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  • Mooch
    Misusing or mishandling lithium-ion batteries can pose a SERIOUS RISK of personal injury or property damage.

    You are responsible for your own safety! The Li-Ion batteries we use are designed only for use in a battery pack with the proper physical and electronic protection. They were not meant to be used in any device without protection circuitry. Use of any battery or device is AT YOUR OWN RISK!

    - Never use a battery, charger, or device that is not in perfect working order.
    - The plastic battery wrap and top insulating ring must always be kept in perfect condition to prevent short-circuiting of the battery which can result in the battery exploding.
    - Never exceed the battery's continuous discharge rating (CDR) or charge rating.
    - Never use or charge a battery that is more than warm or below freezing.
    - Never use a battery with a dented top or bottom contact.
    - Never use a “mechanical” mod/device without understanding how to properly use Ohm’s Law
    to select a battery appropriate for your coil resistance and the way you vape.
    - Never use an atomizer on a “mechanical” mod/device with a hybrid top cap unless the atomizer is approved for that use. It MUST have a sufficiently protruding, fixed, non-adjustable 510 pin or the battery could short-circuit and explode.

    This table contains the results of my ongoing testing of the voltage drops of mechanical mods at 30A (thirty amps). It can be used to compare the performance of the different mods.

    This table only shows you the voltage drop and power lost in the mod itself. It does not show you the voltage you will get at your coils as that depends on the battery you use, its age and condition, the atomizer you use, and how clean everything is.

    Calculating the voltage at your coils at 30A
    - The voltage at your coils is 4.2V minus the voltage drops in the mod, atomizer, and battery.
    - The mod’s voltage drop at 30A is listed in the table.
    - The atomizer’s voltage drop at 30A varies depending on your atomizer but the Cosmonaut drops 18mV (0.018V).
    - The battery’s voltage drop (voltage sag) is equal to the battery’s DC internal resistance * 30A. You can get the battery’s DC internal resistance (DC IR) from my test report for the battery. A good performing battery ranges from 0.011 to 0.020 ohms.

    Coil Voltage at 30A = 4.2V - (Mech Voltage Drop + Atomizer Voltage Drop + Battery Voltage Sag)

    This assumes a freshly charged new battery, a VERY well cleaned mod in good working order, and no arcing damage on the battery or the mod’s contacts.

    To calculate the voltage at the coils at different current levels you’ll need to use the mod’s voltage drop to calculate its resistance. Then use Ohm’s Law to calculate its voltage drop at the new current level. Use the battery’s DC IR and the new current level to calculate the battery sag. The resistance of the Cosmonaut I use is 0.607mOhms (0.000607 ohms). Your atomizer will be different from that but hopefully not by much. The atomizer voltage drop is quite small compared to the battery sag though.

    Test Information
    - To remove some of variables that can make it hard to directly compare mod performance, all voltage drops in the table are just from the mod itself. They do not include the atomizer’s voltage drop or the battery’s voltage drop (sag).
    - All tests are done at 30A using a Cosmonaut atomizer and solid aluminum slugs to pass current through the device.
    - Five button presses and voltage drop measurements are taken. The highest/lowest are thrown out and the remaining three are averaged.
    - A measured atomizer resistance of 601 micro-ohms and battery slug resistance of 6 micro-ohms were used for calculating the mech resistance using Ohm’s Law. Mech Resistance = (Average Voltage Drop / Current) - Atomizer Resistance - Battery Slug Resistance.
    - The voltage drop in the Cosmonaut atomizer at 30A is 18.2mV (0.0182V).
    - The voltage drop in the aluminum slugs at 30A is 0.2mV to 0.3mV (0.0002V to 0.0003V).
    - Power Loss (just in the mech itself) = Mech Voltage Drop * Current, rounded off to the nearest tenth of a watt.


    Click on the thumbnail image above to open the full size table
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