ZOVOO DRAGBAR R6000 AND R8000 review by hittman


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  • Jul 13, 2009
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      Hello and welcome. I have in the past made it a personal policy that I don’t review disposables. That being said, I came home one day to find a package that I was unaware had been sent to me. Inside were four Zovoo Dragbar samples. If you are not familiar with Zovoo then I’ll say that they are a brand of Voopoo but only make disposables. I have reviewed for Voopoo for a long time and they are a pleasure to work with so I agreed to do this one time only review on disposables sent to me from them. I was sent two of each of the R6000 and the R8000. I was a little surprised that the Dragbar has a 1000mah battery and is rechargeable. Also I found it interesting that there was an airflow adjustment on them. In the past I have reviewed some pods with pre-filled pods and almost always the menthol is so strong that it hurts my throat. My initial thought was that these would be the same but I was pleasantly surprised. That’s probably enough for now and I’ll go ahead and show you some pictures and give some brief thoughts on these. I will try to keep it short since there are not a lot of features to discuss.





      DRAGBAR R6000

      DRAGBAR R8000










      To be honest, my very first initial thought was “why did someone send these to me?” I remembered that a couple other reviewers had already reviewed these and remembered from reading one that Zovoo I believe is a division of Voopoo. I thought that I’d go ahead and try them and see if someone from Zovoo or Voopoo contacts me. A rep from Zovoo did contact me and I voiced my thoughts on not wanting to review disposables but agreed to do a review just this one time.

      Obviously they want the customer to know that they are related to Voopoo. The body of the device looks like a Drag pod mod and it even has the Drag name molded into the back. On the front is the Dragbar name along with the version or flavor name near the bottom.

      Each Dragbar I received was packaged in a sealed plastic pouch that you simply tear open. These are about the size of a pod mod also. They aren’t small at all. Each unit comes with a rubber plug that seals the mouthpiece and a sticker on the bottom over the USB-C charging port. I thought it was unusual for a disposable to come with a charging port but it is needed so you can use up either the 16 or 18ml of liquid contained inside each one. The 630mah battery of the R8000 and the 1000mah battery of the R6000 aren’t going to provide enough battery life to allow you to use them up. I was also surprised that both models included a sliding airflow adjustment on the bottom of each unit. There is also a blue LED light on the bottom that illuminates when you take a puff or charge the unit.





      I thought it was interesting that the R8000 is only 630mah and has a liquid capacity of 16ml while the R6000 has a 1000mah battery with a liquid capacity of 18ml. I normally associate a higher model number with a better or improved device. In this case the R8000 is an MTL device and you can get a tight MTL to a loose MTL with the airflow adjustment. Also the tip opening is smaller than the 6000. The 8000 has a 1.1 ohm coil while the 6000 has a .6 ohm coil. The 6000 has a higher liquid capacity and lower resistance coil with a larger tip opening to provide an RDL experience.


      I received two each of the R6000 and R8000. After trying all four, I definitely liked the RDL vape of the R6000 better. I ran both with the airflow adjustments wide open. I kind of wish that there was a better description of the available flavors on their website. Some are obvious but others are not. I’ve never been that great at picking out individual flavors from an e liquid.


      I tried the R8000 first that is labeled Pineapple Grapefruit. It is a bit sweeter than I am used to but not surprised as most commercial liquids have quite a bit of sweetener added. I actually kind of liked this one. The pineapple flavor was definitely there with the guava in the background and there was a slight cooling effect added like there was koolada in the mix. Not bad at all. This one was labeled as 50mg strength but I honestly didn’t notice it was stronger. I’m guessing they used salt nicotine in it.

      The other R8000 I received was the Pineapple Coconut Rum. I know from past experience that I don’t like Coconut in real life or in vapes. However, I did try it for scientific purposes. If it hadn’t had the coconut in it I think I would have liked it. This one was also labeled 50mg strength.


      The R6000 versions were my favorite. They offer a nice RDL vape and I liked the flavors of both of them. One is labeled as Little Green Man. I didn’t see that on the website anywhere. It seemed to me to be a nice fruit medley with a hint of banana in the background. It was labeled as 3mg strength.

      Next up was the Rainbow Bear. I assume it was supposed to be similar to a fruity gummy bear taste. I did get the fruit flavors from it and a slight gummy texture in the vapor. It was also labeled as 3mg strength. Both of the R6000 also had some koolada or something added.


      I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the Zovoo Dragbars that I received for this review. That being said, don’t look for me to start reviewing a bunch of disposables.

      I can see where these would be really good for someone trying to quit smoking or for someone who needed something for a day trip. They seem to last a long time. Can you really get 6000 or 8000 puffs from them? I really don’t know. I’ve been running three of them a fair amount and haven’t run out of any of them yet. The flavor production seems to have stayed pretty consistent throughout my time testing them.

      It is nice that for a disposable that they have added features like recharging, airflow control, and an LED light on the bottom. They appear to be modeled after the Voopoo Drag pod mods even though they appear to be one piece of molded plastic. They are very lightweight but not small. If you had a pocket big enough to carry a pod mod then these would be a lightweight option.

      I’d like to thank Zovoo for sending the Dragbar samples for this review even though I was not asked to review them prior to receiving them. As always, thanks to you the readers. Below is a link to their website.

      DRAGBAR R6000 - ZOVOO By Your Side (izovoo.com)



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      Feb 3, 2022
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        I just got a F8000 (pineapple/coconut/rum) as a freebie with an order of RTAs.
        Currently thinking that I'll hang on to it in case I run into anyone interested in switching to vaping and then see if they want to try it.

        Or, at 50mg, I could save it for instant relief if I get super stressed out about something.

        Though I guess that it wouldn't take much longer to just supercharge some of my other juice.

        Hmm, maybe I should keep a working bottle close to hand, " Nope! 3mg isn't gonna cut it right now. >drip-drip-drip< Supercharged!!"
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