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  • Jan
    DJ Colonel Corn
    Blog: DJ Colonel Corn's blog. By DJ Colonel Corn at 2:18 AM.
    Well. USPS has been banned from shipping vape mail. FedEX says they'll ban vape mail beginning in March 2021. Looks pretty bad folks, not to mention, those who will use UPS if they can, will be faced with a mountain of paperwork and extra taxes, fees, and rules will apply. Meanwhile, most of...
  • rolandpibb
    Blog: rolandpibb's blog. By rolandpibb at 2:37 AM.
    Back to Vaping now Nic salts and freebase mod kits How much did I spend?
  • Sep
    Blog: AngeNZ's blog. By AngeNZ at 2:10 AM.
    Dvarw RTA Wicking Techniques: Dvarw RTA Wicking Techniques | E-Cigarette Forum My favourite recipes I've created: DIY Recipes I've Created | E-Cigarette Forum WARNING: I love vaping Ice Cream ;) My favourite 510 drip tips: My favourite 510 Drip tips | E-Cigarette Forum
  • AngeNZ
    Blog: AngeNZ's blog. By AngeNZ at 3:05 AM.
    An Apology: I love vaping ice cream, so all my recipes of course feature ice cream. Substitutions: Please feel free to sub your favourite VBIC or creams. EnticeMint Creamy Mint Ice Cream 5% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (CAP) 5% Vanilla Whipped Cream (CAP) 2% Menthol (CAP) 0.5% Super Sweet (CAP)...
  • Sep
    Blog: ThrashNeon's blog. By ThrashNeon at 6:43 AM.
    Zeus X RTA. I'm happy with the 2 month life of the coils. Second build - Dual coils: 32/26AWG Kanthal round Clapton wire - 7 wraps @ 3.0mm (Same wire as first build) The Aegis Legend shows: 0.52Ω 5.59V 10.5A @60W Not sure why there was such a jump in Ω and voltage - going from .31Ω to .52Ω...
  • Shadav
    Blog: Shadav's blog. By Shadav at 3:23 AM.
    I'm very excited for this mod but also let down It has the same issues as the capo squonker, where it's just kind of matter what watts I set it to, it's still too high....though with the 216 I can change the power setting to soft and that has seemed to help a lot... there's no...
  • AngeNZ
    Blog: AngeNZ's blog. By AngeNZ at 11:47 PM.
    There's plenty of different ways out there to wick a Dvarw RTA. As a new owner, I've tried nearly all of them out. This page is aimed as a one stop shop, displaying a few of the better techniques out there. I am very much a dvarw newbie. If you have any questions on technique, please ask those...
  • RamShot Rowdy
    Blog: RamShot Rowdy's blog. By RamShot Rowdy at 9:30 AM.
    Updated: 08/19/2020 Mechanical mods are advanced e-cigarettes that lack any kind of electronics or power output regulation. Due to their simple design and lack of safety features, mechanical mods are only recommended for experienced vapers who understand Ohm's Law and battery safety. Ohm's...
  • MacTechVpr
    We'll take what we can get was never a winning philosophical approach for this community or industry. Certainly not for us as individuals. Sadly, we may now see the impact of its prevalence. We should have chosen more, not less (and everywhere in-between). We ALWAYS had a right to make our own...
  • Jul
    DJ Colonel Corn
    Blog: DJ Colonel Corn's blog. By DJ Colonel Corn at 7:31 PM.
    Hi vapers. So..... there's this vape mail ban proposed... I want you all to contact your representatives to try to stop this thing. CLICK here to read about it. CLICK HERE to do something about it. To find your representative CLICK HERE. Also, you can CLICK HERE to see the bill itself. This...
  • Shadav
    Blog: Shadav's blog. By Shadav at 9:01 PM.
    It seems that there are a lot more people looking into getting into diy e-juice between the lock-down of covid and all the flavor bans and things or just simply wanting to save some money well, whatever your reasons are, I will try to help get you started For me it was cost and...
  • Mar
    Blog: Mooch's blog. By Mooch at 8:20 AM.
    You are responsible for your own safety! These batteries are designed, manufactured, and sold only for use in a battery pack with the proper protection circuitry and battery management system. They were not designed for vaping (electronic cigarette) use or for use without protection circuitry....
  • DJ Colonel Corn
    Blog: DJ Colonel Corn's blog. By DJ Colonel Corn at 9:51 PM.
    Hi Vapers. In preparation for the May deadline that's looming for all vaping enthusiasts... Here's a nifty little site that helps you make your own E-Liquid. It's censored on this forum, actually, but its got handy calculating and recipes. Hm. Well it's e-liquid-recipes .com ........ If you...
  • Old Greybeard
    Blog: Old Greybeard's blog. By Old Greybeard at 2:47 AM.
    OK. You or someone you care about has been diagnosed with COPD. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is an affliction that covers a multitude of sins, insofar as it covers a spectrum of lung conditions, including emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Like the other C word, the prognosis is not...
  • AngeNZ
    Blog: AngeNZ's blog. By AngeNZ at 2:32 AM.
    These all range in the 5-6mm bore id If you are fussy about the colour like me, click on the model menu to see the other colours. Short ones: $3.47 Turquoise + Stainless Steel Hybrid 510 Drip Tip - 16.5mm at FastTech - Free Shipping $2.59 Composite Resin + Stainless Steel Hybrid 510 Drip Tip -...
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