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Coil Priming 101

Published by Coastal Cowboy in the blog Coastal Cowboy's blog. Views: 719

"... so I put a brand new coil in the tank, filled it up, tried it and got this horrible burnt taste!"

This post shows up over and over again on ECF. Almost every time, this outcome is the result of the user not priming the new factory replacement coil before starting to use the device. The coil absolutely must be primed with liquid before you can use it, and you can't just dial up a big wattage number to start.

Here's a step by step guide to priming your new coil.

  1. Open the tank and if there is a coil inside, unscrew it from the base and set it aside.
  2. Screw the new coil into the base and tighten it firmly, using only your fingers. Do not over-tighten as doing so can damage the coil or the o-rings that help it create a leak-free seal.
  3. Choose a flavor, and carefully place between two and four drops of it into each of the wicking holes you see on the side of the coil. It's ok if it gets a little messy.
  4. Place between four and six drops of liquid into the center of the coil from the top down, trying to moisten the wicking material.
  5. Assemble the tank according to the manufacturers directions.
  6. Fill the tank and close it up.
  7. This step is important: Find something else to occupy yourself with for the next 20 minutes or so! This allows the liquid to saturate the wicking material.
  8. Place the tank on your device and tighten snugly, but not over tight.
  9. Close the airflow vents on the tank.
  10. Take one to three un-powered puffs. Don't press the fire button yet.
  11. Open the airflow, and set your device to a power level well below any wattage recommended by the manufacturer or that dude at the vape shop. Say, 15-20 Watts to start with.
  12. Press the fire button and take a few puffs. There should be little if any flavor or vapor.
  13. Slowly increase the wattage, a few Watts at a time, while alternating powered with unpowered puffs. Vapor and flavor production will improve.
  14. Check the airflow--get this to your liking (your liking is the only one that counts).
  15. Increase the wattage to something approximating the recommended range, and you should be good to go.
If you get a bad taste at anytime during steps 13-15, back off the power. That little wisp of bad flavor is your coil telling you that it was good where it was on the last puff and that you should stay for a while. You can always adjust the airflow and the wattage after the coil has been broken in fully. Maybe on the next tank refill.
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