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2/21/11 - I'm Back

Published by starsong in the blog Starsong's Journey. Views: 272

I mentioned earlier that I'd be visiting friends this weekend and introducing them to the wonderful world of vaping. Brought along 3 batteries and about a dozen cartos of various flavors. The first flavor or two missed the mark, but happily the next couple were a hit. I was worried if the initial tries failed then he'd lose interest. But the Kamel flavor won the day. He also liked the RY4, which he called Y2K, LOL. We just started calling it that the rest of the weekend :laugh:. And the best part, they want to order a kit. Yay!

It was also fun to go shopping with my friend, which is something we haven't done in many years.

At the airport I briefly stealth vaped - really didn't want to attract any attention. Didn't try it on the plane.

But it really hit home how cool it is to vape rather than smoke. Could do it in the car and inside the house, where smoking isn't allowed. Could do it at the restaurant while waiting for a table. Could do it while browsing the sale racks at Nordstroms. So cool!
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