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  • DuaneNeveu
    So, my first experience was plagued with hot, dry hits so I took to using the tank with Boge F16 1.6 ohm cartomizers instead and got solid performance.

    I've tried it again with the intended SmokTech CE2 DCT-2 No Filler Pre-Punched Cartos.

    Intermittent dry hits seems to be the hallmark of these cartomizers, but it has been much better, but in no small part due to the fact that I'm working for it...and I hate having to work for it!

    Constant primer puffs, to the tune of having to tip the bottom of my device up while giving a quick, "unpowered" draw after every 1 to 3 regular draws. But, when I do...

    • The flavour is great
    • The vapour is great
    • The throat hit is great
    ...that is until I get another dry hit. Then, it's another primer puff, and things get back to great...for a short while. A very short while.

    Eric (Mindfield here on ECF, VaporChase on YouTube) does a great (visual) job of explaining this in his review of the SmokTech U-DCT Tank, and it's notable that he ends up conflicted and doesn't exactly give it a thumbs up or down. Probably prudent on his part, because a recommendation is virtually impossible given how certain usability issues will be more or less important for each individual.

    I, on the other hand, am not so prudent and will definitely offer an absolute opinion. I will, however, split my opinion between the SmokTech U-DCT 6ML Tank itself and the SmokTech CE2 DCT-2 No Filler Pre-Punched Cartos.

    As to the SmokTech U-DCT 6ML Tank::thumb:

    Available for $14.95 CAN at

    It's solid and beautiful. I bought two in the gun metal finish from VaporGeek, and it looks like it was meant to live on my gun metal finished Bolt. I'm a big fan of the fact that a flanged carto now has a "raison d'être" beyond stopping the tank from sliding down on the cartomizer. The tank makes better use of the flange by having it sit flush between a couple of "crescent-shaped" protrusions at the bottom of the tank. This keeps the tank from spinning freely around the cartomizer. Then, with the locking ring in place, the tank can't slide up on the cartomizer either, making this tank the most solid and secure cartomizer tank that I've personally seen. These are all wins for me, and
    I would highly recommend this tank.

    View attachment 160610 View attachment 160611

    As to the SmokTech CE2 DCT-2 No Filler Pre-Punched Cartos::nah:

    Available for $10.95 CAN (5-pack) at

    (In the interest of full disclosure, I could only take a one-hour review period for my second try with these cartomizers, but that's still four times longer than the first time I gave them a go.)
    They produce a great vaping experience, once you've helped them a great deal to wick (which they should do on their own). Given that I tend to take long draws while vaping, I found myself having to give them primer puffs nearly as often as regular draws. To me, this is just way too much "work" for something that I just want to "relax" with. Though I agree with Eric that they make for a good dripping atty, given that it wasn't intended as such I won't be buying any more. For that matter, the ones I have will likely go straight into the bin. These are a big ole' fail for me, and
    I would NOT recommend these cartomizers.

    View attachment 160612 View attachment 160613

    The bottom line

    I may well be buying more of these tanks, but I'll be throwing away the cartomizers that come with them.
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