18650 Battery Ratings and Performance Table

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You are responsible for your own safety!

These batteries are designed, manufactured, and sold only for use in a battery pack with the proper protection circuitry and battery management system. They were not designed for vaping (electronic cigarette) use or for use without protection circuitry. Use of these batteries is AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Misusing or mishandling lithium-ion batteries can pose a SERIOUS RISK of personal injury or property damage.

  • Only buy batteries from a known, trusted vendor of genuine batteries.
  • Never use a battery, charger, or device that is not in perfect working order.
  • The plastic battery wrap and top insulating ring must always be kept in perfect condition to prevent short-circuiting of the battery which can result in the battery bursting.
  • Never exceed the battery's continuous discharge rating (CDR) or charge rating.
I am not responsible for any damage or injury sustained by anyone using this table to select a battery.

The table below only shows the ratings for batteries at the time I tested them. For any battery not in a Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, or Sanyo plastic wrap the battery being used can change at any time! This is one of the hazards of using “rewrapped” batteries. To avoid this issue only use genuine Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, or Sanyo batteries in their original plastic wraps.

This table will be updated as additional batteries are tested.

18650 Ratings Table


Click on the thumbnail image above to get the full size table.
That tiny image is not the table, please click on it.

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@VNeil, these grades are all based on the continuous-current discharges done for my tests.
They can be used for pulsed-current safety grading too because if a regulated mod ever autofires, or a mech mod ever has a stuck or accidently pressed button, the current flow will be continuous.
@Mooch I get that it was continuous firing, but for how long? Thirty seconds? A minute? Ten minutes? Until the battery exhausted? Curious minds want to know.
Continuous, left on all the way down to the 2.8V cutoff. :)
You can see that in the discharge graphs as a smooth, uninterrupted plot line from the start to the finish. For anything less than on-all-the-time-until-the-battery-is-dead I won't refer to it as continuous. I would call it pulsed. Though, in my line of work, pulsed usually means no longer than a few milliseconds. :)
So I'm getting an IPV3 LI which specs it's max output at 45A! So is there any battery I can safely use? Should I get the LG HB6 and hope for the best?

I had originally been on the fence between the 25R and the 30Q but from that chart neither would be suitable for the IPV3 LI.

Am I looking at this information correctly?
You definitely don't need 45A batteries.
That mod has two batteries in series and puts out 165W max. Assuming a worst case of 3.2V per battery, that's 6.4V. At 165W you only need 165W / 6.4V = 25.8A max from each battery.

You can use the VTC4 if you want, especially if you won't be running at full power. Otherwise the HB6 will run cooler but you'll be charging more often. I think the VTC4 will work ok for you.
Oops..there is a 200W upgrade, needing about 31A if you run it that high? Will you be vaping at these high power levels? If above 170W then get the HB6's.

That's an extraordinarily high power level though.

Where did you see that 45A specification?
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I am waiting for his answer too, but I'll bet that spec came from the manufacturer lawyers to keep their yardarms clear. Honestly, they're gonna get somebody killed by sending them on a hunt for batteries that don't exist to limit their own liability.
If I vape 1.8-2.2 ohm coils at 3.9 and 4.3 volts respectively, using the calculator is says amps is 1.8 to 2.0. Is this the correct number I'm looking for when buying a battery? What would be the difference if I bought a 15 amp vs. 30 amps?
Edit:I read the manual and it says 5amp Max output. How does this configure into which battery to buy?
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The output of the board inside that mod is 45A because it might be putting out 3.67V at up to 165W (165W / 45A = 3.67V). But, the current coming from the batteries will still only be 165W / 6.4V = 25.78A maximum (assuming 6.4V cutoff).

What is the low voltage cutoff fir the IPV3 Li?

@skrymir, let's move this to its own post so everyone can chip in.
Wow I was so busy trying to geek out on all the tests you've posted, I honestly had not seen that you put it all together into this chart!!! #sheepishgrin :D this is awesome, perfect one-stop-shop place to send all the battery questions to -- thanks for all you do to help keep vaping safe!
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