Wotofo Skuare 6000 Vape Pod Review By Frenkyou

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  • Apr 26, 2019

    Hi, today let's take a look at Wotofo Skuare 6000 vape Pod. In this Test I will examine each of the characteristics that distinguish this item. I hope that by the end of this reading you have understood this product, and therefore decide whether to invest in it or not. As always, my opinions are free and based on my personal experience.
    • Enjoy the reading.

    ► Wotofo Skuare 6000 vape Pod; Before starting let's see together some special features indicated by the manufacturer:
    • Removable single 18650 battery
    • Type-C fast charging
    • Up to 6000 puffs
    • 12 trendy flavors
    • 6 colors available
    • Available in two different options (with or without pre-installed 18650 battery)
    • Powerful and rechargeable mod, stable and durable, perfect kit for new vapers


    ► Wotofo Skuare 6000 Vape Pod; Packaging:
    The package shows; the device, its name, warnings, content and international approval marks.
    * Wotofo provides for the marketing of two different kits, one with 18650 battery included and one without 18650 battery (sold separately)


    ► Wotofo Skuare 6000 Vape Pod; Packing List:
    Depending on the choice of the package, the device is supplied together with a 18650 battery or without 18650 battery. Included in the package is a hygienic silicone seal for the drip-tip. The drip-tip is rotatable according to your tastes.


    ► Wotofo Skuare 6000 Vape Pod; Technical data:
    • Product dimensions: 45x22x 94.2mm
    • Battery Type: Removable 18650 (Included or not included depending on your choice)
    • E-liquid capacity included: 15ml
    • Number of Puffs: Up to 6000
    • Heating core: Mesh Coil by nexMESH Tech
    • Coil resistance: 1.2Ω
    • Sea-Salt Boost: 50 / 20mg
    • Material: food grade PC + SS304
    • Charging Port: Type C
    • Protection against battery reversal
    • Short circuit Protection
    • Over-Charging Protection



    ► Wotofo Skuare 6000 Vape Pod comes in 6 different colors inspired by the type of e-liquid preloaded in the Mod.The Wotofo Skuare 6000 is made with high quality food grade polycarbonate to give you a durable, sturdy yet beautiful device.


    ► 12 preloaded flavors to choose from:
    You can choose one of the many exotic flavors available with the Wotofo Skuare 6000. The wide range of flavors available includes an array of 12 exotic and delicious flavors. The internal e-liquid level guarantees you the perfect throat hit and surprisingly thick clouds of vapor with every hit.
    The Wotofo Skuare 6000 Vape Pod features an e-liquid capacity of 15ml calculated to reach approximately 6,000 Puffs before disposing of the device. You can choose to enjoy a comfortable vaping experience without worrying about refilling with e-liquid and risking messing up.

    • Mango ice cream
    • Gummy bear
    • Strawberry rum
    • Strawberry ice cream
    • Blueberry Raspberry Ice Cream
    • Peach ice cream
    • Energy cherry
    • Watermelon ice cream
    • Sour Apple
    • Kiwi Guava Passion Fruit
    • Frozen grapes
    • Melon honeydew with watermelon


    ► Wotofo Skuare 6000 Vape Pod; First Impressions:
    Surely one of the main problems for those who intend to start vaping is the difficulty of having to learn some procedures that can be difficult for the less willing. Wotofo therefore introduces a high-performance disposable vape proposal, tailor-made for newbies or simply for curious vapers.
    Let's say you want to enjoy a premium vaping experience without having to spend a lot of money to get a high-end gadget that requires knowledge and skill to use and maintain it ... In that case, (as the manufacturer claims) there isn't. nothing better than the Wotofo Skuare 6000 Vape Pod which allows you to have a hassle-free vaping experience, which does not require maintenance, replacement of Coils and filling of e-liquid. Just buy the device with a taste that suits your preferences and start vaping to enjoy up to 6000 tasty puffs with this stylish vaporizer.


