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  • Shadav
    This comes courtesy of Usonicig

    I really wanted to be impressed by this....unfortunately, we're not there yet...for all of the design thoughts put into it, it's on point; Small, lightweight, button activated, refillable pod, comfortable mouthpiece, not too tight of a draw but not airy enough for a DL hit, flavor is perfect...But the power is just not there. It takes 20+ seconds to "warm up" and even then the vape production just isn't there. After the video I allowed it to charge fully and try again, also after reading the instructions it does note to allow it to sit for 10 minutes after first filling to allow full saturation.... but sadly the results were the same, it does "warm up" a tad faster but still lacking in power to produce a satisfying draw. It's an interesting idea, a great design but just lacking in power. Hopefully this will be improved upon in the near future. If they could work out the power source kinks I could see this being an all day vaping device for me, but until that time unfortunately it's just a novelty for the collector.

    After several hours of playing with it, it still takes too long to ramp up and is now flooding with mouthfuls of juice :glare:
    it was suggested that it might work better with a 50/50 ratio, but even still that isn't going to help the ramp up time and the "umph" behind it....however with a higher mg nic salt this could suffice for a stealth vape but it is nowhere near going to be a satisfying vape

    Hopefully with their next release it might meet this goal... as I said everything else about this device is on point and I could see it being an all day vape if it 1. didn't take so long to ramp up and 2. had more power behind it to get a satisfying draw off of it.
    I'm mainly an rda kind of gal but the flavor off of this is enough for me to switch to a pod system, if they can get it improved power-wise.
  • Shadav
    Asmodus Spruzza 80w regulated squonk mod (kit)
    "The Spruzza is powered by the GX-80-HUT chipset , which supports wattage (power) mode, a full temperature control suite, TFR, TCR, and a Curve mode"
    This is a regulated TC squonker and has touch screen and stabwood doors
    It's a nice looking mod and surprisingly not that heavy, though it is bulky even though it is only a single 18650 battery mod (due to the squonk box)
    The mod itself seems nice however the atty is crap
    For the normal retail price point I would be pissed
    But at $35 for the black friday sales it's an ok kit

    they have raised the price since my purchase and also have other colors available...still at $49.95 for a regulated squonk mod is a great price

    again for the normal retail price point I'd think a better atty would be in order as well as some cotton in the kit for the coils and even preinstalled coils....a drip tip adapter would be nice but I could understand that not being in there but no cotton for the coils??
    It also does not come with a cord for firmware upgrade...odd

    EightVape on sale for $49.95 get 5% off with code: LACEY5

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