. SP013

    SP013 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 14, 2019
    Warsaw, Poland

    My first review for a Wotofo product, the Profile RDTA, which was sent to me for the purpose of this review.



    Earlier versions of the Profile, for example the Unity, are very popular RTA's/RDA's. This is the first RDTA in the Profile productline. What makes it special is that it can be both used as an RDTA or RDA, and maybe even more special is the fact that the deck is versatile, you can have dual, single and mesh builds on the same deck.

    Also it uses the metal rope wicking technology like on the well known Brunhilde RDTA.

    Let's begin with some specifications:


    What I got in the box:

    Profile RDTA x1
    nexMESH Clapton Ni80+A1 0.20 ohms x1
    nexMESH Extreme A1 0.16 ohms x1
    nexMESH Turbo A1 0.13 ohms x1
    Framed Staple Clapton Ni80 0.33 ohms x2
    6mm Thick Cotton Strip x2
    3mm Thick Cotton Strip x2
    Stainless Steel Wick x6 (4 pre-installed + 2 spares)
    Mesh Bending Tool x1
    RDA Adapter x1
    Cross Head Screwdriver x1
    Allen Key x1
    Accessory Bag x1
    User Manual x1



    Have to start by saying there is a lot of goodies in the packaging, 3 mesh strips is a lot and it allows for quite some vaping pleasure.

    I was sent two color options, black and stainless steel. Both very beautiful tanks with a nice colored drip-tip. Personally, I like the black more because it just matches my Aegis X perfectly.


    It is quite a tall tank, but on a dual mod it doesn't bother me at all. It being not so wide (25mm) makes it fit on many mods.


    The design is interesting basically having an RDA on top of a RDTA tank. It takes seconds to convert the RDTA into an RDA with the included RDA base, nice. Generally taking the whole tank apart is easy and doesn’t need much force.


    Interesting fill system, just pull of the top-cap and fill it through the fill hole on the base of the deck, very comfortable. But it has its minuses, you cannot leave the tank sideways (like an RDA) cause all liquid will flood out, had it once. That is probably because the metal wicking wires are on the loose side. Also, the fill hole is quite small, had trouble with larger tip bottles. Would have been nice if a special fill-pin or something of that sort was included. The tiny hole on the opposite side makes sure that there are no air bubbles while filling.


    Glass tube is well protected in the frame, not to worry about breaking it really. Its 6.2ml capacity is more than enough for me.

    Airflow is adjustable with the mechanism on the top cap, when its dry its hard to turn, but it gets better overtime. With the honeycomb design you can precisely adjust airflow, also while turning there is an option to only cover the top row of inlets. It is for sure the smoothest airflow I have had from a rebuildable so far, it is very silent, and it is not whistling, close to a MTL tank it sounds.


    Always was a bit skeptical about the stainless steel wicking wire concept, but with this tank I can confirm it actually wicks the cotton extremely well. No issues with chain vaping on both mesh and regular coil builds. It is possible to vape without the wires as well, the cotton will saturate in motion.

    Love the build deck concept, no more separate purchasing of mesh and regular decks. For both mesh, single and dual coils it is easy to build on. I do however miss spring loaded mesh clamps, would have been nicer if they were spring loaded.


    It vapes fantastically, to me it is RDA level if its about flavor. The new Clapton Mesh provides really amazing flavor, unfortunately I broke the strip as they are very delicate, you need to be careful. The other mesh strips also deliver great flavor. Did not experience any dry hits on mesh.


    Both single and dual coil perform great on this deck as well. Love vaping this tank with a dual coil set up. If its about single coil, there is enough airflow options to get a restricted lung hit. A single 3mm coil performs well for me and delivers really good flavor.



    A nice versatile tank with the ability to use it as an RDTA and RDA. The Clapton mesh strip is really worth a try as it delivers a very flavorful and bit warmer vape compared to regular mesh.

    Enjoy using this RDTA as a single, dual and mesh. The build deck is easy to use with its postless design and it is allowing for different build types is a major pro. Metal ropes saturate the cotton very well, no dry hits from this tank.

    Incredibly smooth airflow makes it a joy to take a drag from this tank every time.

    If there are any downsides worth mentioning it’s the fill port, it is too tiny in my opinion. Also the wicking ropes could have been tighter so that your tank won’t leak straight away if it does not stand up straight.

    On the official Wotofo website the tank is available for 40$, Wotofo Profile RDTA

    Thank you for reading.

    Take care,

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  2. ZuberVape8

    ZuberVape8 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 1, 2020
    Great review :thumbs::rickroll:
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  3. Aliraonz

    Aliraonz Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 26, 2020
    New Zealand
    Great review SP. Very informative and the pictures to show what you are talking about is always a win in my book :)
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