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  • Shadav
    Om Vapor's Zen

    Reviewed on: 12/05/2018
    Bottle Size: 30 ml for $9.99
    Blend: 30/70 pg/vg
    Strength: 3 mg
    Throat Hit: none
    Quality: Good
    Plume: Medium

    this is an interesting vape
    I got it just to see the description says Guava, Cheesecake, and Pastry
    now I don't know what guava tastes like but I'm all for cheesecake and pastry vapes
    I'm not getting any cheesecake flavor but it's a nice crisp, clean, refreshing vape
    a citrus flavor more towards lemon with a subtle after taste of peach and a nice flaky pastry flavor
    after several vapes there's almost a berry type flavor to it
    it's a slightly sweet vape with a touch of tart no throat hit and plenty of plume makes this a great vape to kick back and relax with
  • Shadav
    This comes courtesy of Central Vapors

    Galaxy by Central Vapors
    30ml for $7.95
    3mg 70vg/30pg
    a medium plume with a little throat hit

    I tried this juice when it first came in and to be honest I did not like had a weird almost burnt flavor to I set it aside for about 2 weeks and am trying it again now...
    I do have to admit that this is the very first kiwi vape that I have had that didn't taste like perfume! So props for that!

    It's an interesting vape, not for me but it's not's different!
    It's creamy with a hint of kiwi flavor but there's almost an undertone of nuttiness
    This is a juice that you would have to try for yourself
    as I said it's not bad, it's just definitely needs to steep for at least 2 weeks before use, I'm going to let it steep another 2 weeks and try it again, I think that undertone will fade away making this a more pleasant vape for me.
    If you are looking for a kiwi flavored vape that doesn't taste like perfume then I highly suggest trying this one out and at $8 for 30ml or even $3.99 for 10ml it's worth trying
  • Shadav
    Cafe Coffee from Desert Vapes

    seems this one is now now I don't feel so bad giving my review :D

    i'm sorry to say this is not a good vape.....while it is coffee flavored....unless you like old burnt truck stop coffee, it's not a good flavor!
    I didn't think it was possible to vape on something that tastes like a cigarette butt!
    while there is no throat hit and lots of plume making it a good vape the flavor is atrocious! It even leaves that nasty cigarette's like a burnt cigarette butt drowned in a pot of truck stop coffee!

    but, this could be good for a new vapor who's still stuck on the mind set that vaping should taste like smoking!
  • Shadav
    Crunkberry from Alice in Vapeland

    i'm sorry but I really just don't taste anything.....i get a harsh throat hit a light plume and no flavor.....
    very let down......i tried it in my vision et dripper with a new coil and in a new bridgeless flavor and harsh throat hit.....
  • Shadav finally happened :lol: dino made a juice that I do not like :D
    you ask why am I happy? oh, he doesn't like pumpkin lol
    but for the holidays he tried :D oh and it was short lived (maybe 2 weeks) before it was retired lol

    Pumpkin Cheesecake from Madtown Vapor

    :lol: by the time I got this in the mail, dino had already taken it off of the site :lol:
    I let it steep to give it a good honest shot....and it's not's not good either :lol:
    it's sickly sweet to the point that ya just can't vape it
    light throat hit, great plume and really thick vape
    it's the awesome cheesecake flavor that only dino can provide :D with abit too much touch of spicy pumpkin pie flavor
    the sweet creaminess of the cheesecake and the strong spiced pumpkin are at constant war with each other to dominate
    if they could come to harmony it would be a great flavor......
    but as this is no longer available there's no point in trying it :lol: maybe next year he'll do better ;)

    *yeah this one's going into all 3 categories of the good, the bad and the wt_ :lol: *
  • Shadav
    ok, so i've been waiting on this one....

    Hypnotic Myst from deejstuff
    From FlavourArt in Italy

    this is one from deej's indescribable category.....and yep :confused: I have no clue.....

