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Aerotank / PT3 Rebuild - Dual to Single Part 2

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Continued from Part 1 (

Feed the leads into the head and pinch the cotton against the sides of the head to hold the coil in optimal position...
View attachment 332645

Gently fold over one of the wire leads and pinch against the side with the cotton. Feed the other lead through the rubber grommet and squeeze, pinch, curse and push the grommet into the head. One wire lead should be between the grommet and the head and the other lead through the center of the grommet...
View attachment 332646
Gently fold over the other wire on the opposite side and insert the pin. Clip the loose wires with a nail clipper as close to the grommet as possible (any wire that is sticking out could cause a short). Use a small screwdriver to adjust the coil if it is not perfectly centered.

Trim the cotton so it sticks a few mm out each side and fluff with something small (I use my smallest micro screwdriver)
View attachment 332647
Fluffing fills the openings with happy little cotton clouds.

Press the chimney back on and one last thing to do
View attachment 332648

Check your resistance (Ohms) to ensure you got what you were aiming for and to ensure there are no shorts ( wire broken or touching the inside of head or chimney). If it reads good on a Multi-meter, Mod or Ohm Meter (pictured) you are good to go!
View attachment 332656
Just what I was aiming for!

Vape on and enjoy.

Please comment any suggestions, tips or tricks for others looking to rebuild these Kanger Dual Coils!
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