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  • simplynewt
    I purchased this juice from a Vape Shop in Montgomery and although this particular Vape Shop has issues with not telling their customers that they are purchasing counterfeit ProTanks, their juice is very good. They mix their juices in house and the only issue I see with this is that there is no time for steeping so to fill a tank right away would be useless as the flavor of thier juices do not kick in until a week or so of sitting in the juice cabinet.

    The Butter Rum is exceptional and I would consider this one of my ADV's. I simply love this flavor and have yet to find a juice online that even comes close to the smoothness and subtle taste that I get. It is not to "flowery" and not to sweet. A very good juice. I am very disappointed that I went there late last week to get another 30ml bottle and they did not have all the ingrediants to make it up. I was told that they should have it by Wednesday of this week but to call 1st. I will be making that call Thursday.

    I am giving this juice a 5 out of 5

  • simplynewt
    Bottle Size: 30ml
    Nic Strength: 6mg (12mg)
    VG-PG - 50/50

    I purchased this juice from a local Vape Shop in Montgomery Alabama. It was my first time in this shop and I simply went in there to see what they had and what the prices looked like. It was only the 2nd vape shop I had been in with the 1st shop being a little closer to home so I wanted to see if there was a significant difference in prices. Well there wasn't and in fact I got burnt by this shop in Montgomery as I purchased what I thought to be an authentic Protank II tank and it turned out to be a knock off but that is another post in another blog.

    I started tasting the juices they had out in testers and actually liked a couple of them. One of them being a juice they called "Fall From Graceland". They blend their juices in house and this particular juice I had heard one of the sales clerks describe to another customer. So being curious I asked if they had a tester with that flavor and they did. I tried it and I liked it alot. The key tastes was that of Peanut Butter and Bananas, hence the "Graceland" in the title of the juice in reference to Elvis.

    I was asked what what nic strength did I want and I told him 8mg as this is what I had purchased from my local vape shop and would like to keep it the same. I was told that all they had was 6 and 12mg. So as I contemplated it, the guy tells me thatthere is not much difference from 8mg and 12mg so I decided on 12mg. When I got home and loaded my tank, I almost gagged and the strong taste on nic. It was like I was licking an ashtray. It was so bad that I had to take it back to them and have them cut it to weaken the nic strength. Once the nic was cut down, the tatse was very satisfying and I was very happy with the purchase.

    I creamy peanut buttery taste with a hint of banana in it. I have tried to match this taste with a couple online vendors and to date, I have yet found an online vendor who can give me a juice that has a smooth taste without a gagging throat hit. This is one of my favorite juices and it remains on the top shelf of my juice cabinet and will refill it as needed in the future.

    I give it a 5 out of 5

  • simplynewt
    Bottle Size: 5ml
    Nic Level: 6mg
    PG-VG - 50/50

    Finally a juice that I like from EC Blend. I like this juice alot as it has a nice darkish taste with a subtle sweetness to it. This is one of the juices that I will be reordering from this vendor and will probably get the 15ml bottle next. I do not think I gave this juice enough time to steep and I am already needing to get another bottle as it was hard to not fill up a Mini Protank and vape the mess out of it while at work.

    This is sure to be one of my favorite flavors yet doubt it will be one to chalk up as an all day vape. There is only a couple that I would consider to be worthy of an all day vape and unfortunately this would not make the cut to be one of them. I still rank it high up on the list though.

    I am giving it a 4 out of 5.

  • simplynewt
    Bottle Size: 15 ml
    6mg Nic
    50/50 PG-VG

    This was in the first order I made with EC Blends and I am sorry that I ordered such a big bottle of this stuff. I purchased a bottle of Butter Rum from a local BM and it was some of the best tasting juice I have had and I was hoping that this would be inline with that particular juice and was very disappointed that it wasn't.

    It was, in fact, this particular juice that made me come to the decision that I would no longer be buying any more larger bottles of juice from an online vendor and would only purchase the smaller bottles simply so I could try them out to see if I would like them or not.

    I would give this juice a 1 out of 5

  • simplynewt
    Bottle Size: 5ml
    6mg Nic
    Extra Flavor

    This is one of the 1st juices I got from EC Blends and quite frankly, I am glad I got the small bottle of this because the taste of this juice is not what I expected. It was more of a fruity taste for me and I really do not care for a fruity taste when I am vaping. I dislike the taste of this juice but will say that I have tasted for worse then this. So much so that there are some juices that I simply gave away because I did not want it in my juice cabinet gumming up the works for my other juices.

    This particular juice has managed to stick around for a while in anticipatioon that after a week or so of steeping, the flavor might change and I might come to enjoy this particular juice. As of this day, I still do not care for it and would not order another bottle of it.

    I give it a 3 out of 5

  • simplynewt
    I have created a catagory I will use for my reviews of Juices that I have tried since I started vaping and purchasing juices online. I have tried several online vendors for purchasing my juices and have been disappointed more times then I have liked for what I have gotten online and I suppose one contributing factor is that I am not able to "test taste" the juice prior to buying them. I would order a juice simply named Banana and would expect to get a juice that taste simular to bananas or at least close to it and so far I have not been able to findd an online retailer that could supply me with a juice that tatse exactly like i would expect it to.

    EC Blends has been the one vendor I have been sticking with simply because they offer a lot of different juices and they even have several options where I can create my own blend should I be brave enough to do so. Well I wouldn't say brave enough but I dont think I would even dare try to fabricate a special blend just yet until I get an idea on what their base flavors taste like and I could make a better decision on what I would want in my own special blend of juices.

    I would be encouraged and delighted if anyone who reads these lines share their taste experiences if they should have happened to try the same juices I have written about and reviewed.

    Thanks for reading.
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