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8 Months, and one day.....

Published by cozzicon in the blog Cozzicon: The Darth Vaper. Views: 286

Well, late last evening I did a little math an figured out I had been off of tobacco for exactly 8 months. And I got a little emotional...

I'm not sure why I would be emotionally effected by it so deeply, but I was. This old dude cried, and then announced on ECF IRC that it had been "8 Months"- and I did so with pride.

I had smoked from the age of 14. And for those that aren't going to do the math- that's 30 years. When I quit I was smoking between 3 and 4 packs a day of Newport lights (Or whatever the new marketing name was).

It is strange to me, that 8 months resonates with me so profoundly. Why 8 months? I'd never ever made it two weeks let alone a week when I tried to quit previously. But somehow, an e-cig made it doable. And doable in the midst of a divorce, professional chaos, and an uncertain future. That in itself is a miracle.

So while this may be self indulgent rambling, it's still 8 months.

Vaping to me isn't a hobby, or a game, it's a life saver. That part I remember every time I take a breath without wheezing- which is constantly.

Be well....
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