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Coming Back

Published by Jenn Perry in the blog Jenn Perry's blog. Views: 282

Well it's been a long time since I really delved into ECF. I began vaping in Dec. 2013 and found ECF about a week or so later. This forum was so crammed with information I just read and read and read. As my vape journey continued and I explored better and better devices I floated from ECF no particular reason but.....Things have changed.

I am now the Oregon Lobbyist for the Vape Trade Association and am excited at how my love and hobby of vaping after many years hosting shows, building coils, gaining a vape family that I am not on the front lines. A place I never thought I'd be. I run a couple teams, I am a vape warrior advocate and also have my own company focusing on advocacy issues, education and also still loving my reviewing life.

I plan on being here for the long haul using any available recourse to part my wisdom, expertise and love for vaping be extended here on ECF.....Who knows maybe I'll educate a few, gain a few more followers but my goal.....

BUILDING OTHER VAPE WARRIORS!!! We desperately need more boots on the ground to help us not only to continue to vape but to ENSURE we are able to keep vaping safe and legal for ourselves and the future smokers wanting every so desperate to quit the tobacco roller coaster and help them make the switch and be successful. It takes ALL of us to accomplish this.

Soooooooooo EC I'm back and with a broader purpose. I am glad to be back and hope to make many more friends and family in this wacky community.
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