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Zeus x dual Rta, with a GeekVape 200w Mod

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Sep 28, 2019
    i recently bought a Zeus x Rta with dual coils that came with the Rta. I like the Rta, but want to move to stainless pre rolled coils so I can use temp control mode. I would welcome recommendations on pre rolled stainless coils for this Rta, as well as where to buy them. I have already bought pre rolled cotton since I’m new to the Rta rebuilding process. Can you juice pre rolled cotton before you pull it through the coil? Thanks!

    Punk In Drublic

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    Aug 28, 2018
    Toronto, ON
      Never thought of juicing cotton prior to threading it through a coil. Be a messy process. I’d stick with threading it when dry, then saturating it.

      As for SS premade coils. Not something I shop for so no recommendations, sorry. But will say don’t let your lack of exposure intimidate you. Buying a roll of SS wire and winding your own coil is dead easy. My cat has no thumbs and she can do it (she makes all my coils if I feed her bacon). No time like the present to learn. AND in doing so, you are in control as to how many wraps and diameter you prefer. 25 to 100 feet of wire can go a long way, and allow for experimentation.

      But will let others chime in with pre rolled coils.
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      greek mule

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      Feb 2, 2018
        What @Punk In Drublic said.
        You can add your country location to your profile so that people can answer your questions more easily depending on where you live.
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        Nov 28, 2015
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