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  • simplynewt
    I have been vaping now for a little over three weeks and I believe I am now starting to settle in on what I like and dislike in the vaping world I choose to take part in. It was so hard for me when I first started as I had no idea what in the world I was doing and there were many people who were really wanting to help me get started but each and every one of them had a different view on the direction I should go and none of them really matched with what I really wanted to accomplish from Vaping.

    Yes I wanted to stop smoking and vaping has helped me very much in accomplishing this but after I startedgetting into it, there was so much more that I wanted. I guess I got somewhat spoiled as I wanted a particular taste and a particular feel when I blew out that cloud. It has been, thus far, a matter of trial and error. I learned that I can not leave home with just a single tank attached to a 650 mAh battery for the tank will surely loose all its juice while showing it off to a co worker and I will have to lower my goal and smoke a stinkie. That happened once and only once. I also learned that I can not leave my spare tanks out in the truck when the heat of the day gets around 95 degrees. Those little white orings in the top and bottomg of these tanks do not stand up to the heat and I found myself sucking juice and changing coils prematirely. It took a couple of days to figure this out and some advice from my local BM vendor. So now I have a pistol case that holdsmy spare tanks filled with my favorite juices and spare batteries just in case 1 or 2 of them give out and leave me stranded.

    Another learning experience for me is buying juice online. Almost every bottle of juice have puchased online have not tasted the way I expected and I have purchased bug bottle of what I thought would be my favorite flavors only to be disappointed very much and either giving the bottles away or mixing them with one of the coule flavors I like only to make a concoction that I dont thing my dog would like very much. I now purchase huices exclusively at local BM's where I am able to test the flavor first before I buy and if I get them from an online vendor, it is the smallest bottle they offer and if I like it, I will up the quantity I get.

    So now I have the devices I favor, a Innokin MVP 2 with an Aerotank and a Vamo V5 with a Protank on it. I am sure I will be tempted to get the lastest "new thing" but will have to be over curious to spend the money on it and if I do spend money now, it will be for trying new juices and adding to the collection of favorite tanks I have. I am a fan of Kanger and I will continue to be until I am lead to try another type of tank and in doing so will give me the "hit" I look for every time I vape.

    Thanks for Reading.
  • simplynewt
    Being that I am relatively new to the Vaping World, I am very gullable when I walk into a Vape Shop for the 1st time and start asking questions. This was true when I walked into a local Vape Shop when I got off of work this past Friday. An associate from work goes there and since I have been going to a Vape Shop a little closer to where I live, I thought I would give this shop a try and see what they had.

    Well the guy behind the counter was very informative and I had gained a lot of knowledge from him. After he filled my head with information, I eased over to the counter to try out some of the flavors they had there. I seen a few that I liked and inquired if they had 8mg versions of what I liked. I was told no that all they had was 6mg and 12mg. Being that I am comfortable with 8mg and thinking that 6mg would be to light and I would slip back into smoking the stinkies, I got the 12mg. When I got home, I soon found out thatthat was a mistake and I should have gotten the 6mg after all. The 12mg is way to strong and now I have to get something to cut it down. Dont know what but I am sure I will find out by asking on the Forums. It will be just something else I am going to have to buy in my persuit of the perfect Vape.

    When I got home I also found out that the Kranger ProTank II that I purchased from this shop was not authentic but a fake. I did not find this out until I read a post on another Forum I am a member of. I looked at my new clearomizer and sure enough, I had purchased a fake. Feeling like I have been taken advantage of, I am not sure what I should do next. Should I go back to the shop and raise Holy Cane? Doubt it because that would get me no where fast and the shop will still have my money. Will probably just chalf it up as experience and know what to look for the next time I purchase items from a local Vape Shop.

    There is a lot of people who know that there are a lot of people coming in to the Vaping World every day that are ignorant to all aspects of this lifestyle. And it is some of those people who are trusted to sell them good quality items that take advantage of the people not so enlightened to what they are getting into when they make the commitment to become part of this way of life. I have only been in this Vaping for a couple weeks now and I have learned alot but the most important thing I have learned is to never assume anything and always do the homework so you know what you are getting, what it should look like, how it should work and why you are getting it in the first place.

    Thanks For Reading.
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