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  • Shadav
    Part 2 of the New Vapor Starter Kits

    Now moving on to the next phase :D Mechanical and Regulated Mods

    for those that want to study up...not me mind you but....ohm's law

    ohm vaping chart

    Basics to look for in a regulated mod
    • 510 and ego threading
    • variable voltage goes from at least 3v to 6v by .01v
    • watts goes from 3w to 15w by .5w
    • has a fairly easy to read/operate screen
    • tell the battery life left
    • take 18350 battery (mini size)
    • take 18650 battery (large size)
    • maybe keep track of puffs
    • check the ohm of the atty
    • battery protection (Reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection)
    • can it take a beating and keep on ticking

    beyond that everything else is bonus or aesthetic

    This I am still not very familiar with, however I can point to some good devices and again shopping fasttech getting the best prices:

    itaste has a vv/vw mod
    iTaste SVD $38

    or there's the Vamo V5 $33

    OR you can make any mech mod into a vamo v5 ;) possibly any 510 connection lmfao
    Vamo 5S Variable Volt/Watt Control Head for Mechanical Mods $27

    This is the charger I use
    HUANGAO HG-1210W Dual Channels Li-ion / Li-FePO4 Batteries Charger $8 ;) charges 2 batteries, built in wall charger, comes with usb adaptor and car charger

    Depending on your taste there are lot of designs on Fasttech for stainless steel mods

    Now tanks....we have already discussed however I'd like to add a new one to the list
    5ml HyperTank Clone $11 bottom coil tank

    So if you go with either the Itaste or Vamo + Charger + 2 Tanks = high side $72, low side $55 and then find you some good batteries else where for cheap

    OR mix and match grab a mechanical mod + the Vamo V5 adapter + charger + 2 tanks = high end = $86 low end = $60 then again find you some good batteries else where for cheap and you now have a mechanical mod + option of using vamo v5 head to have a regulated mod, charger (with usb and car adapt) and two tanks

    DO NOT ORDER BATTERIES FROM FASTTECH...HK customs will send any orders back to FT with batteries in them, you will need to order your 18650 batteries elsewhere.
    Word to the wise: FIRE BAD, Never buy any charger or batteries that have the name fire in them
    I'd say 80% of the people I've seen have had bad experiences with anything from trustfire, ultrafire, ect __fire

    I still don't recommend buying batteries, however if you do, fasttech now suggests to use Malaysia post to ship batteries with
    These are a decent battery that I have currently ordered and am waiting on
    Authentic Samsung ICR18650-26F 18650 3.7V 2600mAh Rechargeable Lithium Batteries (2-Pack) with carrying case

    So here's a little list of different styles of Regulated mods on fasttech to help narrow down what you like or don't like
    $32.42 Vamo v5
    47.20 Sigelei Tmax V5 Box Mod
    $37.21 Innokin iTaste SVD
    $32.55 Tesla
    71.00 Innokin VTR Kit
    $107.26 Innokin iTaste 134 Kit
    $27.63 K200+
    then of course my baby the TECs :) $34.44 TECS MSK-2000

    So all that's a nice black vamo v5 "kit" for under $75 :)
    Vamo v5 black chrome $29
    Charger $8
    6 ml Anodized Glass Carto Tank $11
    5ml HyperTank glass bottom coil tank $10
    3.5ml Black Metal Vivi Nova top coil tank $7
    Samsung ICR18650-26F 18650 3.7V 2600mAh Rechargeable Lithium Batteries (2-Pack) with carrying case $8

    so now for $73 you have a mod, a charger, 2 batteries with protective carrying case, a glass cartotank, a glass bottom coil protank style and a metal vivi nova
  • Shadav
    For those out there with the "size problem" :laugh:
    Here is something to give a good judgement

    so left to right you have your normal chapstick
    a 510 e-cig from Blu
    an e9 e-cig from GreenSmoke which at the moment you can get a free starter kit for new members only while supplies last
    #2 Pencil
    Sharpie Highlighter
    an AltSmoke variable voltage 650 spinner (if making a purchase please use me as a referral: 2262491) with a beauty ring to cover the ego threading and a Metal 3.5ml vivi nova
    Telescoping Mech Mod (sorry no link as this was a pif from Wizzlefits when I was having hard times) in 350 mode with a 2.8ml KWX10 Protank
    a Tecs in 650 mode with a Kanger Protank 2 (sorry no link as this was pif from Zak Rabbit when I was having hard times) and a drip tip from Indy e-cig
  • Shadav
    Vaping is such a personal experience, so obviously everyone's perfect kit will be different and we will need more info about you and your needs. This post is more aimed to those that are ready to move away from cig-a-likes and into the vaping world.

    I have gone through the past year of lurking in this forum and what I have learned and tried to piece together to my best a good starter kit for cheap.

    Are you ready to step away from the cigarette-look-a-likes? If so this opens your choices up a lot...if you aren't then there are still options.

