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2/16/11 - Got Stuff

Published by starsong in the blog Starsong's Journey. Views: 268

Pleasant surprise in my mailbox today - my V4L order arrived. Shocker! And even more shocking, I got everything I had ordered... yay! No freebies again tho. Guess I am not one of the chosen.

My take on the new flavors:
WowBoy Peppermint... pretty much what I expected and as the name implies. Nice minty addition to my beloved WowBoy. Doesn't remind me of menthol so that's good. Since wowboy is tobacco with chocolate and a hint of mint, this is more like the mint was turned up a few notches, not overwhelming, but enuf to justify the name.

Wow Tobacco Shop Sampler =
Cowboy... pretty nice tasting tobacco as opposed to the dirt taste of Parlament. If I was to go for a non-flavored tobacco, this would be a good choice.
Wowbacco... about the same as cowboy
555... a lot more mild than expected. I don't really taste the 'nutty' flavor I had expected, but it is still good for a tobacco.
Kamel... blah. Reminds me of Parlament but not as bad. This one will need doctoring to be tolerable. For all I know it tastes just like it's supposed to, but not my cup of tea.
WowBoy... my very favorite. Been so long since I had one I almost forgot how tasty it is.

I feel like I should offer these to my friend's husband so he has an idea of what flavors are available. Need to have a good 1st experience to win him over. Kinda want to keep the good ones for myself though!
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