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All copper mech mods - and you

Published by State O' Flux in the blog State's Stuff. Views: 1427

This is about all copper China mech mod clones. Not necessarily about copper and SS or copper and brass - but all solid copper tubes & top/bottom caps as well.

As it erks me to see uninformed people pissing away money on trendy crap - then complain because there $20 mech isn't as well made as a $200 mech... if you have the time and energy, read on...

Copper tubes and even end caps/buttons are the current - and not done yet - rage with mech mods. Copper however, in many of it's forms, is relatively soft... and I imagine some, but certainly not all, are aware of this.

Yes, there are the high end, C101 oxygen free and various alloyed copper (and bronze) variations, that if used, stand up nicely as the building material of a mech... but even at rock bottom discounts, these are still at a price likely 4 times that of typical clone prices.

As you can imagine... with clones, it's a different story. Going in, we can be safe in assuming, unless otherwise noted, that the copper used in a China clone mech mod will probably be rather soft - and that is what I'd like potential copper mech buyers to consider.
Because copper can have some unique attributes in machining - like heat expansion for example - that the Chinese, in a rush to mass-produce, may ignore... we may find that a good number of copper mechs will describe much like the one below.

This link is to a ongoing continuity test thread at Calivapers. I've linked this before, for a number of reasons, but mostly because I believe the tester, jkuro, is about as unbiased and well versed as one could possibly hope for in a experimenter, and has provided, without compensation, hours and hours of, accurate, repeatable test data and ancillary information about our beloved mech mods.

Where I'm going specifically, is to post #405 - made by jkuro regarding his findings of a copper Nemesis clone. I think, before you lay down cash on a copper mech mod, even the relatively small sums associated with clones, you might want to read, and consider.

There is a reason why genuine mod makers are treading carefully into the copper mod arena. And why those like Bay City Vapor, who make the SurfRider and XXIX mechs, use premium C101 copper.

Cheers ;-)
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