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Broken glass, Hook in the A**.

Published by DJ Colonel Corn in the blog DJ Colonel Corn's blog. Views: 360

Hello everyone !
Welcome back to my blog, and welcome new to new visitors !

Well, it happened again, but this time, I was on a trip out of town.
Yep, I dropped the mod and broke the bubble glass on my Crown IV again.
That's the problem with the 6ml bubble glass for the Crown 4, it sticks out farther than my mod width-wise, and thus, hits the floor first.

So, if you read the last entry, you'd think no problem, because I got extra tank glass parts for my tank. Yes.
However, I had FORGOTTEN to pack my spare glass and coil.
Result ?
Stranded with no way to vape and 3 days before I'd be home.
What to do ?
Should I buy tobacco ? Of course not !!
So, while in the city, I had to buy a new tank.

I was in the East Bay Area of Northern California, and nobody had a Crown 4.
In fact, nobody had any uwell tanks except one shop had 1 last remaining uwell tank..
The Valyrian I.

A tank that's 1.5 years old, I got a $10 discount by asking for a break on this old tank.
The manager/owner of the shop said they don't stock many tanks anymore.
The reason ? "Because everyone wants pods now".
He added, "But your vape is more enjoyable".

Anyway, I bought a Valyrian I, it's pretty nice actually, not bad at all.

Big problem.

The package was taped shut, which I didn't think was a big deal, as it was the 'floor model', their last one.
When I got home and opened it up, I found that it was missing the extra coil and extra glass tank. Bummer.
The manager/owner that sold it to me was out and wouldn't be back until after I had left the city. Gonna call him and see what he might offer. Not expecting much.
Again, the straight 5ml tank is much sturdier and smaller than the mod, safer.
However, ooooh that 8ml bubble tank IS tempting, he he.

Ordered a few 8ml bubbles and a few 5ml straights from FastTech - Gadgets and Electronics .
I easily removed the cracked glass from the Crown 4 as I had previously covered the o-rings in e-liquid before installing the glass !

Enjoying Valyrian, quite nice, and really, can't say right now which is better, the Valyrian or the Crown 4.
I haven't played around with the different airflow pins that come with it, will give those a try I guess.

Also wanted y'all to know, I make music, and have a record label.

My record label is Hook In The ... Records, the joke is, there's a hook in the donkey's ear.
Check it out.
Welcome - Hook In The ... Records is the site to listen to my work on may different platforms.

Anyhow, keep vaping, stay off the stinkies, and keep reading ECF Forum.
All the best,
The Vapor Ninja - News and Reviews since 2014
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