    I have already had the opportunity to test some of the latest generation disposable products that contain pre-loaded e-liquid and some have proved to be really valid and surprising, at the beginning I had a certain mistrust both towards the autonomy of vape and towards the quality of prepackaged liquids. I must say that apart from some cases of e-liquid with too much menthol, I have found some really good and above all suitable for those who intend to quit the habit of smoking, using an e-liquid that includes the right boost level. As for the vaping autonomy, I am not sure that the 15ml of e-liquid present in the device will be able to guarantee the 6.000 puffs declared by the manufacturer, but one thing is sure, the rechargeable 18650 battery that you can install in Skuare Mod you it will vape up to the last milliliter of e-liquid contained in it before throwing the device in the differentiated waste. You can also choose not to throw away and to collect Skuare Mod once the internal e-liquid is exhausted, perhaps together with other Square Mod colors that you will purchase.

    The compact and ergonomic design of Wotofo Skuare 6000 ensures a good feeling in contact with the hand and is perfect to carry in your pocket without worrying that it takes up too much space. The lightweight construction with food-grade polycarbonate is sturdy enough and appears abundantly durable despite being a disposable device like this one.


    ► Wotofo Skuare 6000 Vape Pod; How it is made:
    As I have already written the whole structure is in light polycarbonate, one of the panels is removable to insert your 18650 cell, this panel is decorated with giant writings and with the Wotofo logo which is represented by a large letter "W", the other side is semi-transparent just like the remaining parts of the Mod.


    The two narrow sides of the Mod have no decorations and both guarantee a good hand grip. One side bears the USB-C charging socket at the bottom. With a common USB type C cable you can recharge your 18650 battery as many times as you want before running out of the 15ml of e-liquid that are inside the Mod.


    The upper part of the Mod Skuare with carbon fiber weave, houses a removable flattened mouthpiece that is very anatomical for your lips, in addition the mouthpiece is rotatable to offer you maximum comfort.

    At the bottom of Skuare Mod there is the carbon fiber texture, you can also see a Led that lights up while you vape and you can also see the slot to open the cover of the battery.


    To get the most out of the 6000 puffs in a more environmentally friendly way Skuare6000 is equipped with a single removable 18650 battery.
    The slot for inserting the 18650 cell shows the polarities marked with "+" and "-", the contacts are gold plated for better electrical conductivity. The coveruses 3 small magnets for anchoring to the Mod. There are no abnormal movements once the flap is closed.


    ► Wotofo Skuare 6000 Vape Pod; nexMESH
    Using nexMESH's Mesh heating technology, the Skuare 6000 is able to provide the user with pure, clean and authentic flavors. Don't let the Wotofo Skuare 6000's portable body shape fool you, this compact device packs an impressive punch with every hit. Its high quality 1.2Ω nexMESH mesh coil combined with the adoption of 18650 rechargeable battery ensures powerful and long lasting performance.


    ► Wotofo Skuare 6000 Vape Pod; Final conclusions:
    I got for this test 5 different flavors all with Nic 20 which is a bit high value for me that I have stopped absorbing nicotine for some time and I do it only for my tests. I must say that the amount of Nic in these liquids seems to me really right for those who want to quit smoking and start vaping. All the flavors I have tried have bewitched me because they are really delicious and good.

    • Grape ICE:
    The sweetness of ripe red grapes is expertly mixed with a non-invasive iced part.

    • Peach ICE Cream:
    The scent of yellow peach with the creaminess of a cream ice cream.

    • Strawberry Ice Cream:
    The sweet frozen strawberry with maybe a hint of vanilla.

    • Strawberry Rum:
    Strawberry is also good when immersed in Rum, the alcoholic part stands out very well.

    • Energy Cherry:
    It tastes indefinable but smells crazy, this is my favorite.

    In conclusion I think the Skuare 6.000 is really the perfect device for those who want to quit smoking because it offers the powerful performance of a high-end vaping device at a fraction of the cost and with the hassle-free convenience of a disposable vape device for an easy and immediate use.

    Thanks to Wotofo for sending me these samples for review.

    Thanks for reading



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  • Apr 26, 2019
    Yes, it is sectionable and any material can be collected and sorted for separate trash, however most Pod devices are not sectionable. At the end of their use, non-sectionable electronic cigarettes must not be thrown in the garbage of the unsorted collection, but must be delivered to the nearest ecological island when it is possible to separate the battery, or they must be returned to retailers, who have the obligation to collect them free for the purchase of a new product. Each country has its own laws, here the laws are too many and confusing
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