    I keep vaping it.....I can't tell if I like it :unsure:
    I don't, not like it :?:

    it's a complex's a thick and heavy vape on the tongue so you might need to up your water intake ;)
    a medium plume

    it's sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter....i think there's koolada in it because every now and then my brain wants to say it's menthol but there's no taste of menthol
    there's hints of chocolate (coco), strawberry, mixed nuts, java, creamy (sometimes like a cheesecake)'s a full on assault of the taste buds
    really you just need to grab a bottle and give it a's defiantly a break from the normal vapes
  • Shadav
    Scorpion from

    medium throat hit and nice plume
    the taste....not's got some berries in there and maybe cream and something bitter that I can't quiet figure out....
    it's not a bad vape but I don't think I like it
    it's not sweet and it's almost like cough syrup lol
  • Shadav
    #58 (the last bottle from my box of goodies...sadness...but my reviews won't stop, as always, i'll continue to review any juices that I try :) )
    Strawberry Limeade from Bomb Drops Vapor (sorry no link, seems they no longer appears that they may have been bought out or renamed to Davidson Vapor however I could not find this flavor anywhere on their site....

    light throat hit, light plume...interesting flavor....the first vape was nice flavorful strawberry lime with a hint of lemon, but after that it desolved more into a zest of lemon and lime flavor and a hint of after taste strawberry.....if it didn't have that strong zesty peel flavor it would be a nice vape.....
  • Shadav
    WCC from Stricknyne Blends

    :lol: ok so I tried to find this on their site....taking a wild guess, I think this is supposed to be White Chocolate Cheesecake
    A light plume with no throat hit....a sweet vape, kind of has a smooth almost chocolate taste....a bit on the perfumy side :?:
  • Shadav
    Sucker Punch from Mt Baker Vapor

    meh....nice thick plume, no throat hit, no real flavor to's like a very bland semi sour gummy a cheap no name brand of gummy bears....very disappointing from MBV...just barely a notch up from a flavorless vape....if you like unflavored vapes but want a touch of flavor....this would be good for you, otherwise....:closedeyes:
  • Shadav
    ok so I held off on this was one of the first juices I tried in my box of goodies but forgot I had tried it :lol: back when I was having tank issues and stuff....sadly after all the hype I'm let down greatly

    Peanut Butter Cup from deej stuff

    this is a nice smooth sweet vape with a light plume....the flavor however is just not there...which was sadness because I've always heard such great reviews on deej stuff....while I can sometimes get a hint of a silky chocolate and smooth peanut butter that is all that it is, a very acute hint of flavor
  • Shadav
    Butternilla from deej stuff

    I've been vaping this a few days trying to give it a chance...I think this is just me, I can't really taste anything with this one...that being said...I'm getting a sweet cream/custard taste
    the site says it's butterscotch with vanilla....
    it has a nice light to medium throat hit and plenty of plume. It's a nice vape, I just wish I could taste it.
    So if you like sweet I'd say give it a shot and see what you think, maybe you'll have better luck tasting it, as this is one of the juices from my box of goodies, a new bottle might have a stronger taste.
  • Shadav
    White Rabbit from Alice in Vapeland description on the site :lol: hum...well I have no idea what this is supposed to please excuse me while I try to explain it (doesn't help that I burnt my tongue a bit yesterday)'s good, but as to what it tastes like is a bit difficult to firstly let me say a nice full plume, no throat hit....I've sat here and vaped half of the sample bottle trying to figure this out....

    a nice silky smooth rich vape. At first vape I thought of cheesecake, now it's more like a buttery cream icing, powdery cake...
    I think this is maybe supposed to be an italian wedding or cream cake
  • Shadav
    Ecto Cooler from Mt Baker Vapor

    don't let the name fool you like it did me...this is not a menthol vape....
    ok I have to get this out of my system...BLAAHHH part of that was just because I was expecting a minty vape the other part was realizing it's onto the actual review....i've been trying to vape this and give it time

    This is almost like an orange flavored sweet tart...however the orange tastes more like an orange peel than orange fruit.....
    plenty of plume and a light to medium throat hit
    I've been trying to give this a chance, to make sure I wasn't being biased but *shivers* just can't get past the orange peel flavor
  • Shadav
    Banana Nut Bread from Mt Baker Vapor

    a nice smooth, semi sweet vape with a medium plume. I get a very light hint of banana (needs more banana) and a strong nutty flavor. It's almost more like a mixed nut bread pudding flavor with an after vape lingering now and later banana flavor....that more artificial banana flavor....not a bad vape but not a good one...if the label didn't say it was banana nut bread, I don't think I'd have known what to exactly call this...I can tell it's supposed to be a desert type vape...but it's more of a nutty custard flavor...again not bad just not what I'd expect.
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