    Next: if only using cig-a-likes are you only wanting to buy pre-filled or are you willing to refill your cartomizers?
    part b: if willing to get away from cig-a-likes same question
    part c: if willing to get away from cig-a-likes there are different types of juice delivery systems available :)

    It is all overwhelming at first but it starts getting easier and it starts making more sense.​

    If you are determined to stick to the it must look like a cigarette...the best cig-a-like battery that I have tried so far would be the greensmoke battery and the good news is ;) you can get a starter kit for the price of shipping and buy an adapter so you can then use any and all cartomizers with it!and then the cheapest e9 to 510 adapter I've found (and use)
    E9 to 510 adapter

    So for like $5 to $10 you can't beat a complete kit ;) one battery, one usb charger and some cartomizers and then the adapter to be able to use any 510 cartomizers or 510 tanks ;)
    The next cig-a-like I've tried and find to be a nice draw and decent battery is the new MarkTen. However it's not a true 510 connection so no mix and matching but you can refill the cart with your own flavoring ;)

    I'm still learning myself but best advice I can give is: keep in mind vaping is all personal preference and there is no bad choices...what you decide is what you will be living with and using ;)
    feel free to ask question, no question is stupid, just mis/under informed.

    Some things to keep in mind:
    • Try to stick to pv's (personal vapors) that have both the 510 and ego connections this way you have all kinds of options when it comes to juice delivery systems.
    • Variable Voltage (vv) = everyone's taste is different so you can set your voltage up or down to help suit your needs as well as different juices and different juice delivery systems (cartomizers, tanks, ect) taste different at different voltages. (how many times can I say different)
    • Variable Wattage (vw) I haven't tried yet but assuming it is the same principle as stated above for vv.
    • Pass-through battery to be able to vape while charging.
    • the higher the mAh the longer the battery life
    • do you prefer a warm vape (top coil) or a cool vape (bottom coil)? top coil vs bottom coil tanks, to each their own...but go with glass or metal so that there's no worries about tank cracking juices.

    so that aside my best advice that was given to me and was my only pv for 6 months is to take the flying leap save yourself wasted money from buying the cigarette-look-alikes and go for a better battery...get you a variable voltage spinner.​
    I got mine from AltSmoke (if making a purchase please use me as a referral: 2262491) because they have 1300 mAh vv spinners and they have orange my favorite color. Plus just awesome customer service, I can not praise them enough.
    you can still use cartomizers (that come with the cig-a-likes) or try other things, myself purchased an evod and a vivi nova to figure out which one I liked best.
    The issue with anything other than cartomizers if you use tough juices it will melt the plastic lmfao so be careful or you can get a metal cover for the vivi nova.

    typically I suggest one to purchase the battery from else where spending a bit of money to find one that is your personal style because vaping is all about your personal preference...however if you are looking for just something decent priced that works and don't care about color or style so much :

    From fasttech (if you don't mind buying from china...some are against it...don't mind generics and can wait about 2 weeks, no shipping or handling fees and accepts paypal) a nice silver piece together kit

    EGO-VV 1100mAh Rechargeable Variable Voltage E-Cigarette Battery with 0.7" LCD - silver
    passthru battery, display shows battery life, puff counts, easily to set or change voltages

    KWX10 Protank (2.8mL) - 2.5ohm / removable drip tip / adapter ring
    glass bottom coil tank like an evod but glass and comes with the beauty ring to make it look like all one piece instead of two pieces...

    Vivi Nova 7 (3.5mL) - 1.8ohm
    metal top coil tank, comes in other colors too

    Splash Anodized Glass Carto Tank Kit (6.0mL) - 1.8ohm

    so for $45 you now have a nice first and hopefully only kit you will need for a long long time

    and if you really wanted to accessorize:
    E-Cigarette Stand Support for EGO Battery - silver / aluminum
    a silver stand for your pv

    Electronic Cigarette Carrying Zipper Pouch Bag for Ego (Big Size)
    a silver carrying case

    2*AA Battery Powered USB Emergency Charger with Flashlight
    emergency charger uses AA batteries for charging while on the go (batteries not included)

    Now for $54 you have a complete kit, I mean jesh what else could you want?

    A better/bigger tank? DBOX PuriTank Bottom Coil Glassomizer (3.5mL) - 2.4
    a protank clone but then you lose the beauty ring but wait just buy one if you must
    EGO Battery Converter Ring for 3.5mL ViVi Nova

    so still for under $60 one hell of a kit that should hopefully be your one and only for long long time keeping you a happy vapor!

    and then of course all the above tanks have removable drip tips (mouthpieces) just type drip tip into the search, fasttech finally is carrying drip tips so grab some you like.

    and while there don't forget to grab you some juice for your new PV and you are set and ready to vape on!

    Now moving on to the next phase :D Mechanical and Regulated Mods

    Part 2 of the New Vapor Starter Kits Part 2 (Mechanical and Regulated Mods)
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