Zovoo Dragbar B5000 Disposable Pod Review By Frenkyou


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  • Apr 26, 2019
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      Hi, today let's take a look at the Zovoo Dragbar B5000. In this Test I will examine each of the characteristics that distinguish this item. I hope that by the end of this reading you may have understood this product, and therefore decide whether to invest in it or not. As always, my opinions are free and based on my personal experience.
      • Enjoy the reading.

      ► Zovoo Dragbar B5000; Before starting let's see together some special features indicated by the manufacturer:
      • Cute and Compact
      • 10 New Mixed Flavors
      • Mesh Coil and Orignal Taste
      • Symmetric Structure, Color Contrast Design
      • 5000 Puffs
      • 13ml e-juice
      • 500mAh
      • Type-C Fast Charge

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      ► Zovoo Dragbar B5000; Packaging:
      From a purely single-use product like this one certainly does not expect a sumptuous packaging, however the small multicolored cardboard clearly suggests what will be inside it, the packaging is nice and shows the image of this item and many others information.

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      ► Zovoo Dragbar B5000; Packing List:
      • 1x ZoVoo Drag Bar B5000 Puff Disposable
      • User Manual

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      ► Zovoo Dragbar B5000 is also available for sale in the pack of 10 pieces:

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      ► Zovoo Dragbar B5000; Technical data:
      • Dimensions: 79.6x44x22.6mm
      • Weight: 54g
      • 1x ZoVoo Drag Bar B5000 Puff Disposable
      • E-juice capacity: 13ml
      • Mesh-coils 1.1Ω-1.3Ω
      • Strength of nicotine: 0mg / ml, 20mg / ml, 50mg / ml
      • Battery capacity: 500mAh
      • Type-C charging port

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      ► Zovoo Dragbar B5000; Introduction:
      The Zovoo brand has recently reached an important milestone in the sales of Dragbar series products with the remarkable figure of 1,000,000 pieces sold in more than 50 countries and regions such as North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Furthermore, the Zovoo brand recently won the Best Newcomer of Vapourround Awards 2022. In fact, on May 27th the Vaper Expo UK was successfully held in Birmingham with the presence of over 1000 international vaping brands and with over 100,000 professional visitors who attended the show. The exhibition lasted 3 days and on the second day, Vapouround, the world's leading media in the electronic atomization sector, announced the winners and ZOVOO took first place in the Best Newcomer category.

      Zovoo  Dragbar B5000 US Version 7.JPG

      On September 5th, ZOVOO released a new disposable product from the DRAGBAR series, DRAGBAR B5000, in addition to the excellent taste and performance it inherits from the DRAGBAR family. DRAGBAR B5000 offers 13ml of large capacity and up to 5000 disbursements, meeting a long lasting vaping experience. Equipped with 500mAh battery capacity, Type-C fast charging, so that a pleasant vaping can last longer.

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      DRAGBAR B5000 is the first box-shaped design electronic cigarette of the DRAGBAR family. It has a compact size that fits in the palm of your hand better than ever. The body of DRAGBAR B5000 has an exquisitely sculpted satin texture that is gentle on the skin, giving it a satin sheen and silky grip feel.

      Zovoo  Dragbar B5000 US Version 9.jpg

      Zovoo  Dragbar B5000 US Version 10.jpg

      ► Zovoo Dragbar B5000; How it is made:
      With the well-designed symmetrical box structure, DRAGBAR B5000 organically integrates craftsmanship and technology, delivering a comfortable gripping experience and strong visual impact. It adopts two-tone injection technology and dynamic contrast colors, showing the extraordinary momentum of the trend creators.



      Zovoo Dragbar B5000 adopts clear "crystal like" mouthpiece and fits your lips perfectly with better wrapping and better inhalation experience. Dragbar B5000 includes a hygienic silicone cap to protect the device from infiltration of dust or foreign bodies.



      ► Zovoo Dragbar B5000; Battery and Led:
      On the bottom there is the Type-C socket for fast charging which is protected by a transparent adhesive. There is also a LED light that will indicate when the device needs to be recharged or disposed of.



      ► Zovoo Dragbar B5000; 10 Flavors Available:
      • Fruit Slushie
      • Vanilla Cream Tobacco
      • Mint Twists
      • Peach Mango
      • Watermelon Lychee
      • Strawberry Icecream
      • Blue Raz Ice
      • Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
      • Pina Colada
      • Aloe Grape


      Zovoo sent me a total of 6 pieces for this test; 3 pieces of 50mg US / standard version which include the following flavors: Fruit Slushie, Watermelon Lychee and Blue Raz Ice. 3 pieces of 0mg ES version which include the following flavors: Peach Mango, Strawberry Icecream and Pina Colada.


      ► Zovoo Dragbar B5000; Vaping test & final conclusions:

      • Fruit Slushie 50mg / ml:

      Nothing says summer quite like a fresh exotic fruit to tickle your taste buds. It is a unique flavor fused with a refreshing thrill that makes it a perfect all day vape.

      • Watermelon Lychee 50mg / ml:
      It tastes refreshing and stunning. This exotic blend of freshness with a lingering floral scent and a tart, deliciously sweet fruit taste is all you need in a perfect vape juice.

      • Blue Raz Ice 50mg / ml:
      This flavor is a blast of Blue Raspberry. Slightly sweet, mellow, with light creamy nuances. A touch of light menthol completes this flavor to keep refreshing your senses all day.

      • Peach Mango 0mg / ml:
      Get ready to soothe your taste buds like no other fruity vape juice can, Zovoo has blended soft peaches and sun-kissed mangoes together to create this tropical extravaganza, with a very light icy twist!

      • Strawberry Icecream 0mg / ml:
      Classic flavor with a fresh and creamy touch. From your first puff, you will detect the sweet and juicy taste of the summer strawberry, further sweetened by the ice cream.

      • Pina Colada 0mg / ml:
      Remember those summer days where that refreshing cocktail is held, watching the sunset fade into the night. Refreshing, creamy and fruity!


      * To choose the best e-juice I was spoiled for choice, they are all very good tastes all day long. The 50mg / ml aromas will take away the habit of smoking and you can alternate them with the 0mg / ml ones when you are more relaxed. With the upgraded mesh coil inside, DRAGBAR B5000 gives you fulfilling clouds and a fresh, steady flavor to pleasantly consume all 13ml of liquid contained within. I really liked the airflow which is calibrated for the best performance, I recommend you try this device, you will be satisfied.


      • Zovoo has passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification and meets GMP820 qualification to ensure product safety and quality standard control. The products have been certified by UL, FCC, CE, KC, ROHS, TPD, PMTA, etc.

      I would like to thank Fiona & Zovoo for providing me with these kits. I hope this review was useful for anyone looking to purchase the Zovoo Dragbar B5000.

      Thanks for reading.


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