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2/17/11 - Got More Stuff

Published by starsong in the blog Starsong's Journey. Views: 333

So all the weekend orders have now arrived. Today was a couple small juices from Liberty Flights. I like being able to buy 3 or 5 ml try-out sizes.
American Blend tobacco, which was OK, nothing I'd use alone. Mix with others or use as a sampler to give people trying an e-cig for the first time and expect something that tastes like an analog. Other was their version of RY4. Not bad, not Bloog's. But will be OK for refilling.
Other package was 2 more packs of Bloog RY4 (do you sense a theme here?) and their version of 555. Holy moly! Now, it's not going to be my all-time favorite, but man that has a ton of flavor. I definitely taste the nut, possibly cashew. Strong aroma too, right through all the packaging. Oh, and got a charger too.

So its been a good couple days for stocking up. Got a few really nice new flavors and several of my old favorites. My #1 favorite remains the WowBoy, with a very close 2nd being RY4. #3 I think will be the WowBoy Peppermint (thanks for the suggestion Mordie), and after that is up for grabs with the 555 & Cowboy.

I would really like to try some of the fruity & candy flavors and pina colada, but don't want to buy a whole pack just to try... keep wishing they'd toss in a free 1 or 2 but they never do (pout).

Gonna lay low for a few days, especially after the heated discussion about V4L vs. Bloog. I had no idea there was a history of bad blood. So I'll mostly lurk for now. Plus I'm going away for the weekend anyhow. Have Friday off just to goof around and get ready, yay!
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